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Damage Per Hit (DPH)[]

Dph formula

Knockback Power[]

Knockback power formula

Damage Per Second (DPS)[]

Dps formula

For example: If you used values from the wraith cannon, and plugged in the entire equation. 507.15 DpsW/Crit *((480 Clip Size*6.9 ATK Speed)/60Sec))/(((480 Clip Size*6.9 ATK Speed)/60 Sec)+(15 Sec+((124 Max Reload Stats-124 Your Current Cumulative Reload Stats)*180 Slow Reload Time)/100sec)/60sec)=504.864 DPS w/ Reloading

A cleaner equation with wraith cannons values as an example 507.15*((480*6.9)/60))/(((480*6.9)/60)+(15+((124-124)*180)/100)/60)=504.864

  • shotTime for most cases being as following:
Attack/Firing Speed shotTime
Theoretical Actual
Very Slow 60 62
Slow 40 42
Average 30 32
Fast 20 22
Very Fast 7 9
Super Fast 5 7
F***ing Fast! 4.9 6.9
Ultra F***ing Fast! 2 4

Critical Pattern[]

Crit formula
  • p1Crit: Your character's total Critical stats (base + equip MC)
  • critFail, critSuccess: The amount of non-crit/crit attacks; weapon's critical pattern will start with critFail amount of non-crit attacks, followed by critSuccess amount of critical attacks.
  • weaponCrit: A specific value that can be found in the All Stats page, specific for each critical type:
Critical Type weaponCrit
Very High 3
High 2
Average 1
Low 0.5
Very Low 0.1
Very Low (Minigun) 0.05
Zero 0
  • divisor: A value dependent on the value of baseCrit:
baseCrit divisor
< 5 1
5 - 9 2
10 - 19 5
20 - 79 10
>= 80 20

Reload Time[]

Reload formula
  • p1Reload: Your character's total/cumulative reload stats (base + equip MC)
  • weaponReload: A specific value that can be found in the All Stats page, specific for each reload type:
Reload Type weaponReload
Super Fast
(only used by Corpse Shooter, Corpse Piercer, Corpse Erruptor, Fatman's Cryothrower)
Very Fast 90
Fast 120
Slow 180
Very Slow 240


Armor dmg graph

Layer 1: Damage Reduction Boost[]

Armor formula

Layer 2: Armor Absorption[]

Armor formula 2

Layer 3: Armor Endurance[]

Armor formula 3


EXP Calculation[]

Exp formula
  • ZedExp: All zombie EXP values provided by devs are first multiplied by x0.75 before calculating EXP gain. The wiki will show EXP values after this modifier is applied.
  • Class: Soldier gets x0.8, Musician gets x1.2, Student gets x1.25, RP classes get x1.3; other classes get x1
  • Hunger: Starving: x0.6, Hungry: x0.9, Fine: x1.2, Nourished: x1.5
  • Gold Membership: x2
  • Boosts: Consists of Implants, Drugs, 2FA (+10%), event and Clan HQ bonuses.
    • For non-GMs, this is the EXP boost number displayed in game.
    • For GMs, GM bonus is erroneously displayed in-game as a stacking +100% bonus, so subtract the displayed EXP bonus by 100% to get the true boost number.
  • Due to rounding, you will usually gain a bit more EXP than the formula suggests.

Movement Speed[]

Speed formula

Sprint Time[]

Sprint time formula

Mission Scaling[]

Mission scaling