Since the beginning of recorded history, man has used clothing as a means of protection against the elements. While styles of clothing have changed over the years, the primary purpose has remained the same. In Dead Frontier, basic clothing offers no protection but is mainly for diversity in appearance. Clothing is visible on your avatar in-game as well as within the outpost.

Clothing was introduced with the Avatar Overhaul on October 17th, 2009 and can be used to customize your character’s appearance. Players can acquire different articles of clothing by either looting them in the Inner City or by purchasing them in the marketplace. There are five different types of clothing currently available.

There are several equipment slots for different types of clothing:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Mask

Currently, only 8 regular colors are available for Clothing: Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, White, Grey and Brown. There are also some unique designs and colours for certain pieces of clothing. Forest Camo and Desert Camo varieties of Military Helmets, Jackets and Combats can be looted in the Inner City, and are sold by players in the Marketplace.

Aside from those main colors, every piece of clothing has a certain base coloring on the clothing without a color mentioned, which is usually something along the lines of a sweaty brown.

It should be noted that clothes are exclusively for customization purposes only. Regardless of the price, rarity, look, etc. all clothes have the simple purpose of making avatars different from one another. The only uses for them in the yard is the scrapping option, or the ability to re-dye it; they cannot be renamed, MC'd/GC'd. Because of this, it is generally advised players not waste money on clothing unless they have cash to burn. As for that, no clothing items give extra boosts, protection or any special abilities.

Clothing Options
"Shirts and Trousers" "Coats" "Masks" "Headwear"
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