The list of "Featured Clans" is a handpicked list of clans, which often have a high position within the Dead Frontier community, but it also include upcoming, young clans who have shown a good deal of motivation to make their clan great by - for example - creating an outstanding design on their own page here to present themselves to the public.

The most recently selected Featured Clans will be shown at the Main Page, the Clans page and here, via a randomizer which automatically picks one of the Featured Clans from the list below.

There are some basic requirements to get considered as candidate for the Featured Clans list, although those do not guarantee an addition:

  • The clan has to be alive at the Dead Frontier forums.
  • The Clan Template has to be fully filled out and must include a unique clan logo.
  • The clan page has to include at least a background story and / or description of the clan, a list of existing ranks and the members in each rank as well as the requirements for joining.
  • The clan page has to be well designed and must include both important information about the clan in text as well as some related pictures and potentially videos of the clan. (For example: In-game scenes of clan activities or a recruitment video)
  • If you'd like to request your clan to be featured in the section, please post a request on this article's talk page including the reasons why the clan deserves a spotlight on the wiki.

All currently featured clans will be shown in the list below, sorted alphabetically: