"C.O.B.R.A (Code Of Brotherhood Retalliation Alliance)"
C.O.B.R.A (Code Of Brotherhood Retalliation Alliance)
Leadership: hockpoh
Playing Style: Allrounding
Alignment: Neutral good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: C.O.B.R.A (Code Of Brotherhood Retalliation Alliance)
Recruitment: Openly recruiting
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: UTC-7


Mid December 2016.

Virus had spread around the world, causing aggressiveness among the infected and death in some serious cases. Government began to isolate the infected. Research on cure not started.

January 4, 2017.

Demonstrations occured around the globe because of the lack of initiative among the governments to fund the research on cure. Demonstrators controlled by army and police.

February 5, 2017.

The number of infected soared, isolation was no longer an effective option. The infected who escaped from isolation attacked passers-by, causing numerous casualties.

September 2017.

Infected individuals occupied various cities, army involved in multiple operations in an attempt to reclaim the city.

December 2017.

Government forces failed to reclaim the cities. One by one, the cities fell into the hand of infected.


Government collapsed, citizens started fighting each other in order to survive. Extinction of mankind was imminent.

February 2018.

A group of survivor initiated an organization --- C.O.B.R.A (Code Of Brotherhood Retalliation Alliance) to unite those who survived the outbreak.


Glory doesn't bring peace,

Fame doesn't bring justice,

Power doesn't bring satisfaction,

We search in the dark for light,

As retaliation will come when we all unite,

We are COBRA.

Elite forces (25++)

STRIKERS - Usually help in fighting bosses. Strong firepower, armed with deadly guns and when they fire in group, they are invincible. (Requirement: Machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers. Armour that can absorb over 55% of damage.)

  1. Stoogewolf
  2. dxdantedx
  3. zombieShooter
  4. ​zairoaero

SCOUTER - They always carry important information, like the location of bosses. They run like cheetahs, often avoid any contact with the infected when they are scouting. They are usually armed with melee weapon which make them silent killers. (Requirement: Rifles, pistol, at least two melee weapon EXCEPT CHAINSAW. At least over 55 agility points.)

  1. Despair
  3. Keith
  4. Gerald97
  5. AngelicPig
  6. farmerboy47
  7. pinoy alt
  8. Willpower870
  9. samusaran
  10. adrianpro1234

MAGNETER - They share many similarities with strikers. However, they help in retreat by distracting the bosses from attacking the other members, thus buying time for the others to regroup or ambush bosses. They carry weapon that can be really noisy. (Requirment: Machine guns, shotguns, chainsaw, grenade launcher. At least over 60 agility points.).

  1. fws5643
  2. Master Melle
  3. michealx14
  4. Luigi670
  5. apollo first

Remember, you are not alone

(If you are multi-clanning, please ask for permission from your current leader)

If you want to be part of us, just copy and FILL the message below then send them to ABAO123 or fws5643. We shall reply your message ASAP.Remember to add us on Facebook fws5643(符大侠) and hockpoh (Tang Hockpoh).

Name :

Levels :

Professional :

Weapons :

The job that u qualify ( over lv25 ) :

Member list

  1. fws5643 
  2. funkmunk1234
  3. Zhangjiaer
  4. Master Melle
  5. Stoogewolf
  6. dxdantedx
  7. Despair
  8. jpcraptor1997
  9. hockpoh
  10. michealx14
  11. zombieShooter
  12. ServeGods
  13. Luigi670
  14. AD MIGHT
  15. Keith
  16. Gerald97
  17. Felicity Smoak
  18. apollo first
  19. SgtDeathHound
  20. pokemon3
  21. Ninja520
  22. rroommoo
  23. dontey
  24. major9
  25. virus533
  26. julcool
  27. jelexis19pogi
  28. AngelicPig 
  29. farmerboy47
  30. Red Rat303
  31. ROLEN
  32. zairoaero
  33. hitmantoxic
  34. pointblank728
  35. florence123
  36. KILLER123
  37. MaxngunawanSFZ01
  38. BloodSerpent
  39. bosshunter00
  40. pinoy alt
  41. jordan689
  42. eastern1978
  43. Red Rat304
  44. themassacre666
  46. unknown1978
  47. Willpower870
  48. samusaran
  49. Finn Brawl
  50. pernialeandro
  51. adrianpro1234

​Donate System (This system is based on trust)

Every member in this clan will have to donate money to Leondonte, our clan treasurer. Return all the items that you bought from Leondonate, so we can use it to make another donation. For those members that donate money over 50 times, u can borrow money from our clan or ask for medical and food supplies. Remember, this system is based on trust, if you don't trust us, then don't donate. 

People Who Donated

  1. farmerboy47 - $5000
  2. michealx14 - $90000
  3. zhangjiaer-$130000
  4. AngelicTurtle(Team Bravo)-$5000
  5. ABAO123-$100000
  6. fws5643-$150000

(If you guys figure out any good idea to make this system better, contact us on our forum.)

Borrow system

If any of you guys borrowed money from LEONdonate, then you must return it within 1 month or we will incur interest which is 10% per day. Ask our leader or second in command in either Facebook or DF if you want to borrow anything from our clan. 

People who borrowed money

  1. Segeant Leonardo ($260000)


  1. Leave no man BEHIND
  2. No spamming
  3. No bullshitter
  4. No civil war
  5. No hacker
  6. Be polite to the others

Division system

Alright boys! Listen up! Each of you have to find your partner and form up a team (max-4), then select your leader through voting. Leader must name your own team and write a report to me (fws5643) or my Facebook account (符大侠).  You guys can decide when to move out for scavenge or anything else but you have to always remember to follow the instruction of your leader. If any of you are not satisfied with your leader or team members, write a report to me. You can select a division below to form your team.

We will give each team a mission daily, so be sure u check out our Facebook clan page for more updates.


Team Alpha 

Name: Lone Wolf

1 hockpoh ( Leader)

3 fws5643

Team Bravo 

Name: Special-K
1 AngelicTurtle (leader)
2 grimsavior696
3 Zaclink97

Team Gamma 

Name: Blizzard Ghoul
1 samusaran (Leader)
2 Finn Brawl
3 pernialeandro
4 adrianpro1234

Black List

Hunting Season (  Every years between 8/6/2013 And 15/6/2013  )

Please let someone in the management team know what section you like or what can be changed to help and please give us your ideas you may have.


Multiplayer mode:

  1. Max 4 people
  1. 4 prizes but low quality
  2. One of the member on team must be a recorder and post the video which recorded the bosses that u fought on the day the event end on our FB forum. 

Singleplayer mode:

  1. Solo
  2. But prize will be high quality

The team/player that score the highest point win the prizes.

  • According to this:
  1. TT (Titan)    :   50 points
  1. W (Wraith)   : 100 points
  2. GS               : 100 points
  3. FT                : 100 points
  4. FW               : 150 points
  5. FGS             : 150 points
  6. BT                : 250 points

They must post A video on our forum to prove them actually beat the bosses after this event end. Then, we will count the points that they got.


-Multiplayer mode and singleplayer modes both allowed

-Singleplayer mode MUST make a video of the entire trip

-Multiplayer mode is only a max of 4 or 5 people (depends on how many people will do it)

  • On a set date and time we will go on a trip to a endzone killing any bosses we find, everyone will have to stick to their ranks (scouts, magneters, and strikers), do what your rank requires you to do.
  • The trip will last for two days, we will make camp in what sector the time ends for the event that day, bring lots of ammo and plenty of medical supplies and a extra armor if you want, if you die during this trip you will not receive the reward.
  • Rewards will be given to any players that survive, rewards will be determined by how many people make it and what the clan can get.


Multiplayer mode - Asian : 8.30pm - 12.00am

Singleplayer mode - European : 8.30am - 12.00am 

The videos that posted on our Facebook forum on 15/6/2013 are accepted but after that, no videos allowed.




Managment Team

  1. fws5643
  2. michealx14
  3. Despair