"Deth Clan"
Deth Clan
Leadership: Saint Leviathan
Playing Style: Looting, Grinding, and Helping Noobs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Deth Clan
Website: None
Recruitment: Invite only
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Any

The Deth Clan

We are the Deth Clan, our main purpose in the game is to help lower levels, and the game. Which is why we are a GM based clan, it is not a requirement but if you want to rank up in the clan you must be a GM...Right now we are focusing on regulating the prices in Doggs Stockade. When we (and when I say we I'm talkin about me and the guardians) first started this game we went to Doggs and the outragous prices made it very hard for us. So that is why our current overall clan mission is to help the prices there, and we intent to. I've already noticed certain items staying the right price without us doing anything, but some items still remain ridiculous. When I think everything is normal there me and the guardians will discuss the next clan mission. We are not a PVP clan yet, as I don't feel we could do very well at this point, maybe sometime in the future


See when me and my friends first started to play this game it was tough for us, we went to doggs stockade. It was very difficult for us being low lvl with no money and no one to help us out. the only thing we could do was buy credits and sell them for ammo, food, weapons, and so on. So what we are trying to do is regulate the prices for lower levels, and help the game get better and keep new players happy, cause i have to be honest the first time i actually made it to fort pastor i was not happy when i seen how much i had been paying up there in doggs stockade.

I don't know how many of you know this but, in fort pastor a machete is around 7,500 its almost double that up in doggs stockade, everything is like that up here, the only problem is you can't just put something up for cheap without some ass buying it just to make a couple grand. so the best thing to do is underprice them enough to where no one can make money, and try to get them to under price you.

I seriously almost gave up on this game because everyone was so tight with their money, I asked people for help, people that had millions not one person helped me, now I'm determined to change that. Once i got enough money and figured everything out I helped a few noobs, almost everyone of them said that was the first sign of kindness that they had seen on this game. I say this to all the high levels in this game. What the hell is that!? There isn't a game i play where i don't help anyone who asks if i can.


General Of Deth


Lieutenant General,





Private First Class




  1. No Racism/discrimination
  2. Must be active in posting and playing the game
  3. Everyone in the clan must contribute to the clan armory and bank
  4. Everyone must do their part in keeping the clan thread close to the first page
  5. Obviously Gold Members only Lvl 15+
  6. Clan Hopping/Multi-Clanning is not acceptable
  7. No Fighting with other clan members (fight all you want with flamers i just look at it as a bump)
  8. Selling any item out of the armory is strictly forbidden and will be an instant kick.
  9. If you get any item from the armory, Donate your old item that is being replaced (Accept armors we know everyone has backup armors thats why we have so many in our armory)
  10. In order to get big items from the armory you must be trusted and contribute to the clan, and you must be high enough level to use it


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  5. Number of Posts
  6. Time Spent Playing
  7. Are you in another clan* (if so read the rules b4 posting your app.)


Higher levels are welcome, but you will be required to do the same as everyone else, if not more. See what i wanna do is help everyone in this clan get to a level of 40+ so everyone in this clan will be able to make the loot runs me and my friends make. When everyone can do that we are gonna start our mission of regulating prices in doggs stockade.

Our clan mission i guess you could say, is to help lower levels and new people to the game, by lowering prices, helping anyone who asks, getting more people to get gold memberships to help admin.

Clan dues

very member will be required to pay at least 25 credits or $40,000 in game cash a month, donating items is fine.(with items it'll be a little more than 40k in value because most items won't be sold they'll be put in the armory) I recently raised the in game cash because of the recent jump in credit price. The 25 credits will never change, but in game cash has to change to make it fair for the people paying in credits, honestly thats a small payment to gain access to all the stuff we have. Whats in our armory is just the beginning of the supplies we're gonna put in once we get enough members.

The credits or in game cash will ultimately be used for someone who needs something the armory doesn't have, or a loan we can't cover with the money in our bank, or to stock up on items we don't have, food, healing, ammo, even bigger items like armor and weapons.

Its all going to a good cause no one will be unhappy in this clan or feel like they're contributing and not receiving. well all need to stick together and help everyone we can, and make the game more fun for everyone.