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Becoming a Chainsaw Expert[]

Advantages and Disadvantages[]


  • They deal twice their normal damage in PvP.
  • They dont require accuracy or reloading.
  • With high enough critical they deal a lot more damage than blades or blunts.
  • Due to having no ammo requirement, it is possible to grind endlessly with a chainsaw. No ammo requirement also makes Chainsaws completely free to use.


  • They require 112 critical for 80% critical chance instead of 80 critical for blades ( and certain blunts like Sledgehammer ).
  • During PvP , it take some time to reach a player and hit him, so he/she has the time to shoot at you.
  • Chainsaws are useless against survivors faster than you during PvP.
  • In PvP , due to the player constantly moving around, it is very hard to aim the chainsaw.
  • Once you reach critical health, they deal mostly non-critical hits.

List of Chainsaws[]

The Damage values in brackets indicate the averaged damage that can be achieved with the maximum critical hit chance. The Scrap values in brackets indicate the scrap price with Master Crafted (MC) items. Do note that all chainsaws have very fast firing (grinding) rate.