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Butikaft Butikaft 30 June 2020


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Tephra Tephra 5 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff. Users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Tephra Tephra 11 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Dead Frontier Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

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PutInWork PutInWork 6 February 2017

Busines Partners

seeing as I been playing dead frontier for 3 years I have achieved being a millionaire and keeping my money up business partners and a need for business members when you join my business  you will see another dollar

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Killer9969 Killer9969 19 September 2015

Banned from Deadfrontier website

About 5 months ago i was tricked into making a clan with a player named wapok, He told me that we would make a clan together and he would give me a gau if i let him borrow my account. (I know it was a bad choice) He then started scamming everyone with my account and started giving the stuff to his account.  After my account got banned he took my vulcan ironsight and other valueable things i had. I just want to go back to playing deadfrontier so please can someone help me. It says that i am banned from the deadfrontier website because of scamming, But it really wasn't me.

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Horse1122 Horse1122 4 August 2015


zombies are every where you go as you in the city you see a tuck and you are in the outpost were their are gunds at eats post . They shoot zombie that come to clous to the outpost. all zombies are to be killed by the living not them kill us.

make sure you have a lot of aoom because their will be a alam that will go  and if you are not at the outpost you will die because it makes all the zombies go mad and they run when this happends so make sure you are that the outpost when the alam go,s off or ala.

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Horse1122 Horse1122 1 August 2015

item scrapping

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Tahvo1313 Tahvo1313 18 June 2015

Secronom Bunker Mission Walkthroughs

Currently working on updating the Mission walkthroughs using more detailed explinations, courtesy of Mvp13.

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Zestychille Zestychille 29 April 2015

Mission Update

Four years, six months, and twenty three days since my journey began. The admins still don't know I was the spy amognst loyal wiki members all those years ago. Intelligence stopped responding three years ago, and my mission seems to have lost all meaning. Starting to wonder whether I'm really undercover, or if I've become one of them after all this time. I've survived the last two years eating only the corpses of my enemies, and drinking my own urine.(and some dog piss I found in a jar during the heat wave last summer... what a delicacy that was)

  • Drink some rum.
  • Beat Thomas Lannigan 50 times in a row.
  • Drink some more rum.
  • Earn Fox's trust in order to use him a a meat shield/medic.
  • Drink some rum and soda.
  • Convince the Lootbitch to drink some of …

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Shaun155 Shaun155 26 September 2014

Recent Protection Changes on Weaponry and Armor pages

I changed the protection on all Weaponry and Armor pages to Administrators only.

The reasoning behind this is because the pages no longer require any real editing, and that new aditions to them should only really be controlled by us to prevent Vandalism and the like. I'll see to making sure they don't contain spelling mistakes and stuff. 

Let me know if you disagree with this decision

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KwoonTheNope KwoonTheNope 15 August 2014

Wiki Staff Applications

Do you feel you are worthy to hold a staff position in the Wiki? Want to help out the Wiki More? You can apply for staff ranks here!

By applying for ranks here, you service the Dead Frontier community by uptaking and mantaining the Wiki for everyone to use. Keep all acts of vandalism away and make the Wiki a better place!

  • 1 Process
  • 2 Ranks & Requirements
    • 2.1 Rollback 
    • 2.2 Bureaucrats 
    • 2.3 Administrator 
  • 3 Important Notice
  • 4 Application Format
  • 5 Courtesy and Manners
    • 5.1 Applicant
    • 5.2 Respondant
  • 6 Notes

Applying is very simple. All you need to do is to meet the requirements and fill in the form below. Then send the application form to a Wiki Admin.

You will be notified of your application's status through the Wiki (or for acceptence, Email) soon.

Should you have any …

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D 3 K O B R D 3 K O B R 30 July 2014

M.3.R.C.3.N.4.R.1.0.S blog post

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Lezinho Lezinho 16 June 2014



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The Black Wisper The Black Wisper 5 March 2014

Selling Sabre Mc

        Here is the Sabre


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Silverbull3t Silverbull3t 15 February 2014

banned for no reason :( pleasae un-ban

Ok heres the story. I was at fp at the base and selling stuff. and my screen wouldnt load so i refreshed and it said i was banned "for being an asshat too many times" ok, i ALWAYS play on singleplayer so how can i be an asshole to people if im on singleplayer -.- and when iam on multiplayer i dont even talk. besides everyone is mexican xD. anyway please un ban me. i got so far. and then i get banned. My username is Silverbull3t (is it a possibility someone stole my account and was being an asshole?)

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Sopromadze.temo.9 Sopromadze.temo.9 29 January 2014

hacked account

please give me back my account H U N T E R this account is hacked   pleaseeee

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Jasonbrody Jasonbrody 8 January 2014

Appeal for my "Scamming Ban" - been framed

If JZS himself is reading this, know that I was not willing to be involved in this, but I was used as the dummy so that CaptainTime and FishXD would get away. If you yourself could make a report to unban me and RWBYROSE, then that would be much appreciated. In fact, RR and I promise that you get back your corpse shooter, since RWBYROSE still has the money. After many attempts to get my account back, the admins have still not noticed my countless efforts. I've recently tried just one last time, at To sum it up, I wrote this:

People: CT = CaptainTime, the one behind the scheme

FXD = FishXD, another guy behind the scheme

JZS = Justice the Zombie Slayer, the scammed one.

RR = RWBYROSE, a friend of mine who also took the h…

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Boided Boided 18 December 2013

Banned for Scamming?

Yeah I don't know how this happened but I was banned for scamming. I just went on DF one day and it said: Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum. Reason: Scamming. I saw this and was like wtf? I have never scammed before ever. But I was scammed awhile ago out of my account yeah it was really bad and my fault really for trusting people. The account that I got scammed out of was boided1which was level 45 and I lot everything from it including a VSS Vintorez(mc), a wakizashi(mc), a grinder and pretty decent armour also over 450k. Yeah I recovered from this after and admin wouldn't do anything about it because I didn't have evidence of it happening. So I just continued playing with my account Boided and made a new account Boidead, t…

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Cerxy Cerxy 30 November 2013

Personal Ideas to Improve DF


What would you like to be added to the game?

1. Inner City trading for Player to player(Just like in outpost; yet the twist is you have a small list to trade. As level grows so does the list for trading in inner city, but again will only increase by 2 every so many lvls..)

2. Upgrading inventory by collecting so many of certain cloth.. Each Kind of fabric are located in different zones. with each zone theres 3 different kind of fabric; which means each type of fabric has a certain amount needed to create a new slot, and each zone you'll have to replace of fabric(each fabric slot made has a durability, so choose wisely on what you place in that slot because depending on item takes so much durability away..)

3. when entering new zone …

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Capitan Spike Capitan Spike 19 November 2013

Diferencias entre Hombre y Mujer

  1. ==Sabias Que....==

Todas las mujeres en Dead Frontier corren mas rapido que los hombres y los hombres casi no corren rapido (Almenos que tenga muy buena agilidad). Los hombres resisten los golpes mucho que las mujeres en Dead Frontier.

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TheDarkKRONOS TheDarkKRONOS 12 November 2013

Enhaiced UI Script

Hello all. I with friend write one script for Dead Frontier. That scripts add city map, which are located open buildings, marked with specials icons; shows player information in numbers (health, satiety, armor, free cells in inventory, number of PM), can display chat at game window, can stretch game window on browser window size for comfortable game.

Source code of script project:

Last vesrion (0.5.2):


Current version:

Update 22.05.2014

How to use:

It's simple.

1)Download extension…

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Coldheatd Coldheatd 8 November 2013

We are going to start a scavenging hunt at 240 Mountain standard time, in the holdout zone.

Be there or be square.

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I3Badby I3Badby 27 October 2013

HOB-Hunters of Boss

- Nome do clan: HOB

- Liderança: i3Badby e Yuri Sampaio

- Estilo de jogo: PvE

- Alinhamento: Neutro

- Endereço no fórum:;u=9045294;sa=showPosts

- Site: Indefinido

- Recrutamento: 40+ Com armas mais 100 de skill

- Língua principal: Português

- Horário Principal no Jogo: Indefinido

-Membros: Yuri Sampaio,Spartano 1, Spartano 3, i3Badby

Profiles ;

Yuri Sampaio:

Spartano 1:

Spartano 3: Não tem Level suficiente para ter Drlp

i3Badby: Drlp Não atualizado no momento

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Gamextremo Gamextremo 24 September 2013

BRASILEIRO no dock s stokage

bom dia sobreviventes eu estou no dok s (nao sei escrever direito) e gostaria de fazer uma grupo nesse outpost eu aceito menbros de lv:10 a 25 apos isso vamos a um mais avançado, a e meu nome no jogo e Gmarz, voltarei com noticias e quem querer fazer parte me mande mensagem pelo jogo

PS:leiam esse texto sem o tradutor ele muda ele


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DougDunning DougDunning 14 September 2013

Traveling in Fairview

Sept 14 2016

Journal of Matthew Randolph.

I'm going to start writing a journal, I think it may help my sanity. Also I hope that if I can't get out of here that my wife and kids will be given this and then they will at least know what happened to me. I doubt that will ever happen though. Sheila was Colorado visiting her family when the incident occurred. I called and told her to stay there and I would meet up with her. The last time I heard a radio transmission, the virus had spread through the United States and I haven't been able to raise anything on my little radio since. I had a car back about two weeks ago, but since the gas stations aren't being operated and I don't have any clue how to turn the pump on, I left it over the top of some m…

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Xdragonx111 Xdragonx111 10 July 2013


Hello DeadFrontier Fans,

I've recently made a clan and was trying to get it to show up on this website. (PLEASE help me ASAP) I've already made the page i just don't see it in the "clan" section. The clan name is E.B.C.F Elite Biohazard Containment Force. Thanks for all your help..


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Milkguy Milkguy 20 June 2013

Banned for no reason..

I am a level 44 boxer named milkguy.I have been banned for scamming. First reaction: "the hell?!!" Well you see I have been playing dead frontier for more than 2 years now. I have a mc nodachi, gc rex, mc exterminator reactive. My friend did send me a gc rex for 300k when it is actually 800k. shady but guess what? My friend trust me. I even made a sig saying i owe him money. Go ahead check out PM's. I don't care, do whatever and just get me unbanned. I have been scammed before. You think I would do it? PLease, i am against it. If you don't trust me, trust the players of dead frontier. Give me a chance and i will get you a list of vouchers. I am an active forum person. I have my own service. After hearing all this you think I scammed. If yo…

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Sgt Castro Sgt Castro 18 June 2013


  • Onces A SGT, Always A SGT*
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Chrispbee Chrispbee 20 May 2013

20th may 2013

Yay level up! I'm now level 37, I did a mission in percent 13 that involved killing a wraith :O my trusty alpha bull took it down! (my pistol skill is 100 melee 90) still havn't sold my bio mask but I want to keep the ski mask. I'm still looking to join a clan! after I write this blog I'm gunna go look into.

Thanks for reading


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Chrispbee Chrispbee 19 May 2013

19th may 2013

This is my first blog on the DF Wiki. I will use these blogs to describe my latest profile.

I'm a level 36 Engineer who owns an alpha bull, a sabre, a steel MS800, a bio mask and a ski mask (both on sale for cheap prices) and about 30K My username is chrispbee so send me a message! oh also I'm looking to join a clan!


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Gerringhp157 Gerringhp157 4 May 2013

reasons why top player hate this game !!!!

ok, so today i'm gonna talk about reasons why top player or high-level player get borred with the game !!!

1.This game usually have a phenomenon which is calles"lag", it's famous for many players, this can happen even when you have a good wifi connection(100mbps) it's still "lag". The symptoms is occur by low unity-player program, or  "lag" by sever which make players can't move or just move in one dirrection, if this happen players can't also turn off they browse and lead them to dead by the kill of zombies(espcialy Brute,Tendrils,Leaper,Longarm and Bosses).It's common in OA where there are alot of player or just single mode, sometimes it's still lag, or looting trip, hunt bosses.......If you still get confused why high-level players  top …

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Usho90 Usho90 1 May 2013

dead frontier ban blog

please my friend someone tell me how to un ban my ip address in df forum please :)

my friends

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Shadow-Mage Shadow-Mage 16 April 2013

Just an idea buzzing around my head...

(deep breath) Whew... okay. This blog entry is for an idea I've had in my head for a long time regarding the possibility of a fifth Outpost in Fairview. The name for this outpost would be "Waystation Cassandra", and it would be located fairly deep within the End Zone.

Layout of the Outpost:

The outpost would be built around an old four-building apartment complex, with two intersecting streets separating the buildings (think of a four-paned square window, where each pane represents one of the buildings). The entrance to the southernmost street would be fenced off, with an old bulldozer and several large stacks of wooden crates positioned in front of the fence. Behind these would be a supply truck and a forklift, along with more crates stacked…

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Noddite Noddite 11 April 2013

Mission Notes

These are my notes on a few missions. They are meant for personal consumption and are not intended to be good advice to others. Seriously, I'm dumb enough to loot the EZ with a battle axe, Beta 8000, and broken armor and still get home without taking a hit.

  • 1 Dogg's Stockade
    • 1.1 Suck on This
  • 2 Fort Pastor
    • 2.1 Engage!
    • 2.2 My Boys Need Beer
    • 2.3 Gold Star

  1. Loot the bus.
  2. Run into the store.
  3. Repeat.

  1. Go to the southeastern block.
  2. Find the south-facing apartments.
  3. Find the lootable corpse in the street to the south.
  4. Prepare to waste several hours.

  1. Go to the most northwestern block.
  2. Find the warehouse in the southeastern quadrant.
  3. Find the lootable corpse west of the forklift.
  4. Run in and out of the the warehouse to the east or the offices to the south as needed.

  1. Consult t…

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Legionaire110 Legionaire110 6 April 2013

legionists of the apacolipse clan build help needed!!!

need help getting my clan on the clan wiki selections. cant figure out why it wont position on the wiki

any one who knows how to help would be grately appreciated!


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Shadow Master Titanus Shadow Master Titanus 19 March 2013

Edit Suggestions for Shotguns

  • 1 Edit Suggestions for Shotguns
  • 2 Edit Suggestions for Looting
  • 3 Edit Suggestions for Aggro
  • 4 Edit Suggestions for PvP Combat 
  • 5 Edit Suggestions for ammunition
    • 5.1 Handgun Ammunition
    • 5.2 Rifle Ammunition
    • 5.3 Shotgun Ammunition
    • 5.4 Grenade Ammunition

Instead of " shotguns are classed as ; *pump-action , * semi-automatic , etc ... it should be 

Shotguns are classed as 

  • 1 SPS ( Mancini M1 , Highlander )
  • 1.5 SPS ( All 12g shotguns below Sweeper )
  • 2 SPS ( Sega , Biforce C7 and Sweeper )
  • 3 SPS ( Usan-12 , AA-12 and Dusk Striker ) .

  • Why ? because pump-action and semi-auto which has been typed by lady blue is just copied ( i type that there are different types of shotguns ( pump-action , semi-automatic , lever-action ) and she just copied that , but put it in the catego…

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The sandman n5 The sandman n5 23 February 2013

Dead frontier The Sandman

The Sandman was known to be a jurnalist named anthony shankman who lived in a small town before the outbreak, since he was a child he was pampered with wealth by his parents at the age of 23 he decided to join secronoms elite force mercenaries soldiers of the secronom industries where he was trained in duty for a year to combat 3 days before the outbreak he resigned with no clear reasons and left the fairview.

he was chosen as one of the goverment official and admin in sunny ville away from the fairview where he lived a 2 years of wealthy life along with fame and success with girlfriend lara ,thus creating enemies out of envy after suffering chaos from the wrath of the other envious people anthony was betrayed by wolf  a dear friend of anthony c…

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MrGrandom MrGrandom 12 February 2013

Banned For Fraud?

Today i was banned for fruad. For no reason.

Admin unban me. I was banned for things i didnt do..

I spent quite alot of money on my character. Weapons and Cloaks. And Cash.

I have sent you a email, about me being banned for an error.

My Ingame Name: MrGrandom

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Trevor2096 Trevor2096 3 February 2013

mission the cure

im gonna give a littel help for the misson the cure this is not going to be long but i can help when you get to the area on your map when your thare do not use guns if you do alot of meet sacks (zombies) will kill you but you need to kill zombies to get the blood after thare dead search thare dead bodys note you cant find the blood samples on random dead bodys like you find in bildings you have to kill them thats it check in on my blogs eavry 1 or 2 weeks thankes for reading

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Sgtnane Sgtnane 21 December 2012

sgt nane

good i need brother got on my account and tricked a person with two items and got ban...please help me.....i promise i'll return those items back

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Co Commander Ken Co Commander Ken 10 December 2012


We work together with our umbrella team of advanced scientist to find a perfect serum to cure the fall of mankind. we leave no human behind unless bitten or scratched by the infected or mutated. Our sole purpose is to find a way out of the darkned death days of Fairviews final existance only one group of survivors are cable of saving this forsaken world.Join our Allience to save the humans from permant extinction.

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XxxRAkixxx XxxRAkixxx 25 November 2012

accused of random things and loosing access to account

to make things simple ive been playing deadfronter for more than a year now with no problems and have made my share of money. yesterday i downloaded slender man the game onto my laptop and the next day after not playing the game which was pretty fun and scary that i couldnt access my account. well any of them. it said i was an abuser and look up or did something about porn on forums which made no sense what so ever. now i dont know how complants toward others work and all cause i dont really ever use the forums but not being about to use my account is a big issue for me.

1; this is now like the second day i havent been able to play

2; ive lost alot of time not being about to access my account

3; since i cant access my account and dont want to…

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Lady Blue Lady Blue 13 October 2012

Need help replacing a GC Vulcan

Okay, I'm not leaving my level 46 account. But being a non-GM and having parents that don't allow me to spend real money on this game, if any one has a godcrafted vulcan or a GAU-19 that I can use to replace my friend's vulcan with, it would be appreciated. Basically I have no way of replacing it. Or any item I could sell to get enough cash to replace the vulcan and possibly have money left over seeing how I have not had much since my account got hacked (100 credits that were a gift from a good friend were lost too).

And if anyone asks about my account getting hacked when I lost the vulcan, I never gave my old password to anyone, and it wasn't exactly an easy one to guess.

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Elamir Keenblade Elamir Keenblade 28 August 2012

Elamir Keenblade's Diary - Entry 1

    • 1.1 NAME: elamir keenblade
    • 1.2 JOB: chemist
    • 1.3 AGE: 24
    • 1.4 ADRESS: ---
    • 1.5 TOWN: ---
  • 2 Day 1
  • 3 Day 4
  • 4 Day 6
  • 5 Day 15
  • 6 Day 16

I don't like to write diaries. I never did. But as Prof. Fairbank suggests, it can come in handy on future referances for my work. He says looking back over to all the days passed can grant me a view at a bigger angle, so I'll mark the day I arrived here in Fairview as Day 1 and write something every now and then. I arrived by plane at 6:00 and Jannet picked me up to her house. She showed me around Fairview a little, it seems like a good cozy town.

Well I've finally met up with to Prof. Fairbank at the University today. Theres little more time than a month until the university is in season, so I have the…

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Kakaah Kakaah 27 July 2012


Para os jogadores Brasileiros que utilizam o raidcall, entrem no nosso grupo. ID: 4859269

Pra você que ainda não utiliza esse chat, baixe em , crie sua conta e entrem no nosso grupo.

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Tomaszxc Tomaszxc 12 July 2012

clans outpost

the clans outposts are inportent becose you can go into outpost mode. plus you can chat in peces without zombies on youer back. to get a good out post you have to find a house. and barrcad it . it mit bee wharer lots of zombies are so no one finds you and your clan.more about outposts that you can get your munny out and shop for usfull things.e.g.nauils amo,planks of wood,wepons and so on. so i recmend geting a outpost.

on the map you would go to a midem bulding.

try to get one etrs bulding.

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Xlonewolfx Xlonewolfx 4 July 2012

New Weapons for Dead Frontier?

I know the Creators doing their hardest to keep the game going but these are just suggestions for possible weapons in the future.


  • 2X4

  • 22. PISTOL

still thinking of others

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STIG STIG 1 July 2012

V.O.I.D's meeting place

dose anyone know were the V.O.I.D meet at i was a void member in the 2d game im to low to join in this game.

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Snowcone1011 Snowcone1011 21 June 2012

DF is so orgasmic!!!!!!!!!

i love this game if DF was a eight year old girl and my character is my penis id totally fuck that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Krivins Krivins 11 June 2012

My Journal

June 10

I sit here in an old cot hearing the rain drizzle outside my dirty window, hitting the soaked landscape like tears from heaven. Heaven... I sometimes wonder if there is such a place anymore.

I remember when I first came to Fairview with my wife and two daughters. Life use to flourish here with evergreen trees, blue sky... and people. The nicest people you could ever meet. Ones that would support you with the best intentions. Now the city is just a void of darkness waiting to meet you with death on every block. If it isn't starvation that forces you to succumb, then it's at the hands of them. Knowing they'll eat any part of me while I bear to live with an empty stomach makes death by starvation seem like the best payback. If I can't e…

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