Leadership: Loverlordas, tanmoydebnath123
Playing Style: PvP, PvE and CvC
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Invictus
Recruitment: Recruiting levels 35+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Indian Standard Time GMT+0530

Who We Are

Mediocrity rules the world.

It has been so for most of recorded history, suppressing innovation, smothering change and killing excellence.

But once in a while, young, charged minds emerge, daring to disregard the status quo and redefine what it means to be human.

Whether is it a Gandhi, an Einstein, a Mandela or a Curie, it is radical, innovative excellence that separates the leaders from the losers.

Rising far above the rest, they do more than give speeches, mix chemicals or write on dusty blackboards.

They change the world.

Today, such a change is coming. Do you dare to be a part of it?


We are looking for young, innovative, dynamic people who can redefine the borders of excellence in the world of Dead Frontier. Requirements include being atleast level 35, having a post count of at least 100, being a tolerant, cheerful individual, having a sense of humor and some common sense.

If you want to join, PM tanmoydebnath123 as well as Loverlordas stating the following:

Real name: 
Character name: 
How long are you playing DF?: 
Weapon types used: 
Style of playing in few words: 
Personality in few words: 
Your favorite quote:  

If you are considered suitable, you will be contacted.

Clan and Forum Rules

Please do not be touchy or irritable.

Please do not be offensive in what you post here.

Please do not post here if you are not of Invictus.

Please use your discretion.

It is recommended to post atleast 8-10 times in the clan forum thread per week.