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Personal Outpost

A personal outpost in the North Eastern Zone

Personal Outposts[]

Personal Outposts are barricaded buildings where player(s) have managed to clear all zombie resistance.

Barricading requires you to cover every entrance door on the ground floor. You can do this by having Wooden Planks, Nails, and a Claw Hammer in your inventory. Covering an entrance requires a set of Wooden Plank and Nails (or a Barricade Kit), but Claw Hammers last forever (e.g. if a building has two entrance doors, you will need two sets of barricading material, and a Claw Hammer to make a personal outpost).

Also, once you've started putting up barricades, refrain from refreshing until you've entered Outpost Mode as that will cause your barricades to disappear (spent materials are NOT refunded). Barricades also disappear in the case of a Connection Error. Do be aware that after barricading a building, nothing in the building will be lootable anymore.

Available Services[]

Personal Outposts provide most services available in the 6 Public Outposts, most importantly Marketplace (for purchasing emergency healing/armor repair storage) and Storage (for storing loot in between loot runs).

The major exceptions are:

  • Gambling Den (Gambling Mini-Game)
  • Venditron (In-Game Vendor)
  • The Yard (Item Modification and Scrapping)
  • Fast-Travel (Instantaneous Transportation between Outposts)
  • Marketplace trading is locked to the Trade Zone the Personal Outpost is located in (see Map). Players in Personal Outposts cannot trade with those in Public Outposts.

How to Barricade[]

  • To barricade, you must have a set of Planks and Nails (or a set of Barricade Kit) per door, and 1 Claw Hammer.
  • Then barricade every door by pressing B when the option comes up. When the door is barricaded, there will be planks nailed in front of it and you can no longer exit through it. You can take down the barricade by holding B.
    • Barricading speed is slightly increased by the Dexterity stat.
  • Once the building is fully barricaded, most zombies outside your immediate vicinity will despawn, and all loot spots will disappear (except your latest one if you have finished looting it, then denied it).
  • You still need to kill the remaining ones to secure your Personal Outpost, then a prompt will come up, saying "Press O to enter Outpost Mode".


  • Entering outpost mode will save gained experience, preventing EXP loss the next time you die.
  • Zombies will break down the barricade in two or so days, kicking you out of your Personal Outpost.
    • In the past, this would have resulted in a Personal Outpost Attack which involved large swarms of zombies attacking you, but currently this feature has been removed.
  • When barricading, zombies will occasionally run through the door, attempting to stop you. Please be careful of this.

Barricading in Multiplayer[]

At large amount of times, however, there is not just one person on a looting trip. It is, for the most part, often better to go on looting trips with more than one person, and the same applies to clearing buildings, as there are often dozens of zombies in the multiple floors; making it better have someone covering your back.

If two people clear, barricade, and are able to make a building their outpost, they will be able to share it (this can be turned off in the Game Options menu, in case you do not want to barricade yet). This means that once the two players come out of the outpost mode at the same time, they will both spawn in the same instance, or server, similar to 2D. If you board yourself into a building by yourself, and set it to multiplayer, you are likely to spawn in an instance with others who have also barricaded in that building instead of those who have yet to do so.

Barricading Tools[]

Barricading Tools are used for putting up barricades. Wooden Planks, Nails can be found anywhere, while Claw Hammers cannot be found in Raven Ridge/the Wastelands.


Scrap Value: $15
Paired with a set of wooden planks and a claw hammer, you can barricade yourself in buildings out in the city.

You do not receive this item back when you tear down a barricade.

Wooden Planks
Wooden Planks

Scrap Value: $15
Paired with a set of nails and a claw hammer, you can barricade yourself in buildings out in the city.

You do not receive this item back when you tear down a barricade.

Barricade Kit (Craft)This item can be acquired through the in-game crafting system.
Barricade Kit

Scrap Value: $1,230
A set of planks and nails in a more compact format. With this and a claw hammer, you can barricade yourself in buildings out in the city.

You do not receive this item back when you tear down a barricade.

Requirements to craft:
1x Wooden Planks
1x Nails

Crafting Cost: $7,500

Claw Hammer
Claw Hammer

Scrap Value: $45
Allows you to use wooden planks and nails to barricade yourself in buildings.

This item does not disappear with Nails and Planks when you barricade.


Barricading Within 2D[]

2D Barricading

A player barricading a door, keeping at the side of the door.

To barricade yourself, approach a building that has a white, open door. When you enter a building, you will need to barricade every large window and door on the first floor, and clear all the zombies inside.

To barricade yourself you need to walk up to a big window or the main door and hold "B" for 10 seconds to place a barrier of planks over the entrance. Please be aware that while you are barricading the door, zombies can still spawn in it, so pay attention. One helpful trick is to stand off to one side of the door while barricading. The idea is to stand as far away from the center of the door as you can while barricading. This will give you more reaction time to get out of the way of those zombie claws!


A player after putting up a barricade, and securing the building.

Once you have covered all the entrances, you must proceed through every room of the building until it is cleared of zombies. At this point text will come across the bottom of the screen saying "Building is secure - Press 'O' to go into outpost mode".

Some buildings have way too many windows and that makes it very difficult to carry enough planks and nails to barricade, however, a group of five or six survivors would be more than enough to secure the building. Many players prefer using Public Toilets as outposts, because they only have 1 door and no windows. Be aware that although they are easier to barricade, it isn't always easy to clear out the zombies that lurk around inside because of the cramped conditions. Deep into the city, the restrooms are packed full of zombies, and since there is only 1 escape route, it is easy to get cornered. It is a smart idea to either bring a shotgun or a chainsaw with high damage output as they will quickly destroy the bunched up zombies.

Large groups of survivors sometimes go into the Inner City and try to clear out an apartment because of the large amount of lootable items in the apartments. While apartments can be many stocks high and with multiple rooms on each floor, only the first floor needs to get barricaded in order to set up an private outpost (after the building has been cleared).


As of May 31, 2012, there are 31 different building types in Dead Frontier. Particular types of buildings can differ in:

  • Loot spot locations,
  • Floor colors,
  • Building orientation (buildings of the same type can face different cardinal points),
  • Building placement in a particular block and external appearance.

However, general layouts will remain the same as will the number of entrances and floors. Below is a list of all found interiors with descriptions and maps. The red dots on the maps represent exits/entrances and staircases.

Name Exterior 1st Floor Other Floors Exits Floors
Apartment Building 1 Apartment building 9 e Apartment building 9 f1 Apartment building 9 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 9 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 9 f44th Floor
2 4
Apartment Building 2 Apartment building 7 e Apartment building 7 f1 Apartment building 7 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 7 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 7 f44th Floor
2 4
Apartment Building 3 Apartment building 2 e Apartment building 2 f1 Apartment building 2 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 2 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 2 f44th Floor
Apartment building 2 f55th Floor
3 5
Apartment Building 4 Apartment building 3 e Apartment building 3 f1 Apartment building 3 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 3 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 3 f44th Floor
2 4
Apartment Building 5 Apartment building 10 e Apartment building 10 f1 Apartment building 10 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 10 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 10 f44th Floor
2 4
Apartment Building 6 Apartment building 6 e Apartment building 6 f1 Apartment building 6 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 6 f33rd Floor
3 3
Big Supermarket Building Supermarket e Supermarket f1 1 1
Corner Shop Building 1 Apartment building 4 e Apartment building 4 f1 Apartment building 4 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 4 f33rd Floor
3 3
Corner Shop Building 2 Apartment building 1 e Apartment building 1 f1 Apartment building 1 f22nd Floor
3 2
Hospital Building Hospital e Hospital f1 Hospital f22nd Floor
Hospital f33rd Floor
Hospital f44th Floor
2 4
Industrial Building 1 Warehouse e Warehouse f1 Warehouse f22nd Floor
Warehouse f33rd Floor
Warehouse f44th Floor
2 4
Industrial Building 2 Warehouse 3 e Warehouse 3 f1 Warehouse 3 f22nd Floor
2 2
Industrial Building 3 Warehouse 2 e Warehouse 2 f1 Warehouse 2 f22nd Floor
2 2
Office Building 1 Office building 1 e Office building 1 f1 Office building 1 f22nd Floor
Office building 1 f33rd Floor
Office building 1 f44th Floor
2 4
Office Building 2 Office building 4 e Office building 4 f1 Office building 4 f22nd Floor
Office building 4 f33rd Floor
Office building 4 f44th Floor
2 4
Office Building 3 Office building 3 e Office building 3 f1 Office building 3 f22nd Floor
1 2
Office Building 4 Office building 2 e Office building 2 f1 Office building 2 f22nd Floor
2 2
Police Station Building Police precinct e Police precinct f1 Police precinct f22nd Floor
Police precinct f33rd Floor
2 3
School Building School e School f1 School f22nd Floor
2 2
Shop Building 1 Apartment building 5 e Apartment building 5 f1 Apartment building 5 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 5 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 5 f44th Floor
2 4
Shop Building 2 Apartment building 8 e Apartment building 8 f1 Apartment building 8 f22nd Floor
Apartment building 8 f33rd Floor
Apartment building 8 f44th Floor
Apartment building 8 f55th Floor
2 5
Shop Building 3 Pharmacy e Pharmacy f1 Pharmacy f22nd Floor
2 2
Shop Building 4 Boutique e Boutique f1 Boutique f22nd Floor
Boutique f33rd Floor
2 3
Small Supermarket Building Convenience store e Convenience store f1 2 1
Suburban Building 1 House 4 e House 4 f1 House 4 f22nd Floor
2 2
Suburban Building 2 House 3 e House 3 f1 House 3 f22nd Floor
2 2
Suburban Building 3 House 5 e House 5 f1 House 5 f22nd Floor
House 5 f33rd Floor
1 3
Suburban Building 4 House 2 e House 2 f1 House 2 f22nd Floor
1 2
Suburban Building 5 House 1 e House 1 f1 1 1
Trailer Home 1 Junkyard trailer e Junkyard trailer f1 2 1
Notes: Inner City trailer homes cannot be barricaded. Wasteland trailer homes can be barricaded and will always have 1 door pre-blocked.
Bunker Bunker E Bunker 1F Bunker 2F2nd Floor
Bunker 3F3rd Floor
1 3