3D version map


Full Size Map

This map is not a fully detailed map, it only includes a few points of interest around popular locations.

The various colored zones group areas where particular types of infected can be encountered. Players who have barricaded themselves in buildings in a particular trade zone can trade with other players barricaded within that zone.

Specific Section on Map (does not include legend):

Nastya's Holdout

Dogg's Stockade

Precinct 13

Fort Pastor

Secronom Bunker

North East Zone

South East Zone

Detailed Mini Map

The Detailed Map has been relocated! It can be found by clicking the link or the image below.


Past Maps

See the Dead Frontier GPS Tool to track your current location in the map (outside and buildings).

3D version map before the map extension in 2016
This was the 3D map until January 2016 when new areas have been added to the game and the map was randomized. The zone markers should be the same, but each block layout has completely changed.
3D version map before the map extension in 2014
This was the 3D map until November 2014 when new areas have been added to the game. By now, the 'zone' borders in Fairview have changed dramatically - this map is only supposed to give a broad idea of the difficulty in each area.
3D version map before the map extension in 2012
This was the 3D map until October 2012 when new areas have been added to the game. By now, the 'zone' borders in Fairview have changed dramatically - this map is only supposed to give a broad idea of the difficulty in each area.

2D version map

2D version map and description.
Fairview City Map

 *Please note that 2D is no longer supported by Dead Frontier. Entering, it is playable, but you will not receive Experience or Loots. Multiplayer has been disabled as well. If you would like to play the game, please use 3D.*

The first stage of the city includes only Grey / Normal / Pale Zombies, the second includes Greys as well as Purple Zombies and Crows, the three harder stages of the city include mainly variations of the Red Zombies.

The third stage is only filled with Purple and Red Zombies, the fourth stage contains a mix of Purple, Red and Fat Red Zombies and the final and hardest fifth stage includes all kinds of Red Zombies, especially the dangerous Long-Armed Red Zombies.

Map Symbols

"Public Toilet Mark"

Public Toilets are a pretty dirty and foul place to hang out, now even more than before the outbreak. Their tightness and small windows keep the stench in yet the zombies easily out, so they have become popular places to barricade for a short while (till either the zombies lose interest in their prey or the survivor(s) can't stand the mixture of rotten flesh, dried blood and dirty toilets anymore).

Anyway, every "X" on the Map marks a toilet entrance somewhere at that block in the Inner City. Use this information wisely, since even though it may sound horrible to some, hiding in a toilet is still better than getting eaten alive by hordes of hungry zombies.

"Helicopter Crash Point"

A special point of interest within the Inner City is the crashed helicopter, located in the southeastern part of the labyrinth of streets. Judging by its last message before the crash, it was apparently damaged by a beast similar to the Behemoth. The crash was confirmed not even a day after the message was heard by the brave survivor Gregg Stevens, among others.

This mark on the map will show the exact location of the crash location, in case you want to risk your life for a peek at this unique crashed vehicle.

It is assumed that this is the helicopter that was flown in DF Night 3 at the end of the demo, and after being attacked by special zombies, it fell to the ground. Beware of green zombies if you are a low level.

More info about the helicopter.

One night in the main survivor holdout, the usually very silent long-range radio told our local radio technician of a helicopter, how he arrives above Fairview, soon gets hit by some "MOTHERF***ING,HUGE MOTHERF****ER", (most likely a Behemoth or an even worse, unknown beast of a zombie) and sends its last S.O.S. signals before crashing in an unknown part of the Inner City.

In the morning, the outpost's founder Nastya gave all survivors a mission: To find the crashed chopper and rescue possible crash survivors from its unknown location, somewhere within Fairview.

After a long and arduous search, Gregg Stevens was the first person to find the crashed helicopter. Except the pilot's corpse there were sadly no human beings to be found (not alive nor dead), but once back in the holdout, Nastya rewarded Gregg with 2000 credits for his hard work.


The Helicopter is NOT a magic piece of loot, its just the same as everything else and thus doesn't guarantee to give you any more loot than the rusty cars next to it. This is only a sightseeing location with no special bonuses like epic loot or increased Behemoth chances. Rumor suggests that this will play a part in a huge overhaul to DF, but this can't be confirmed.

Currently, the helicopter is only a rusting and rarely visited piece of steel, but several crafty survivors still plan to repair it or check it for working machinery or valuable information. There is some speculation that this helicopter is the same evacuation chopper seen in Dead Frontier: Night Three, the game demo (though due to the radio message from it appearing 2018 and the soldier leaving the city in 2016 this is unlikely) .

The exact location of the helicopter is X30/Y37 X25/Y26.

Update: Currently, due to the new map the helicopter is in the normal red zone, meaning that only reds and purples spawn here. This also means the loot is significantly worse then before. The useful thing is that it is a few blocks away from fat reds, has a public toilet, and there are several very effective places to grind.

Trading Zones

The map is divided into 9 trading zones in a tic-tac-toe design. When you are selling an item it can only be purchased in the zone that you currently are in. All zones are 13 x 13 grid squares and the zone edges are marked on the map by using black instead of red borders between the blocks.

Northwest North Northeast
Outpost Central East
Southwest South Southeast
  • Items being sold in the Marketplace will "follow" you when you're travelling across trade zones. That is, if you put an item up for sale in the Outpost Zone and then travel to the Central Zone, the items can be seen by players barricaded in the Central Zone.
  • Do note that prices between the trade zones can vary greatly. It is advisable to change the sale prices of your items based on their prices in the different zones.

Zombie Behaviour Notes

  • Crows - Crows can fly over any obstruction and appear in all areas, beginning at the Purple Zombie Territory. However, they are pretty weak and can barely survive a hit from any decent weapon additionally to their inability to fly and hunt you within buildings.
  • Green Zombies - Rare, smart and hard-to-kill infected, which carry items with themselves and don't respect the usual territory borders as shown on the map. Thus there have been various reports of similar looking zombies appearing in totally different parts of the Inner City and often in more than a single zombie territory. But the general rule still applies - the further you move into the city, the harder the battles get.
  • The Behemoth - A single beast of a zombie that can be compared with green zombies, but is much more powerful. It wanders through the city, either aimlessly or searching for something that is unknown to us. Occasionally it gets attracted to loud and hard fighting survivors and begins to hunt them - wherever they may be in the city. Due to its extreme size and strength the Behemoth does not fear anything and mercilessly hunts its targets till exhaustion, so there have been encounter reports from right outside the Outpost Gate to the deepest city corners. The chance of finding it in this big city is random and very low, but it is best not to assume that you will not bump into it.
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