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This page contains tactics used by Dead Frontier players for overcoming certain challenges of the game.


When traveling or fighting in the Inner City there are several important considerations to take into account:

  • Hunger - To gain the maximum experience from each kill always travel Nourished, your experience gained per kill degrades along with your hunger. You lose 1 hunger point every 2 minutes in the Inner City.
  • Health - In order to take the most damage, run fastest (and longest) and have the maximum critical hit chance always travel in Healthy condition; your movement speed, running duration and critical hit chance degrade along with your health when you are in critical health.
  • Armor - To receive the maximum protection (Mastercrafted stat boosts do not require the armor to be repaired, they always work as long as the armor is equipped) from armor always repair your armor to Normal condition before traveling into the Inner City. Broken armor provides no protection.
  • 'Run' Energy - It is best to save running for when you need it; if you are running and not in combat remember that you are wasting energy and will be less able to survive or run away when combat arises.
  • Player Statistics:

    • Strength = Base requirement to equip weapons and armor, does not increase melee damage
    • Endurance = Depending on the skill points put into it, your hit points go up (1 Endurance = 2 hit points)
    • Agility =  Walking and running speed
    • Accuracy = How close your bullets/grenades will be to where your reticule is aimed
    • Critical Hit = The rate of critical hits you will cause (critical hits inflict 5x the normal damage of a hit)
    • Reloading = Speed of reloading your guns/grenade launchers
  • Weapons - For best success, concentrate all your stats into 2 or 3 weapons , but do not choose a weapon that is too costly to maintain ( HMG's ) or a weapon that requires high stats ( explosives require high acc and high reloading otherwise they are useless . Choose something that is useful , like rifles as they barely cause any aggro and save up a lot of inventory space , and do not go for guns which everyone is going for ( Machine guns ) just because they are used by the most powerful DF Players .
  • Aggro - Higher aggro means faster zombies and a larger number of them. Using Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and Shotguns will increase aggro significantly. Quiet weapons are recommended for your first character due to them being efficient looting weapons (less zombies = more loot which means more money). Melee Weapons for example, don't attract any aggro (except for the Chainsaw, which causes the same amount of aggro as pisols and rifles), whereas Rifles and Pistols (tip: never make a character that uses both pistols and rifles; they are so similar that it is pointless) cause on-screen aggro (zombies on your screen will move/run at you, but the whole block won't be on high alert). But beware, an aggro spike may occur at any time for no apparent reason. When transitioning from area to area the Aggro can still follow the player, especially if the aggro was caused by a Siren. However, the aggro is substantially less with every subsequent area until it eventually returns to normal.

Behind Barricade Attacking[]

This one helps out a lot for new players starting Dead Frontier. Here's how it works, first off, you need to aquire a gun and a lot of bullets for said gun. Then, you need to find a fenced in area where it's easy for a player to enter (for example, front garden, tennis courts) but very hard for the zombies to enter. Then, all you need to do is cause aggro by firing your gun. Fire off a few rounds to get the undead all riled up, then once they charge your location they will have a fence, car or whatever blocking their path to you and all you'll have to do is kill them in total safety. Now, depending on the area you chose you can be attacked, but it's mainly your choice of safe haven that decides how effective this tactic will be. Also, it is advised to bring a group with you (go to the Meeting Hall and then scroll down until you see 'Party Requests', then look for/create a group there) depending on your level and the area you are in. Sometimes, you can't leave until all of the enemies are dead (due to them blocking your exit) and that's when you should switch to a melee weapon to clear your escape route. However, if you're facing Reapers, Tendrils or Bloats, always make sure to stand behind them to make sure you are not hit by their long-ranged attacks. This tactic also works extremely well with bosses, as they will not be able to hit you.

Circle Technique[]

Arquivo:Dead Frontier Easy zombie killing; Perfect for Melee Looters

The common zombie in the 3D version takes a while to lock onto the target player in order to attack. Some players have taken advantage of this and built up a simple technique to attack multiple zombies without being hit. This video shows how with a melee weapon, though it is possible to use the same technique with different weapons.


There are two attitudes a player can assume towards traveling in the Inner City:

  • Aggressive - gathering zombies around the character by making aggro. The player usually uses loud weapons to attract zombies (also known as 'Grinding').
  • Passive - avoiding conflict with zombies; running does not affect a zombie's perception radius, meaning you can run or walk and you will not attract more or less zombies with either method. The player typically uses silent weapons like melee or rifles/pistols (also known as 'Looting').

When transitioning from area to area, the aggro sometimes will follow the player, especially if the aggro was caused by a siren. However, the aggro is substantially less with every subsequent area until it eventually returns to normal.

Reaching Fort Pastor (Passive)[]

This guide is designed for low level players who want to have a low risk journey from Nastya's Holdout to Fort Pastor. You can travel to Fort Pastor at any level ( Sgt Venagun [ now dead ] went there as a lvl 6 ) , nothing is stopping them from trying apart from various Boss Zombies, harder zombies and a general lack of fire power. Once a new player is at Fort Pastor, they will commonly be stuck there, unable to leave due to the difficulty of surviving in the surrounding areas.

The most famous of all the outposts in Fairview City is Fort Pastor. This is for its cheap prices in the marketplace and for services, the lure for new players to want to get into the game and explore as quickly as possible and the appearance of some of the game's boss zombies, such as the Titan, the Mother and the Wraith (see more here) near the entrance of this outpost and the fact that Fort Pastor contains the most missions and they are much easier than P-13 missions . With the soldiers guarding the entrance it is easier to get experience, but the only challenge standing between you and Fort Pastor is the countless horde of tougher zombies than at Nastya's or Dogg's. So, here are some recommendations:

  • Don't kill any zombies on your way to Fort Pastor, just ignore them. The less time you spend out there in the cold, harsh Inner City, the less time you have to get yourself killed. If you see a Siren, stay well away from her, especially in the deeper zones. One Siren call can lead to 2 spiders ad a tendril chasing you, almost guaranteeing your untimely death unless you're a very experienced player. Zombies only follow you when they see you and will only attack if you are within range of their arms/spit. Don't forget, you can always run. If you see a boss zombies (unless it is a regular flaming zombie), run for your life out of the nearest exit to that block, even if it is the way you just came from. Bosses will end a trip in an instant if you aren't extremely careful.
  • Playing in singleplayer more (found by pressing F1 and then going into options) will mean you won't have other players firing their guns and causing aggro spikes which helps you die faster .
  • If you want to start a group to travel to an outpost, press Tab and type in a request (e.g. 'Anybody going to Fort Pastor?') and see if any reply. If they don't, you could always tell them that it is 'Tab' to talk, because a lot of new players do not remember.
  • If a zombie starts following you just stay calm, don't attack and just keep on walking. A zombie will hunt you down when it is attacked, it sees you or during aggro. Keep moving, run around obstacles to make the zombie fall behind ( but it will never stop following you ) 
  • If you see a tendril or a bone, walk amidst the obstacles to slow down the tendril/bone to help you escape
  • Never fire any weapon that isn't a pistol or rifle on this trip unless you absolutely believe you will die otherwise. This is because you might kill some of the zombies but attract the attention of others ( and possibly enrage them ) .  
  • If you must kill zombies on the way to Fort Pastor, silent melee weapons and pistols/rifles are a must because they cause little aggro.
  • Do NOT waste energy ( this is the most important bit ) as you will require it to sprint when zombies become enraged .
  • Take the straight route ... just keep on going straight until you are directly above FP , then go down until you in the block then move left ( if you are in the right corner , move left - if you are in the left corner , move right until you see FP and the guards ( green squares ) )
  • If you have less that 100% energy and you reach the end of the block , wait . Because you need as much energy as possible to survive . If there are angry zeds running towards you , go to the next block and wait there .
  • Anyone can be unlucky - you might reach FP when there is a OA going on or a sudden aggro spike might spawn tons of zombies and (  if your unlucky enough ) a boss . Dont give up , just try again . 

Remember to loot on the way - you can loot anything from a Kolt Anaconda to a Washington 870 enroute to FP ( I did ) . However do this only if you will go broke if you do not make it to FP . Otherwise , this wastes time .

Reaching Fort Pastor (Aggresive) []

  • Go in multiplayer mode and ask other people whether they are coming to Fort Pastor or not . If no one replies , type " The talk button is Tab "  because some might not know that .
  • Passive method ( above ) is better , but in multiplayer there are safety in numbers . Other people can distract other zombies and help you take down a boss more easily .
  • Be careful , even though you might have 10 people in your group - you can still be defeated easily by a really large mob close to FP ( Fort Pastor ) or a boss stronger than a flamer ( Flaming Zombie ) .... and aggro close to FP spawns spiders , tendrils and tons of charred zombies . Exactly the thing that can wipe out even the most powerful group of Nastyain's . And a titan , or any other boss zombie apart from flamers and mothers ( they are easy ) can wipe out inexperience nubs who are meeting it for the first time . You're not invincible , even though you are travelling with 10 other peeps .
  • If you want to stay safe , stay in the middle . That way you can be sure that the zombies will not reach you quickly ( they will either focus their attention on others or get killed ) .
  • Remind other players to stick together , after all stragglers ( who fall behind ) can be killed quickly . 
  • If you dont have much ammo , never mind . Participating in the zombie-shooting fest is not mandatory and you need not worry that you are not ' contributing ' to the zombie kills .
  • Repair or rep yourself . Going to FP on critical or serious MAY get you killed ( I managed to reach FP without getting hit even once ( Sgt Venagun ) ) . And people on critical slow down others .
  • Watch out for Outpost Attacks ( commonly called OA's ) .... a OA in Nastya's Hideout is quite easy , but a OA in Fort Pastor ( FP ) spawns lots of spiders , tendrils , charred zombies and bloats and brutes . A mob of these fast zombies ( even the bloat is fast ... and its the slowest ) can easily wipe out a group of survivors from Nastya .
  • Dont waste much time in talking , you will slow down others who wait for you and if a zombie runs up to you and is not stopped by others - you might get hit . To prevent this when you are talking , just press tab again to remove it .
  • Its possible to reach Fort Pastor by any two methods ( Passive or Aggressive ) but only if you are careful . Causing too much aggro in Aggressive method might get you killed .
  • Do not leave others to die to save youselves , as it is annoying ( since that person might really want to reach FP ) and it shows you are willing to let others die to help yourself . Help out others - when they are talking , guard them or when zombies are following them , shoot the zombies to slow them down .
  • Watch out for the multiplayer lag . When zombies are running after your friend and you are shooting it , even 100 bullets from a Corpse Weapon wont kill it .... until it focuses its attention on you . Of course , this does not mean you allow the zombie to run after your friend - shoot the zombie ! It will instantly die when it focuses its attention on you ( go near it ) . 


While looting, it is advisable for players to avoid the use of weapons that increase aggro. Higher aggro means faster zombies and a larger number of them. This will hinder your looting activities. Using Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and Shotguns will increase aggro significantly. Pistols and Rifles also attract zombies and may disturb the looting. Melee weapons (except Chainsaws) don't attract any aggro. But be aware, aggro spikes may occur at any time for no apparent reason.

Players are encouraged to go out deeper into the Inner City if they feel comfortable. However, looting in very deep areas of the city isn't recommended unless the player has enough stats or weapons to be able to handle the tougher zombies. Instead, the player should loot in places that are easier for them to survive in. Survival is the first priority; loot isn't as important as the player's life and the time wasted getting to your location.

Choose your weapons wisely , wielding only melee weapons will get you killed when you fight exploding zombies or a horde . And choosing only guns will get you kill when there is a aggro-spike and you run out of ammo . Kill all zombies that are following you , so you can loot objects in peace . Also after a long time , aggro will build up         ( even when using melee ) and a boss might spawn suddenly ( with few aggroed zombies running towards you in twos or threes ) .

How to survive and loot on the street[]

First you need to get to the endzones or very close to them. End zones are actually a nickname for the South Eastern and North Eastern zones on the map because they have the highest chance for the best loot in the game, they have tougher zombies and they are at the end of the map . Also if you are too weak to go towards the Endzones , head close to them !  If you loot a area for a long time , you will start looting better stuff . Therefore take a very long route that ends close to the EZ as you will be looting really good stuff by then .

You can kill on your way there as much as you like or not. It really doesn't matter. Main thing is that you use silent weaponry such as melee or pistols/rifles. Melee would be the best choice (unless it is a Mother or a zombie that explodes when it dies). If you are willing to risk your health, go ahead but it is still recommended to kill exploding zombies from a distance with a silent gun. You don’t want to attract any zombies, though an aggro spike could happen and force you to run like hell. But if that's not the case, keep your head cool and stay silent.

Once you get to the end zones, the only thing to do is loot. Loot like there's no tomorrow. Ignore the zombies walking nearby. Eliminate anything that is following you as they will stop you from looting . It should stay that way until an aggro spike happens. If zombies charge fast into your body with no reason at a good number, it means an aggro spike . 

Like other players said "Survive is the first priority". To do that you can bring these item while looting:

  • Armour 
  • 2 Medical items
  • 1 Set Barricade items ( 1 Claw Hammer , 1 Nails and 1 Wooden planks )

Yes, this all while cost your backpack slots. But, with these item you can survive "more" longer . Once you are on low health ( serious ) or your armour broke , immediately search for a house and make sure it has one entrance / door and then barricade and kill ALL zombies otherwise you wont be able to earn Personal Outpost Mode . 

Note : After a long time ( 2-3 days ) your Outpost will be under attack , meaning zombies will swarm the area . Its like a OA except its in a small area and there is no bonus exp . 

How to survive in the game[]

This is similar to surviving in the streets ( in the Inner City ) but much more important .... how to survive in the game . When people can't ' survive the game ' it means they have gone broke and have to make a new acc . This happens for a few reasons ... 

  1. They wasted too much money
  1. They did not loot ... all shooting and no looting makes Jack a poor boy :)
  1. They used up a lot of money on useless things ( things for ' show ' )
  1. Over-gambling
  1. Being in the wrong place

1.) Wasting too much money on ammo or something

2.) They only waste money on costly ammo and dont loot at all

3.)  Spending tons of money on a powerful gun ( in Nastya they buy assault rifles & tons of ammo ) and for the show , they pvp a lot or shoot it ( even when there are no zombies )

4.) Spending a lot of money on gambling

5.) If a weak person goes to a high lvl area and cant survive ( keeps on dying ) all the money goes in reparing onself ( or repping as its commonly called ) . Eventually the person goes broke and is stuck .

These people eventually become broke and go on critical or starving because they dont have any money . So there are a few tips for surviving the game ;

  • Never go to a area beyond your power to survive in ... just because FP is a good place to earn money does not mean everyone can earn money .... maybe because they are good looters .

  • Dont spend money on money-drainers ... MG's or explosives . ( or in low level areas , rifles ) - just because they seem ' cool ' and can defeat a boss very quickly ( or people ) . Or if you buy a MG , loot to earn ammo for it .

  • Go out and loot , no looting ( just staying within a 4 block radius of a outpost ) and looting small stuff is useless and will make you go broke . Go far away from a outpost and start looting .... and dont shoot .

  • Save ammo . People who have a HMG dont always use it , they mostly use melee and only in vids ( after saving up a lot of money for it ) they proceed to use a lot of ammo .

  • Dont be a stupid nub , going for MG's because they are cool and powerful . Rifles are the best weps , requiring the least amount of bullets to kill a boss and doing it silently . Just because they cant wipe out a crowd in seconds does not mean they are useless ( the Sic 550 shoots as fast a knive can hit ... it is good for killing aggro ) .

  • Beware of rumors
  1. Only lvl 40+ can go to the EZ ( EZ in Dogg's Stockade is the safest EZ in fairview so you can do it there if you are at least level 10+ and have high agility. ) 
  1. Killing bosses requires guns ( with 45 agility one can melee a FIRE wraith .... with aggro )  
  1. Melee can be useful for keeping ammo for later use, but a totally suicide option to fight an aggro spike.
  1. Certain missions require extreme help ( e.g : Stockadians think 6+ peeps with assault rifles are enough to take down a titan) 

Note : Some players survive in farther places... IF they can do it, so can you if you try hard and NEVER GIVE UP.

Aggro Spikes[]

This is important - aggro spikes are sudden increases of aggro or aggression ( that is , many zombies suddenly run towards you even if you were using a melee weapon ) . Aggro spikes can happen to anyone using any weapon -even melee !

Think of it like a digital meter .... when aggro increases the number increases . If you shoot a lot with a gun , and zombies stop coming , that means the number have dropped . Which also means if you use melee , the numbers will keep on increasing and when you cause some aggro - there are a huge amount of zombies running towards you ( and in the later blocks - a powerful boss ) . So using melee wont garuantee that you will not get a aggro spike . Also after looting for a long time ( 2-3 days ) a boss might spawn suddenly ( then zombies will start spawning until there is a mob ) , that is because the ' numbers ' on the ' digital aggro meter ' has increased to such a number that its impossible for no aggro to be there . That is why sometimes a boss spawns even when you are using melee ( with or without aggro ) . And that is why bosses spawn when you cause aggro .

( Btw the digital aggro meter is just a way to explain how aggro works .... the best way that is , looting also works that way , in certain places ( low lvl areas ) the number is low therefore you loot low lvl items . And sometimes if you are in a high lvl area , the number is high meaning you loot good stuff . And when you loot for a long time , the numbers keep on increasing meaning you loot better stuff . And if you log out , the numbers drop ( but not to the original level . Note : For Gm's the number is higher than other peoples and it rises faster and drops less ... which is why GM's ( gold members ) can loot good stuff even in a low lvl area and why they loot really good stuff after a small amount of time )


Once they start to spawn, keep walking in circles and gather them all up in a tight group. After that, start killing them. Concentrate on fast enemies first. When you are moving the zombies are mostly unable to damage you. Be aware that light collision zombies could be easily pushed by others while attacking, giving the attacker more range and possibly hitting you. Sometimes zombies will have longer attack ranges (see here for a list of zombies and their types) and it is advised that you keep your distance between you and your enemy (if you have melee weapons).

When dealing with most of the zombies a good idea, like stated above, is to use a quiet weapon. Melee works absolute wonders when it comes to keeping the aggro of the area down. Also, if someone in the area has a chainsaw, machine gun, shotgun or grenade launcher on them and you are trying to loot, a good idea would be to do one of two things:

  • Stay near the aggro-causing player until their death

  • Run from the area and go a few blocks away into the safer areas so they wont harm you.

Chainsaw Grinding - Exp Runs[]

Chainsaws are great weapons for starting aggro as they can cause a fairly significant rise in a very short time. Any chainsaw works well, but it is recommended to use a higher powered one for higher leveled areas, such as Dogg's, Precinct 13 or Fort Pastor. In these areas, at least a STEEL MS800 is advised, as most zombies in these areas will be able to withstand the attacks of anything lower for quite some time, allowing too much aggro to build up. This can drastically raise your chances of being killed (remember; more zombies = more chances to be hit). If you have any chainsaw you should be circling your targets to avoid damage.

When chainsaw grinding, there are a number of zombies that are potentially dangerous.

  • Leapers: These zombies wipe you out with only one hit if you aren't paying attention. If you believe you can, get behind them and stay behind them, as this is the only place they can't hit you. This can be dangerous as you will be less mobile, allowing other zombies to hit you . 
  • Spiders: Very fast , but circling them is possible even for a FGS / Fire Giant Spider . However with chainsaws , they sometimes can make unexpected turns . 
  • Tendrils: These creatures are extremely fast, and can do substantial damage over a long range. A skilled survivor can circle them effectively . It is possible to melee them with chainsaws or knives or blades .          
  • Brutes: These monsters should not be killed with melee weapons; this is because when they die they explode releasing bone fragments that will hurt you. So, to kill them you will need a long-range weapon. There is, however, a way to kill them with only a few bullets. You have to hurt them with a melee weapon (you can figure out how many melee hits you can do wih experience) and then shoot them. You will notice that they die with a few shots.
  • Mothers: Mothers can vomit 3 times the maximum melee range, meaning killing them with chainsaws is not a smart idea unless you use a ranged weapon for the killing blow. When they vomit, they stop moving for a short time which gives you an opening to get behind them. It is not advised, however, as they have high health and damage. Similar to the brutes they explode upon death, so while dealing damage to them with any kind melee weapon is possible, you will need to finish it of with some kind of gun to avoid hurting yourself.
  • Wraiths: If you are new to Dead Frontier and wish to attack this creature, don't. Only experienced players are capable of attacking and killing these creatures. If you really want to try it, then the Wraith is like a fast moving giant tendril . She will stop to attack which gives you an opening to circle around, except she recovers from her lunge much quicker. Be warned, one false move can be fatal and sometimes she will circle more than usual which could also lead to the player getting hit. Their tentacles have a length of 2.5x the swing length of the maximum melee range and can alternate her attacks to the left and right unadvised. But it is possible to melee her even with 50 agility . Just wait till she is swinging her tentacles then sprint to the side . Wraiths are very unpredictable and fast , even more so when critically damaged .
  • Black Titans: Even more dangerous than a Wraith, it is extremely unadvised to fight the Black Titan with melee as it can kill anyone with the best armour and max endurance in two hits. Circling is a 99.99% death risk because of all the lesser zombies around the player and the huge radius the Black Titan has. However, if you have very high agility and some other high leveled players, the other players can distract the Black Titan so use this to your advantage and get behind it, then rev up your chainsaw. If it run towards you, DO NOT CIRCLE! Just use guns until it is distracted again.

This is a list of zombies that are resistant to stun and knockback :[]

  • Bone
  • All bosses
  • Brute (The fat vomiter)
  • Spider

Note : They are resistant to knock-back from weak weapons , however they can be knocked back with very powerful weapons ( HMG's such as Fm Mitrail , Fm Mag , M60 , vulcan etc ) . Note : Spiders are still resistant to knock-back even from HMG's .... they just are pushed back a little bit .

Machine Gun Grinding []

When you finally get your first machine gun you must have a high amount of ammo for it. Machine guns are known to use a ton of ammo,( if you are grinding specifically), and still requires a ton if you expect to use it all the time. Here are the best ways to use a machine gun. Note: Machine gun's are not good loot and run weapons. 

1. Stock up on ammo, but be carefull not to spend to much on ammo. As you can go broke if you don't loot. 

2. Find a suitable area to use it in, DO NOT go use a low level SMG in a high-danger area, unless you have high agility. 

3. Stay Smart, don't use up ammo like there is no tommorow even though you are grinding. 

4. Be Ammo conscious. Even though you are "grinding", keep a good track on how much ammo you are using.

5. Be Accurate. Stay as accurate as you possibly can, if you plan to use a SMG, HMG, or Assault Rifle, focus on Accuracy, and reloading.

6. Find a good grinding place. Preferrably behind a barricade such as Cars, Fences, walls etc. But you must still be able to fire rounds at the incoming zombies you are trying to grind. 

If you are attempting to grind behind a barricade be wary of zombies coming from behind, as they can easily corner you off and kill you if you are unskilled or out of ammo. If you cannot find a barricade or something to be behind make sure you stay in an open area, this will increase your flexibility, but you still have the risk of being cornered. Just being in the open reduces that risk by a huge factor. 

If you intend to fight a boss, try to find the highest most affordable Machine gun you can buy. One that is either too low level, such as a FM P90 would not be very effective as you will only deal a little damage, and use lots of more rounds to take one down( If you are a low level person only use it on the Burning zombie). If you are using a high level machine gun such as the FM Mitrail, expect to be spending alot, do not buy a FM Mitrail unless you can afford it in the long run. This game is best played with weapons that you expect to use for awhile, If you intend to not grind. If you grind, choose a good but affordable weapon as you will be raising your skills really quick.  

If you intend to grind, remember accuracy and reloading are important since you will be putting lots of rounds down range. Accuracy is based on the margin of error you can have when aiming your reticule at a zombie. Since machine guns have low, very low, or ultra low accuracy this is a very important skill to have. Aiming behind a zombie does not increase your accuracy. Aiming offscreen is less accurate than on screen, but the bullet will keep going till it hits a zombie, obstruction, or the end of the block such as a transition to another instance. 

Reloading is an important factor with grinding. Reloading is how fast you can put another mag, or clip whatever you prefer to call it, and start throwing more rounds down range. SMG's, Assault Rifles, and HMG all have different reload speeds. HMG need a high reloading skills since HMG stands for Heavy Machine gun. HMG's have huge clip sizes which are really good for grinding, but they reload the slowest of all machine guns. Miniguns are the slowest of all, but have the highest clip rating besides the DUSK Mag. SMG's or Sub-machine guns use cheap handgun ammunition, and have a have a high critical rate, as well as high damage for some, and high firing rate. SMG's also reload slightly faster than Assault Rifles. Assault Rifles use high powered rounds such as the 5.5, 7.5, 9mm Rifle Ammo, and 12.7. Most Assault Rifles use the 5.56 ammo or the 5.5. There are only two Assault Rifles that do not use the 5.5, the Ak-47, and the FM FAL.  Note: The bigger the caliber the more damage you will get per shot, but more expensive than the smaller ammo before it. Reloading with Assault rifles is still slow, such try to bring your reloading skill to a 50 minimum. 

Critical Hit is a somewhat important factor to machine guns. Critical hits raise the chance of you dealing a critical hit, or a hit that does 5 times more damage than a normal hit, and knocksback most zombies. Critical is high in SMG's, but lower in Assault Rifles, HMG's, and Miniguns. Miniguns have the lowest critical hit of high firerate firearms. 

Strength is required to wield more powerfull machine guns. Strength does not alter the damage you get per shot, its a mere requirement to hold certain Weapons, Armour. If you expect to use a heavy machine guns you need at least 70 strength minimum starting with the FM Minimi.