The story of the Dead Frontier of Fairview City—where the survivors of the last few human bastions inhabiting Nastya's Holdout, Fort Pastor, Precinct 13, the Secronom Bunker, and Dogg's Stockade try to hold back the hungry horde of infected from day to day-begins with the outbreak during the summer of 2016.

All information gathered since the initial outbreak is a convoluted mixture of facts, rumors, theories, and sometimes just plain fiction. They’re often hard to differentiate from each other, due to a lack of surviving Secronom Industries employees for reliable information.

Everything that has been found out and confirmed, along with the most likely theories about certain aspects of the N4, can be found in the article listed below. Read the history and all known information, learn of our survival up until now, who knows, maybe you can find something the scientists missed.

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