"Hazardous Environment Combat Unit"
Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
Leadership: H0dg1k1ll3r
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
Recruitment: 40+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: G.M.T. - 4

HECU Alerts

*The HECU has been formed 2012/04/06


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This clan is based out of Fort Pastor, although members are free to travel throughout Fairview and to stay at other outposts

The main goal of this group is to have fun playing the game. We don't expect you to make this clan a second job, we don't expect you to limit yourself to a single playstyle (I.E. Looter, Escort, Etc.) and we don't expect you to be active everyday. We do however ask that you try to remain relatively active on our group thread, attempt to help each other out in looting runs, boss hunts and missions, and to share excess loot with the group if you can, or even just provide an item that you have extra of to a member when they request it.

As a clan we will try to help you in your endeavours, using our group thread as a point of organization and discussion, but we would like to remind you that the more each individual member puts in, the more each individual member will be able to take out.

  • Shoot!
  • Think!
  • Live!
HECU Grunts

Useless hits


"Audaces Fortuna Iuvat"

(Fortune Favors The Bold)

HECU Motto

The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit is a special forces group of the United States Marine Corps operating out of Santego Military Base, Arizona. The H.E.C.U. has received special training for dealing with unconventional enemies, and was immediately deployed to Fairview upon official confirmation of the outbreak. Notable actions by the H.E.C.U. include the Black Mesa Incident and the Malton Incident. (redacted)

Frohflag2 Where's Frohman?
The H.E.C.U. is seeking Gordon Frohman for questioning in relation to the Malton Incident.

Roster and Ranks

Name DF-ID Rank Member Since Status Notes
Zach016 #5870256 H.E.C.U. COMMANDER 2012/04/06 Retired Founding Member
AN0NYM0US #6160454 H.E.C.U. COMMANDER 2012/06/24 Official Leave
Lastbreath #3097492 H.E.C.U. COMMANDER 2012/06/24 Retired
Black Water #3733474 H.E.C.U. COMMANDER 2012/06/23 Retired
Sydney Hanson #3829854 H.E.C.U. COMMANDER 2012/05/16 Retired
ckcount3 #5877210 H.E.C.U. COMMANDER 2012/05/24 Retired
The Joker1 #6829008 BLACK OPS ADMINISTRATOR ----/--/-- Active
Stone94 #6228745 BLACK OPS ADMINISTRATOR 2012/07/05 Retired
dilla #5264581 BLACK OPS OFFICER 2012/11/08 Official Leave
LORDY #2638132 OFFICER 2012/06/04 Retired
Gahzi #4800527 OFFICER 2012/06/25 Retired MC (SC)
The Unknown1 #6515777 OFFICER 2012/07/04 Retired
red death 123 #6226630 OFFICER 2012/07/27 Active
reaper 47 #5881528 OFFICER 2012/07/02 Official Leave
Sgt Bilal #6344230 OFFICER ----/--/-- Retired
MrMedic #5307041 OFFICER ----/--/-- Retired
Vandereich #6381491 BLACK OPS GRUNT 2012/06/28 Retired
Thunderman12 #6305565 GRUNT 2012/06/30 Active
bman543210 #6409581 GRUNT 2012/07/18 Retired
Gord0n Freeman #8086343


2012/07/27 Active
Thunderman12 #6305565 GRUNT ----/--/-- Active
omgitsalice #7335145 GRUNT ----/--/-- Retired

Recruits are not listed in the above roster due to a high rate of people joining and then being never seen again. Members marked MISSING have not been in contact with the HECU for over a month.
If seen, please tell them to report to HQ.


Prior experience has shown a large set of stringent ranks do not work. Therefore members are split into one of four rank divisions, each with command over the preceding division(s).

HECU Commander 

- The highest rank obtainable, commander(s) of the entire H.E.C.U.


- Obtained by those who remain active, loyal and contribute, have command over Grunts and Recruits. Can organize events and identify new Grunts and Officers. Have full access to all armouries.


- Obtained by those who remain active and contribute, have full access to the basic armoury, limited access to special armouries.


- All new members are automatically considered a Recruit, limited access to the basic armoury.



Remember your training, and you will survive.

1. Follow any official rules of Dead Frontier.

2. Attempt to remain active on the group thread.

3. No racism or sexism, period.

4. Hold yourself to a respectable standard.

5. No scamming others, or the clan.



We ask that you be level 30+ before applying as we are based out of Fort Pastor, however lower levels may join. All you need to do is ensure you meet the requirement and then post an application on the Dead Frontier Forum post.


- Applicant must be level 30 to join

- Applicant must fill out the app. to the best of their ability

- Applicant must have some indication that they can make it on their own in their profile (Weapons, Armour, etc.)

- Applicant must not have an overtly offensive name

When posting on the Dead Frontier Forum post, simply include the stuff in Orange text:

Character link: (If character to be placed on the roster is different from the account used to post the application)


Time usually on: (If random, just state random)

Other clans: