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One seemingly normal morning, survivors returning from missions and hunting around Fort Pastor encountered perhaps one of, if not the most strange, dangerous and fearful events in post N-4 Fairview history. Upon turning the corner leading to their sanctuary, they saw them. One, two, three, four, five, more, the entire street was filled with Black Titans. Countless survivors were slaughtered before they were even able to comprehend their surroundings, and even more trying to defend the outpost battling the monstrosities. It is still unknown how Fort Pastor survived the onslaught, but it's community still remains active, obviously showing that somehow, the survivors were able to either evade or unbelievably defeat the threat. 

To this day it is unknown why or how this happened, nor what caused the Titans to approach the outpost or how so many mutated, and the Fort's research division is working round the clock to uncover the next terror that the apocalypse has brought upon Fairview. You see, if there is now more than one big black, and they are getting closer to the safe zones of Fairview City, what now lies in their place as the Apex of the mutated in the NE and SE endzones? What now is the patriarch of the infected?

Day of the black

A snapshot of the Black Titans, simply a glimpse into the nightmare itself.


  • This occurrence crosses out the initial suspicions that only one Black Titan is active in Fairview.