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Neil Yates

Picture of Neil Yates (AKA Adminpwn)

Neil Yates, better known as AdminPwn within the Dead Frontier community, is the primary developer, head administrator as well as past graphical artist within Dead Frontier. He was born in the 1st of November of 1986.

He basically invented Dead Frontier all by himself since the second half of 2007 by releasing a few minigame demos to introduce the background story and the general gameplay of the planned Dead Frontier MMO.

Neil is also the owner of Jagged Blade Software (now known as Creaky Corpse ), which is now primarily used as his virtual company name for Dead Frontier and the other staff members which have been added to his team since spring 2008. In 2014, Neil developed and published a new game called Doom Warrior.

Neil is a father of 3 sons, one of them being a newborn. He is currently residing in Kent, England with his brother Ian Yates (Xaelath) and his wife Nastya.

On the 23 August 2014, Neil accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from a community member. As seen in the video, Neil has grown a lot older compared to his (at the moment) only known photo. This is also the first time he speaks by voice directly to the Dead Frontier community. 


Ice Bucket Challenge Neil Yates (AdminPwn)

Neil Yates about to get cold in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.