The 5 Permanent Outposts

When you're playing Dead Frontier, you are either in one of the major outposts or the Inner City (where all the live action takes place) or inside a Personal Outpost ( PO ) in the Inner City. Each outpost contains useful locations including the Bank (money storage), Meeting Hall (forums), Gambling Den (for gambling cash), Marketplace (player trading), Storage (item storage), Records (Top-Player listing), The Yard (item modification and scrapping), the Arena (separate PvP area), the Clan HQ (clan creation), Crafting (used to craft various weapons/armors/implants/clothing), Fast Travel, and access to the Inner City.

Here is the list of the outposts available in the public 3D Version:

Outpost Structures


The Arena. Accessible from every outpost is now a PvP Arena where you can fight without needing to worry about maintenance costs for your character. When you die or leave the arena, your health and armor are restored back to their previous conditions when you entered the Arena. You also don't lose any cash or exp when you die, and death in the Arena does not count for winning the Top Player Killer award. The idea of this is to allow people to PvP for fun. You still get PvP points in the Arena, but only 1/4 what you'd get from fighting in the Inner City. The Arena is also tiered into 3 separate level groups,there is an arena for levels 1-15, one for levels 16-30, and then a final one for 31-325.

*Note: Arena Map rotes between previously determined buildings


What was once a warehouse for holding large machinery and service trucks, is now the most valued storage building in the area. Under constant and heavy guard, the bank holds the hopes and dreams of every survivor as they struggle to survive in this post-apocalyptic economy.

The bank allows players to store their money away for safe keeping, but does not give interest. The money stored in the bank will not be lost when you are killed in the Inner City. (And you WILL be killed) There is no penalty for excessive deposits or withdrawals. It is highly recommended that you deposit ALL money before going into the inner city. When you travel from one outpost to another, your bank money will automatically be transferred to your new location. Also , there is no interest gained if you keep your money for long periods of time,


Humans have always been highly competitive with one another. Not even a zombie apocalypse can put a damper on our competing spirit. So naturally, the Site office's award wall was replaced with lists of survivors who have performed great feats, or accomplished great tasks. And every week, our righteous leader rewards the worthy with access to his Storage of Supremacy where weapons and armor of Legend are rumored to reside.

In the record hall, one can see the current standings for certain ongoing competitions between players. Winners of the weekly competitions for "Top Survivor" or "Top Player Killer" get a 1 week pass to use the Elite Shop.


  • Top Survivor (weekly or all time) The player who has gained the most experience during a set time (currently a week) in proportion to the number of times that they died. (Reward if you're number 1 weekly TS: Gain access to the X-Dusk Shop for 1 week.)
  • Top Player Killer (weekly or all time) The player who has killed the most people in multiplayer Player vs. Player rooms. Awarded PvP Points depend on the killer's level in proportion to the victim's level. (Same reward as weekly Top Survivor).
  • Top Strongest (all time) The player with the highest level and experience points.
  • Top Richest (all time) The player with the most money.
  • Top Recruiter (all time) The players who brought in the most players with their referral link.

Meeting Hall

What is it that gives the survivors the strength and will to push on in their bleak situation? The answer is "community". It is our greatest asset against the shambling undead. We can organize, plan, and interact intelligently. Therefore a general forum was made out of the Holdout's enormous on-site cafeteria. Several bulletin boards are also scattered about the premises, and merchants are often seen selling their wares as you walk inside the building. This is one of the most active areas in the holdout, as it reminds survivors of what it was like to communicate and socialize before the outbreak.

Here you can...

  • Enter a forum
  • Search the forums
  • Filter his/her view of the forums
  • View general statistics regarding each forum or the forums as a whole

It is recommended that players with queries and doubts ask questions in the Questions & Assistance section. Posting in Questions & Assistance does not necessarily make the poster a newbie, so players should not feel ashamed to post their questions there.

The Market

Reinforced and rebuilt, the market was born through the collection of nearby office buildings and several small factory buildings. People are seen inside and outside of these buildings, selling things from food and medicine to assault rifles and grenade launchers. Due to no-longer existent weapon laws, players can sell nearly anything inside this gigantic complex, for nearly any price. Because there are no limits for what can be sold (the only exception being dusk and outpost-owned food crates) many aspiring entrepreneurs and profiteers are able to flourish in this new bazaar of sorts.

Players here can...

  • Buy things that other players sell
  • Sell things by posting your items
  • Trade with friends on private trading

To buy, either press the arrows to choose a category or type in the search bar to search the particular item you want

To sell, press selling. Drag your item from the inventory to the selling box and then a pop up window comes up which you will have to put a price in. Be sure to look at the price on the marketplace first before you sell the item or else you might end up selling lower or higher than the normal price.

In order to trade, buy or sell, you must be in the same outpost of the player(s) that you want to do business with. To begin the transaction, go to a player's profile then click the trade button below. You will be directed to the private section which you will see Incoming and Outgoing Offers. Drag the item to the Outgoing Offers and place a price on the pop up window.

Trading is done at your own risk. If an item is taken during a trade where they asked you to send first then they don't send report it to a global moderator and in most cases that player will be banned. If you would still like to trade use a middle man the list is here

Notice Board

"No Image Available"
This feature was only available in the 2D version of the game or has not yet been implemented in the 3D version.

A once abandoned hall due to be demolished for health and safety reasons, is now the center of employment in this haven's new working class. Survivors come here to find jobs and tasks that can earn them some funds to survive, as well as give them precious experience killing the infected and looting for specific items inside the Inner City.

  • To accept a mission, simply click the "accept mission" button beside the mission you want. It will appear in the "Outstanding Missions" below. You can only have three missions queued at one time.
  • To cancel a mission, click "cancel mission" beside the mission that you no longer want to do. Be careful, because the mission will disappear from your Outstanding Missions, and you won't be able to retake it.
  • The Notice Board refreshes every day, so if you run out of missions, try again the following day.

Note : This building was there in 2D, now it is discontinued.

Gambling Den

The Gambling Den is a simple and small hut outside the Meeting Hall, which previously served as the gardener's storage shack and is now the center of luck and pleasure... Or failure and loss.

The den is a new home to the old gardener who maintained the factories huge yards, that now makes up the majority of Nastya's Holdout. The old man is apparently a passionate card player, because he is always available for a good game.

The main objective is to find the Queen among the two jacks after the three cards are shuffled face down.

If you're lucky, you might just win and receive a cash reward, which is double the cash you bet on a round. If it's not your lucky day, well then just remember... "Never bet more than you can afford to give away".

Minimal bet 100$ Maximum Bet 100,000$


Because of the amount of free space currently available in the outposts, both new and old arrivals are allotted a select amount of space to store their objects. Initially, each survivor is given 5 storage slots, which can hold 5 items (Clothing, weapons, food, etc). However, outposts have finite storage; in order to obtain more room for your stuff, you must purchase more slots, which currently can only be bought in 5-slot bundles. The price starts at $25,000, and increases in 25k increments, always for 5 more slots. In order to keep room for Fairview's ever growing population, a single survivor can only have up to 400 slots for their spare inventory.

The Yard

This is where you go to change the color of your Attire & armor, and master craft (MC) your Weapons & armor. Survivors have claimed to get extremely lucky and get God Craft (GC) stats using this method, however by paying 250 credits for weapons or 500 credits for armor, they can be simply God Crafted. You can also rename your equipment for 500 credits and scrap any item for their specially set value ( for MC'ed items the scrap value is increased ) .


The Crafting menu allows you to craft various Weapons, Armors, Implants and Clothing articles using rare Crafting Materials that can be found in the Inner City, plus a large sum cash as crafting fee.

Fast Travel

Fast Travel allows you to instantly move to any outpost, even if you haven't visited them yet. The fee for Fast Travel is approximately $5000 for each map square you would have traveled on foot.

Fast travel map

Inner City

  • Oooh, shiny!Go to Bestiary
  • Trindle's Tentacles all over youGo to Bestiary
  • Big Bone Mothaf**kaGo to Bestiary
  • Go to Nastya's Holdout
  • Blockade at the entrance of Nastya's HoldoutGo to Nastya's Holdout
  • Go to Dogg's Stockade
  • Entrance of Dogg's StockadeGo to Dogg's Stockade
  • Route to Fort Pastor from Nastya's HoldoutGo to Fort Pastor
  • Guards at entrance of Fort PastorGo to Fort Pastor
  • Precinct 13 route turning pointGo to Crossroad to reach Precinct 13
  • Route to Precinct 13Go to Route from Nastya's Holdout to Precinct 13
  • Precinct 13 entranceGo to Precinct 13
  • Battling Flaming Giant Spiders

The Inner City is where all the action takes place in Dead Frontier. The Inner City is where you venture out in the streets of Fairview to loot items and cash, and to fight the hordes of infected. It's a large area and it is important to remember that the farther you go out, the more likely it becomes to find better items and the more likely it is to be overwhelmed with the growing difficulty of infected.

Several buildings, establishments, and points of interest can be found scattered around the city. The buildings can be utilized by players to hold up and make their own personal outposts by the means of barricading .

AdminPwn has been known to randomize the IC map from time to time, so all locations may not be up-to-date.

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