"Modern Jedi Council"
Modern Jedi Council
Leadership: michaellouielim
Playing Style: TOP SURVIVAL
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Modern Jedi Council
Website: none
Recruitment: level 50+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Asia, Philippines

First Video of the Modern Jedi Council 

File:Dead Frontier-Modern Jedi Council(clan)-0



After the rebellious alliance fighting against the Empire and win, They return to their home land, Unfortunately the spaceship crashes down the earth leaving 5,000 men wounded 1,000 dead and 2,000 safe. Luke Skywalker have landed at near Fort Pastor unknowing the purge of the Z- virus, He saw many people are walking slowly in the road(guaaahhh) and those slow moving people aggressively charge them, many people died, others have been injured. They non wounded men including General Skywalker ran until they arrive unknowingly at Forth Pastor Holdout. The men spotted them and lead the way and help them fight off these undead. After hours of battle they won. From 2,000 people became 100 in matter of hours. So he decided to help those people while mastering his Jedi skills before going back to the galaxy after there is a ship of cores. One Morning he went out to find some medicine and food, but unfortunately out of nowhere a Giant spider injured him. A group of people saw him and help him fight off the Giant spider after that they provided him enough medicine, food supply, armours, melee weapons and more . The Group of people was trained by Luke and they have succeeded the power of the force but Luke Skywalker died and became a zombie and was killed. The Group of people build a group, here started the MODERN JEDI COUNCIL. Star Wars Episode VII(made up)


1. No spamming, trolling, or grieving on the DF forum or the weekly forum that has been made.

2. No sexual, racial, or intelligence discrimination of any kind to all.

3. Multi-clanning is not allowed.

4. No No spamming for jobs. You will be based on what or who you are.

5. Saying bad words even if it's an expression is prohibited by the Jedi order.

6. Be a good person.

7. Follow your Generals but if it's not right tell it to the Jedi Leader about it and he will be judge if it is wrong.

8. Help your fellow units at most time in the right reason.(if things or weapon and armour the Jedi Leader is not liable to this action).

9. No begging for weapons and ammunition.

10. The unit will go out on his assigned team together (mostly if there is 1 to many in a team).

11. Protect your Clans dignity and honor (don't do something bad that the clan will be ashamed).

12. Just be a great player not a hacker nor a spammer or something like that.

13. Be active at most times.


Chain of Command

Ranking system :

Jedi Leader - Creator of the clan, Mastery of his Lightsabre.

Jedi General - Next in command of the Jedi Master, Learning to become the next Jedi Master.

Jedi - The choosen ones.High ranking.

Padawan Learner - Second Ranking to Jedi Commander, The Jedi Commander students.

Clone Commader - Has become a loyal member.

Clone troops - trial period of the clan.


Leader of all Jobs- - Head of Land, Air, Spaceship units

Land Commander- Fight for Glory of Teritorial battle

Air Commander - Air Domination leads to success

Spaceship Commander- Protects the Land and Air Units up above space

Communication Commander- Makes sure that all Units are well informed of the mission given by the Leader

Land Fighter - Follower of the Land Commander

Air Fighter -  Follower of the Air Commander

Spaceship Crew -  Follower of the Spaceship Commander

Communication Crew Follower of the Communication Commander

Newbie- First rank. Gotta start somewhere, and this is it.


Use this form for signing up, copy and paste it into a message and send it to EpicGrinder, and you will be told if your application has been approved/denied ASAP. .

Application Form To Join :







Why you want to join us:

Former relations to any clan (if any)...:

Have you read the rules of the clan:

Do you agree with the rules of the clan:

How would you contribute to the clan:

What are your objectives in the clan:

Describe your personality:

Do you follow all the rules in the game:



May 3, 2015

The Clan was re-opened by the Leader named michaellouielim. Soon the Modern Jedi will be the one to kill all the undeads. "May the force be with us".

May 5, 2015 The Clan Leader will have an event at Dead Frontier Trade Group which allows member to buy a listed item for 50% discount. 

May 25, 2015 The Clan Leader started the event TTS or Trial Top Survival which all members should join and add exp. For this event the Clan Leader have given free ammo. 

June 3, 2015  Trial TopSurvival Clan event, Top score goes to eljayx123456 and won 500,000 deadfrontier cash.

June 12, 2015 "Run or Die" Cancelled due to lack of players. Reward: GreyHawk 55


Username Rank Job
michaellouielim Jedi Leader Leader of all Jobs
MTN121 Jedi General Air Commander
Henri Samontiza Jedi General Land Commander
EpicGrinder Jedi General Communication Commander
lRyan Clone Commander Air Fighter
abando66 Clone Commander Land Fighter
eljayx123456 Clone Commander Communication Crew
RalphLegend Clone Trooper Air Fighter
d e a d f r o n t i e r 2 Clone Trooper Unknown
Pomeranian Pooch Pooch Clone Trooper Unknown
TheLegend Clone Trooper Unknown

This Units is edited regularly.

Dead Units

Username Rank Left, M.I.A, K.I.A, Scammer, Impotent
mlrll18 Blue Clone Commander M.I.A
Gajeel Red Clone Commander M.I.A
elite Clone M.I.A
Erza Scarlet Green Clone Commander Left

Unique Weapons

These are the unique weapons of the Clan

Stat Guidelines


Weapon Accuracy Reliable Aim onscreen Perfect Aim onscreen/reliable aim offscreen Perfect Aim Offscreen
Very High Accuracy 40 60 80
High Accuracy 60 80 100
Average Accuracy 80 100 124
Low Accuracy 100 124 N/A
Very Low/Ultra Low Accuracy 124 N/A N/A

Critical Hit 

Weapon Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Rate X% @ Y Critical Hit Points
Very High Critical Chance Need 80 Critical Hit Points
High Critical Chance Need 112 Critical Hit Points
Low Critical Chance Need 124 Critical Hit Points
Very Low Critical Chance Need 124 Critical Hit Points
Very Low Critical Chance (Miniguns) Need 124 Critical Hit Points

This Stats were from Weapons to help guide members and other players on how many they should put in their stats

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