Leadership: OregonBond
Playing Style: Unspecified
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Inactive
Forum Thread: ☠LḭṂḭṪΣĐ ΣĐḭṪḭṒṆ CLΛṆ☠
Recruitment: Invite Only
Main Language: English Only
Main Timezone: Any / Unspecified

A highly selective group of individuals banded together due to the zombie pandemic.

During the initial outbreak survivors were not as rare as they are today, The infected saw to that. But now there is Limited Edition a small pocket of survivors that have a bond of brotherhood between them not often seen in the apocalyptic world of today. The zombie pandemic made friends out of strangers, And turned friends into family. But it also brought the chaos, The Killers, The Murderers, The Criminals. Martial law is an understatement. Limited Edition protects its own above all cost, Even at the sacrifice of life. Why just survive when you can thrive.

Members of Limited Edition hold themselves to a higher set of standards than the average survivor.
 It is a mindset and playing style that is unique to the group and that must be observed to be understood.
Limited Edition protects its own above all cost, Even at the sacrifice of life.
Why just survive when you can thrive.

- We Are An INVITE ONLY Clan -

After all, Everyone's life is just a Limited Edition.


*Knowing These Rules Is Required In Our Clan Chat Rooms!

Clan Rules

  • Majority of clan related info is: Classified

1► We Do Not Discuss Clan Matters Publicly. (We do not discuss most clan matters even on our forum)

2► NO. Multi-Clanning / Guilding. (All of our members must be dedicated to only one cause- The L.E. Clan.
The clan however may have alliances you must abide by.)

3► NO. Alternative Characters or "Alt's" allowed.. (The clan does not condone the use of "Alt's" in any form. Using an alt for anything clan related will result in an immediate termination of membership. Talking about "Alt's" in clan named rooms is also a violation)

4► Check Clan Thread OFTEN if not DAILY. (We may not discuss clan matters publicly or even in our forum, But we do post our events and other general Clan info.)

☠ ☠ ☠We are highly selective, Invitation only. Begging and or Harrassment Etc. Will not be tolerated. Persons interested in becoming Limited Edition would be well advised to join the CB, read the thread, and interact with the current members..


And many others...

Prizes given out as of today

$5   Ultimate Game Card x 2

$10 Ultimate Game Card x 2

$20 Ultimate Game Card x 8

$25 Ultimate Game Card x 6

$50 Ultimate Game Card x 1

Over 2800 Credits!!!

Over 27.8 Million In Cash!!!

Services Offered

We do not actively advertise, But do offer the following services.
GM Loot Runs
And many others.
If you have a task or question feel free to message a member of Limited Edition.

Due to the lack of a public rooster of members.
(If the effort is made to contact one, It will be worth it. Our prices can't be beat.)


Leader: OregonBond (Founder)
2nd in Command: Kremit (Co-Leader)
3rd in Command: Uncle Bob (Leadership)

Members Due to our highly selective process we do not list our members.
However all of our members have a signature ID designating them as a member.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Playing Style: All, Not Specified
Main TimeZone: Not Specified
Status: Active Daily
Uniform: Cloak (any color)
Leadership Uniform: Cloak (any color) + Rebreather

Other Info

A new message system has been introduced.

(all messages using this system will self destruct in 7 - 14 days)

L.E. Clan holds Clans responsible for the actions of their members.
Every member represents the Clan and should be treated with the respect deserving of the L.E. Clan. Each member of Limited Edition Clan is held to a higher standard than the average survivor. Members of L.E. Clan do NOT accept donations and/or charities.

Holding ourselves to a higher standard we are Allies only to ourselves.
We may however from time to time have Clan to Clan "Arrangements"
All Limited Edition Clan relations are classified.

The following are some of the Clan's unclassified accomplishments:

We have a 100% Client satisfaction record on all trades & services.
Aside from being the FIRST clan to ever be recommended on some of the most popular selling & service threads, Vouchers can be given upon request.

Many L.E. Clan members have won and/or placed in the top 10 TPK/TS.

Aside from the prizes and rewards given away in events, We have contributed an untold amount of money and gear to independent survivors at each members own personal discretion.

L.E. Clan has donated over 5 million in funds to charities and services that can be found on the service thread.

All other information is:


Most Information About This Clan Is:


Check Our Clan Forum Thread For More Details and Possible Events: