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Everyone's inventory consists of a set amount of item slots, in which the majority of all gained items are stored. At the beginning, every survivor starts off with 14 item slots, but every 5 levels, up until level 40, you will gain +2 additional inventory slots capping at 30 total.

You can increase your ability to carry more items than your inventory allows by equipping Backpacks.

The maximum amount of items that can be sold is equal to the amount of inventory slots the player has.


Each item consumes one item slot respectively, except for Ammunition which stacks to a certain amount, depending on the type. Credits also generally appear in a separate slot outside of the actual inventory, which can be only seen while trading, due to it being a secondary currency and not actual items. The inventory can be permanently accessed from the main screen while you're staying in outposts, to open it from within the Inner City though, you first have to find a rather safe spot, such as within buildings.

As a player advances in level, their inventory spaces increase in number, and so will the number of items that they can sell and trade in the Marketplace.

Lower level players may find it difficult to loot, considering the small size of their inventory. To maximize the effectiveness of the allotted space, players can store items that are not readily needed in their Storage boxes before heading into the Inner city, or Cnto their selling section at max price, thus freeing up extra spots.

Players can discard items in their inventory, whether in an outpost (Inventory and Equipment Page) or in the Inner City. This can be done by dragging the item to the "Discard" button. Once discarded, items cannot be retrieved.


Weapons are used to fight the zombie menace inhabiting Fairview. Most survivors use these to rid the streets of any Zombies they might encounter, although nothing stops them from using these against fellow survivors.

Anything that takes up one of your three weapon slots is considered a weapon. Firearms require Ammunition to function, whereas melee weapons, obviously, don't. Most weapons have a certain skill requirement, usually a minimum investment in the appropriate proficiency. Some high level firearms also require an investment in Strength.


Armours are used to protect your frail body from anything that might cause them harm from the outside, such as Weapons or Zombies. Unfortunately, these rarely provide protection for the whole body and need to be maintained to remain useful. If they are not repaired, and become broken, they will provide 0% resistance to attacks, rendering them useless (Besides the Master-Crafted stats).


Implants grant bonuses similar to the way boosts do, but in a much smaller amount and are permanent as long as they are equipped in the implant section of your Inventory. These bonuses stack along with, drug boosts, clan boosts, and events. Certain implants do not add flat percentage bonuses and act as a multiplier, some of these implants include the Scavenger implant, Hunter implant, Halloween Implant, as well as the Christmas Implant. Implants can only be wielded starting from level 50, with certain level marks increasing the amount of slots available.


Ammunition is required with any projectile launching weapon (Guns), however each gun requires its own special type of ammunition which can be found throughout the city of Fairview. If you run out of ammo and do not have any backup melee weapons, your character will default to using their Fists as their self defense weapon.

Ammo comes in boxes which can be filled with up to 800 rounds a box (for pistol ammo), 600 (for rifle ammo), 400 (for shotgun shells), and 200 (for grenades). Ammunition is also stack-able, meaning if you have two boxes of 550 and 250 (for pistols) rounds each, you can combine the two to make one box of 800 rounds to save inventory space. Overloaded ammunition boxes that contain more than the aforementioned limits can also be looted given sufficient looting bonuses, and boxes of 9999 rounds of all types of ammunition can also be purchased from the Credit Shop.


Most pieces of clothing that exist can be found in the streets and buildings of Fairview, and certain pieces of clothing can only be found in deeper parts of the city, much like other items of varying quality. Clothing such as cloaks and nearly all the masks available in the game cannot be looted, and may only be bought from the Credit Shop. Clothing does not affect game play in any way, and is instead used for cosmetic changes to a player's avatar and Inner City model.

In the Marketplace, it is noteworthy that clothing dyed with colors other than brown, grey and default tend to be valued more by players and are usually sold for higher prices than the three aforementioned colors.


What good is it to survive an encounter if you are going to die from an infection anyway? Thankfully all is not lost, as you will find plenty of medical supplies to help your body recover. For the more complicated wounds, there will surely be a nice doctor or nurse to help you out, for a price of course, given that insurance protection went down the drain for obvious reasons.


Probably the most common item of our once wealthy modern society that almost everybody considered impossible to be missing, has now become a rare treat. Well-fed survivors gain an experience bonus, while those starving suffer a penalty, as well as slowly eroding health. Of course, this is not a problem for the wealthy survivors, who will buy the best food available and pay well trained cooks for fancy meals, although it is still possible to find edible remains for free in the city.

Miscellaneous Items[]

Various items do not fit into the aforementioned categories, but nonetheless can be useful for your survival: Security boxes protect your hard earned gains, barricade kits helps you set up personal outposts, treasures that can be scrapped for large sums of cash...

There are also several items that are useful in missions ( e.g : Rusty Key in Dogg's Stockade mission 'Big Brother' ). These are merely quest items that will be consumed when turning the mission in at an outpost.

Note : Buying a item required for a mission (severed hand in mission "Need a Hand?") will not work. However it is possible to take multiple items and scrap them later to earn some money.

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