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Challenges require you to complete specified objectives in game, including loot items, spend time in the Inner City, kill bosses or participate in PVP for various rewards. The challenges and rewards are determined based on your level.

Although challenges started appearing on June 13th, 2022 the first true challenge was added on April 14th, 2022 - requiring players to loot a certain amount of Easter Egg 2022 and Elite Easter Egg 2022, so the Cat Eye Implant would be the first Challenges reward.

Currently, you get one Daily, and one Weekly challenge.


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Booze Abundance

Survivor, there's too much alcohol in the outposts! Get to the scrapyard and solve this problem.


Scrap Beer: 3-?

Booze Cruise

Sometimes it's good to take the edge off. Have a few drinks.


Have a Beer: 3-?

Get Got

Go into the Arena and fight to the death. A cold beer is on us if you do.


Get Killed in PvP: 3-5 times

Eliminate Evil

We need to remove those overgrown infected monstrosities at all costs!


Kill and loot bosses: 1-7 ?

Recovering the Arsenal

We've expended our supply of ammo and weapons. Get out there and find more!


Loot Weapons: ?-11
Loot Ammo: ?-2700
Sell Ammo: ?-2700

What Doc Ordered

Medicine is at the core of survival! Get out there and collect some medicine. You can have some extra food we've had sitting around when you get the medicine.


Loot Medical Items: 4-?

Booze Abundance

Survivor, there's too much alcohol in the outposts! Get to the scrap yard and solve this problem.


Scrap Whiskey: 4

Scrap Metal Shortage

We don't have much in the way of scrap metal right now. Could you scrap some extra weapons and armor you find? We have some food and medicine for you if you do.


Scrap Weapons: 2-?

Screenshots (WIP)[]

The first challenges of all
Kill Dogs Around Holdout Challenge
Loot Boss Challenge

The second challenge

Loot weapons and ammo challenge

The Exterminator Reactive is MC (+12/+6)

Loot medicine challenge
Scrap beer challenge
Scrap weapons and armours
Get Killed in PvP Challenge
Mission Challenge
Loot Oriental Weapons
Tsuki - Challenge Reward

The challenge rewards you with a Tsuki (+4 ACC +4 CRIT), a 100 Melee Weapon.