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Weapons are used to fight the hordes of zombies that have overwhelmed Fairview and probably the rest of the world. Most survivors use these to rid the streets of any zombies they might encounter, although nothing stops them from using the same weapons against fellow survivors.

Anything that takes up one of your three weapon slots is considered a weapon, ranging from simple Pen Knives and Baseball Bats to fully automatic Shotguns, heavy Machine Guns and even High-Explosive (HE) Grenade Launchers.

The Basics

Firearms require various types of Ammunition to shoot, while the various Melee Weapons and Chainsaws available obviously don't need ammo to function. Most weapons have certain skill requirements, such as a minimum investment in the appropriate weapon type proficiency and partially some strength requirement as well.

Weapons may be found in the Inner City by looting them in various spots in houses, cars and dead bodies. Weapons cannot be looted in the same block as the outpost (Outside or Inside a building) as stated by Admin. Most weapons can be traded with other survivors via the Marketplace or found at the Credit Shop, with a few notable exceptions, all of which are listed as "Special Gear". If you manage to loot a weapon, there is a small chance that it will be Master Crafted and grant you extra stat points when equipped.

Higher grade weapons generally use more expensive ammunition, requiring higher skill and weapon proficiency to use them effectively. All of them can only looted in later areas and are thus guarded by increasingly powerful zombies, but this is balanced out by their higher knockback, damage, speed and various other factors which make them far superior in battle than cheap gear.

Like every other type of item, weapons can be scrapped for their material value in cash, if you do not wish to or are simply unable to sell unwanted weapons.

Weapon Types

Looting Weapons


Melee Weapons





Crowd Control Weapons





Sub-Machine Guns

Sub-Machine Guns

Rifle-caliber Machine Guns

Rifle-caliber Machine Guns

Other Weapons



Note: With the exception of melee weapons, every weapon in Dead Frontier has had its name changed, due to copyright laws. The real life name of these weapons will be listed in the weapon entry.

Specific Categories

Special Gear

Special Weapons

Craftable Weapons

Craftable Weapons

Dusk and Dawn Weapons

Dusk and Dawn Weapons

Corpse Piercer

Limited Edition Weapons




Damage Per Second (DPS)

A list of DPS values for all weapons can be found Here. This list is not reliable, due to bugs with attack speed and hidden damage multipliers with certain machine guns (see Formulas#Damage_Per_Hit_.28DPH.29)

Knockback Power

A rough measure of the weapon's ability to knock back zombies. Weapons with higher fire rate and more pellet per shots generally have higher knockback power, with Shotguns in particular generally having high knockback power but low DPS.


Zombies can be staggered if it receives a hit (or a combination of hits in case of shotguns/minigun) that deals at least 1/50 of its remaining HP, with effect increasing the lower its HP gets. This causes it to temporarily stop moving and become more susceptible to the effects of knockback, even from weapons that have yet to meet the stagger requirement.

  • Normal zombies and mini-bosses will get staggered for a significant amount of time, enough to get greatly pushed back by other players with high-KB weaponry. Most bosses will barely pause when staggered.
  • Staggering a zombie does not interrupt its attack; if you are in the attack range of a staggered zombie, you will get still get hit as usual.
  • Stagger condition is independent from knockback power; weapons with low knockback power but high DPH (such as bolt action Rifles) are able to stagger heavy target earlier than usual, but will not inflict knockback as well against weaker enemies.

Aggro Generation

Several weapon types in the game are considered to be "loud" weapons, meaning that using weapons of these categories for extended period of time will cause the game to summon an artificial aggro spike as a response (infrequent usage with decent breaks between uses may help to prevent aggro spikes):

This "artifical" aggro spike is separate from the "natural" ones that occur randomly over time, meaning that even when strictly silent weapons are used, you will still have a chance to counter an aggro spike. Additionally, there is a cooldown after each aggro spike that prevents another one from occurring, regardless of method and the nature of the spike.

All firearms and Chainsaws also generate "noise" that will attract zombie on-screen, causing them to progress 1 step in the zombie behavior chart (Calm -> Disturbed -> Enraged). The chance of creating "noise" corresponds to how "loud" the weapons are: Melee Weapons are completely silent, Pistols/Rifles infrequently generate "noise", Chainsaws/Machine Guns have a higher chance, and Shotguns/Explosives are guaranteed (100% chance) to do so.

Attack Speed

Each weapon class tends to have 1 or 2 specific set of attack rates, denoted by their Attack Speed. Due to bugs within the game, all weapons have a lower attack speed than their coded attack rate might suggest:

  • The theoretical values are the values coded in game, which can "theoretically" be achieved by a machine running the game perfectly. Since the Unity version DF runs on simply does not work well with modern machines, the theoretical values can never be achieved, and are only here for reference.
  • The actual values reflect the fire rate most common among modern computers after taking the firerate issue into account; it is unlikely that your fire rate will deviate much away from these numbers.
Attack/Firing Speed Attacks per Second
Theoretical Actual
Very Slow 1 0.968
Slow 1.5 1.429
Average 2 1.875
Fast 3 2.727
Very Fast 8.571 6.667
Super Fast 12 8.571
F***ing Fast! 12.245 8.696
Insanely Fast! 30 15


Weapon Accuracy Reliable Aim Onscreen Perfect Aim Onscreen/Reliable Aim Offscreen Perfect Aim Offscreen
Very High 40 60 80
High 60 80 100
Average 80 100 124
Low 100 124 N/A
Very Low/Ultra Low 124 N/A N/A

Critical Hit 

Weapon Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit "Rate" X% @ Y Critical Hit Points
Very High 80% @ 79 Critical Hit Points
High 80% @ 112 Critical Hit Points
Low 20% @ 112 Critical Hit Points
Very Low 4% @ 114 Critical Hit Points
Very Low (Miniguns) 2% @ 114 Critical Hit Points
Zero 0% @ 124 Critical Hit Points

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