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A burly man eyes you from across the decaying room before opening his mouth. "I've got 10 good men watching this place day and night, your money is safe with us. But just don't be expecting no interest, it doesn't work like that anymore."

Bank page

The bank page as seen within Dead Frontier.

ith a simple yet vital role, the Bank is guarded by a private party. During the outbreak, a number of survivors fleeing to the outpost did not have a safe place to store their money. With raids going into the Inner City becoming more dangerous, a group of enterprising men and women had a bright idea.

Renting out the old Detention Hall, the group remodeled the room and hired guards. This once hated place of misery and woe is now the keeper of our livelihoods and futures.



The Bank allows players to store their money away for safe keeping. The system does not give interest, since banks earn money from making investments and giving loans, but the economy is pretty much devastated. However the money stored in the bank will not be lost on death. Since there is no use for money in the Inner City, it's a smart choice to store all of one's cash here before going out into the dangerous Inner City. There is no penalty for excessive deposits or withdrawals. It is highly recommended to deposit all money on hand before heading into the Inner City. Do keep in mind that carrying a security box is very useful for those that are forgetful of bank deposits.


  • All funds accumulated through selling in the market or through private trade are deposited directly into the user's bank account.
  • The bank will not store items for you - this role is fulfilled by the Storage.
  • All money in your pocket and in the bank is shown on your profile.
  • All money in the bank will carry over to other outposts.
  • You may only withdraw up to $9,999,999,999 at a time.


The Bank icon in the outpost screen was added on 12th December 2009. Previously, the name of the place where players could keep their money was named the Storage.