Dead Frontier Wiki

Friday, December 19th, 2020[]


From now until Sunday January 3rd you will be able to:

  • Hunt down the fearsome Wendigo boss, but watch out for it's bloodcurdling scream!
  • Stop Santa and his Elf commandos from "cleansing" Fairview!
  • Loot a whole bunch of brand new Christmas themed crafting materials
  • Craft two brand new Christmas themed cosmetic items AND two brand new unique implants!
  • Get a massive +200% EXP, +200% Weapon/Armour Loot AND +200% Ammo/Cash for the entire 16 days!
  • Grab a new Limited Edition weapon with unique game mechanics AND an a brand new LE heavy armour from the credit shop :)
  • Get +20% extra credits with every purchase!

Merry Christmas Dead Frontier!


Thursday, December 18th, 2020[]

Client Update V57[]

  • Wail of the Wendigo Christmas event preparations!
  • Bandit health bars and kill participation tracking system added.
  • Redid all interior boundaries for collision, decal placement, and enemy spawns from scratch. Hopefully, this will prevent invisible barriers and things like decals, loot, and enemies from spawning out of bounds.
  • Trees will fade out if a player or zombie is near them, Tree trunks will now be visible through their leaves.
  • Made a toggle for a world map snippet to be displayed in minimap corner when pressing "N", enlarged minimap moved to "v".
  • Minimap now displays the area type and your coordinates like the enlarged minimap UI would.
  • The following arena maps got reduced in size: School, Outdoor Block, and Hospital.
  • Made explosions more transparent.
  • Bosses that die out of bounds will have their bodies teleported in bounds so they are lootable.
  • Boss loot spots destroy regular loot spots they drop on to prevent loot from mixing up. (Other boss loot spots are immune)
  • Loot spots that are near building entries will disable the ability to enter them until they are looted.

Full list of changes:

Hotfix Update V58[]

  • Fixed incorrect stats boost percentage displays
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you getting the "Green light" in the bandit participation system
  • Fixed some small errors that may have caused stuttering
  • Fixed a bug related to boss loots
  • FPS counter can now be toggled with Y key

Friday, December 12th, 2020[]


Starting early on Friday December 18th and continuing until Sunday January 3th you will be able to:

  • Hunt down the fearsome Wendigo boss, but watch out for it's bloodcurdling scream!
  • Stop Santa and his Elf commandos from "cleansing" Fairview!
  • Loot a whole bunch of brand new Christmas themed crafting materials
  • Craft one of two brand new Christmas themed cosmetic items
  • Get a massive +200% EXP, +200% Weapon/Armour Loot AND +200% Ammo/Cash for the entire 16 days!
  • Grab a new Limited Edition weapon, complete unique game mechanics from credit shop :)

Miss it at your peril!


Thursday, December 11th, 2020[]

Flash > Html Conversion[]

I'm happy to report that Sloth (aka hotrods) has practically finished the conversion of the Dead Frontier site from Flash to HTML. We are now ready to begin receiving player feedback and bug reports on these so that we can have the game fully operational in time for flash being removed from major browsers later this month. You can test the HTML version of any page by simply clicking the link at the top. If you notice any problems please either post on the forum topic here:

Or in the Discord channel #df1-html-bug-report. When reporting a bug, please be sure to tell us which browser you are using.

NOTE: While we would eventually like to have all pages operational on mobile & tablets, our current focus is on getting things working with modern Desktop browsers only. So for the time being please only submit reports of issues that occur on a PC or Laptop.

Thanks for your help everyone!

-- AdminPwn

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020[]


Starting early on Tuesday October 27th and continuing until Sunday November 8th you will be able to:

  • Hunt down the hordes of the Lycan-Infected!
  • Loot a whole bunch of brand new Halloween themed crafting materials
  • Craft a brand new Halloween themed weapon and set of matching cosmetic items
  • Get a massive +200% EXP, +200% Weapon/Armour Loot AND +200% Ammo/Cash for the whole 13 days!
  • Grab two new Limited Edition items from the credit shop :)

Miss it at your peril!


Wednesday, October 14th, 2020[]

Client V55 Mini Hotfix[]

  • Further tweaks to loot spot count issue from v52.
  • Dawn Blade changed from 6 to 7 Experimental Parts required, Dawn Kris changed from 7 to 6.
  • Added bandits to DiscordRichPresence.
  • Tweaked bandit health sync to hopefully be more accurate and prevent instant deaths.
  • Tweaked bandit movement so they don't wander off as far from the group.
  • All bandit tracking speeds increased by roughly 10%.
  • Regular bandit weapon pool changed to use slightly higher DPS weapons.
    • From: M4, Chicago Typewriter, M21, Desert Fox, M79
    • To: FM Mitrail, Criss Victor, 577 Rex, Alpha Bull, GM94

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020[]

Client Update V52 - Bandits and Dawn Weapons[]

Due to the nature of Bandits being a new event type they will not spawn until today's reset!



Bandits are a new PvE enemy type that utilizes weapon and player stats the same way you would. Their weapon damage output scales depending on what weapon they have been equipped with and their critical hit, accuracy, or reloading stats.

That means if a bandit has 80 points invested into the critical hit stat, and they are wielding a 'Very High' critical chance weapon like an Ironsight 33-F, they would have an 80% chance for their shot to be a critical hit.

Threat Indicators[]

Bandits display their accuracy and the area they are a threat to through transparent cones and circles (explosives). Threat indicators are colored yellow when a bandit is alerted, and colored red when they are engaging/shooting their target. These indicators disappear if the bandit has no target or is reloading.


Bandits have a few behaviors: Idle / Reloading > Alerted > Engaged.

  • Idle: Bandit will perform a basic scan of their area looking for a target like other NPCs
  • Alerted: Bandit will transition into an alert state once a player is in range and can be seen. Bandits using explosives can be alerted through walls and large objects.
  • Engaged: Bandit will start shooting at their target.
  • Reloading: Bandit will stop shooting and reload with an additional wait cooldown.

The speed in which bandits can track their target with their weapons varies based on the bandit's tier and what weapon type they are using. An Elite Bandit has a multiplier that increases all tracking speeds slightly. Bandits using high precision weapons track their target faster than ones using a crowd control weapon.

A bandit’s movement is on a random interval, so they will only reposition or move periodically. Their movement is limited to a range based on their initial spawn position. They will not move beyond that range regardless of target or state. A bandit's movement behavior is also determined by the type of weapon they have equipped.

  • Idle: Bandits will move to a random position.
  • Rifles and Explosives: Bandits will move away from their target and engage at safer distances.
  • Pistols: Bandits will attempt to stay at a medium range.
  • Machine Guns: Bandits will move closer to their target.

Bandit Boss Groups[]

Bandits will initially be featured as a boss group type. Shooting them grants experience based on the damage you deal, and killing them will create a lootable body. Loot pools are similar to existing infected-based bosses (weapons and armour) and change based on which zone you kill them in, this is with the exception that they have a rare chance of dropping Experimental Parts used to craft Dawn weapons.

Bandit boss groups spawn every hour and do not override other boss spawns. You must be present within the first 10 minutes of their spawn to be eligible for loot. If you fail to kill and loot them within the allotted 30 minute event time frame afterward the loot will despawn or return nothing similar to DF2’s challenge system.

We'll be looking at integrating bandits into more existing content like missions and events in the future.

Dawn Weapons[]

Dawn Weapons are craftable upgraded versions of X-Dusk weapons. Crafting them requires that you own the X-Dusk Weapon you want to upgrade, Experimental Parts, and a Dawn Blueprint for that weapon.

  • Dawn Blueprints can be looted in the Inner City or Wastelands and are more common than traditional X-Item Blueprints.
  • Experimental Parts are transferable rare drops from bandit boss loot spots.

Both of the materials can be looted by Gold Members and non-Gold Members.

Misc. Changes and Bug Fixes[]

  • All loot spots dropped by bosses and bandits scale up their interaction range based on the size of the enemy.
  • A batch of optimizations for referencing audio, lighting, object renderers, and object materials.
  • Doubled object render distance range to help prevent pop-in behavior.
  • Some small improvements made to PvP sync.
  • Fire hydrant texture color was changed from yellow to red so it is more visible in the environment.
  • Fixed a spawn bug that was preventing mission-specific zombies (non-bosses) from spawning in some cases. Making it extremely difficult or impossible to finish certain missions.
  • Fixed a bug that made the player stick to an enemy's attack collider.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed zombies to damage players through walls when meleeing, vomiting, and exploding.
  • Fixed a bug where Dog based infected could hit players facing sideways.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed multiple loot spots to spawn out of reach.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes scoring a kill in the Arena would spam chat with the kill message.
  • Fixed a bug that spawned dead body assets out of view but still within the scene and seen using the enlarged minimap UI.
  • Fixed a bug where zeds would respawn with knockback velocity they shouldn't have.
  • Fixed multiple props that should have had the ability to be shot through.
  • Undocumented: X-Dusk Kris buffed to require only 50 instead of 120 Melee proficiency.

This update contains some uncharted territory for us, so I'll be watching for feedback. I'm sure some difficulty tweaks and AI improvements to prevent some of the cheesier tactics in regards to bandits will be required. Thanks for the support and patience.

Edit: V53 / V54 - Hotfixes[]

  • Fixed display bugs for new Dawn items in the crafting menu.
  • Fixed debug FPS text still enabled in the top left of the HUD.
  • Fixed a bug that allows you to damage yourself with grenades when PvP is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where you can no longer shoot through players.
  • Fixed Event craftable weapons that were not applying their correct textures.
  • Fixed some boundary issues with interiors creating invisible walls and spawning loot or zeds out of bounds in some areas.
  • Fixed Loot spot count being slightly lower than usual after loot spot generation reroll.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020[]

Implant Update[]

We've added 10 new implants to the Credit Shop. These are intended to allow newer players the chance to catch up to older players who were able to get the older run of LE implants.

Note: These new implants cannot be equipped together with the older LE implants


Implant Slot Overhaul[]

The amount of Implant slots you get as you level up has been changed so that your character now improves more often.

Note: Your implant slots will not update until you either gain another level or use a Stat Reset

The new implant slot thresholds are:

  • Lvl 15 - 1 Total Implant Slot
  • Lvl 25 - 2 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 35 - 3 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 50 - 4 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 65 - 5 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 80 - 6 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 95 - 7 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 120 - 8 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 145 - 9 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 170 - 10 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 195 - 11 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 220 - 12 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 245 - 13 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 270 - 14 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 295 - 15 Total Implant Slots
  • Lvl 325 - 16 Total Implant Slots

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020[]

Fast Travel Update[]

You can now fast travel between outposts by paying a fee of approximately $5000 per map square travelled. This option can be accessed by clicking on the Fast Travel button on the outpost screen.

Friday, July 31st, 2020[]

Summer Event & Sale has begun![]

From now until August 9th you get:

  • +200% EXP
  • +200% Armour Find Chance
  • +200% Weapon Find Chance
  • +200% Ammo Quantity
  • +200% Cash Quantity

AND +20% Extra Credits with all purchases!

New Limited Edition Crossbow[]

Check out the new Limited Edition Barnell RF31 Crossbow. It's the only completely silent ranged weapon in DF, and comes with unlimited ammo!

Only available until August 9th so grab one while you can!


Thursday, July 30th, 2020[]

Client V50[]

  • Volatile Leaper buffed to take no knockback.
  • Fixed a bug that created floating body part assets in the Wastelands and around Precinct 13.
  • Fixed a bug where some objects would appear yellow if next to another lootable object.
  • Adjusted various interiors and exterior layouts so players can loot previously inaccessible loot spots from the ground or using new entry ways.
  • Reduced how many assets spawn in the Wastelands slightly and increased the distance of their placement from entrances / exits.
  • Player avatar optimizations that help lessen stuttering when a player joins an area.

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020[]

Client V49 (Second Time Lucky Edition)[]

  • Rumblers should actually die now.
  • Wastelands aggro increased.
  • Dark Pumpkin Head and Snowman Head (all variants) give off more particles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused loading areas to increase game brightness indefinitely.
  • Volatile Leaper explosion radius reduced.
  • Volatile Leaper death ragdoll is now the proper size.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused tracers to break weapons.
  • Riot Shields should no longer cause crashing.
  • Riot Shields now have 1500 health.
  • Riot Shields will instantly break from a single bullet that does more than 100 damage.
  • Riot Shields should no longer cause weird physics interactions.
  • Sheet metal fences in Wastelands have thicker colliders so zeds pop through them less often.
  • Sheet metal fences in Wastelands have openings in them with chain linked fences so you can shoot through the cracks.
  • Devil Hound attack hitbox was scaled back up a little bit vertically.
  • Spike asset in Wastelands was changed to one big collider and grouped up tighter.
  • Floating assets in the Wastelands were grounded.
  • Asset pop in on newer assets in Wastelands should happen less often.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't toggle the 'Transparent Minimap' setting.
  • Added a toggle for scroll wheel weapon selection in settings.

Saturday, June 27th, 2020[]

Client Update V46[]

Rather than delaying this update further, I've made the tough decision to take the previously teased Bandits for this update and roll them over to the next update so they can be properly balanced and fleshed out. Everything else is present. Thanks for understanding.


  • Added crafting recipes for the new X*Terminator Reactive and X*Terminator Mesh.
  • Added a new crafting material "Volatile Hide" and blueprints for the above armour.
  • All 0 strength requirement armour now give players a 5% speed boost when wearing them.
  • Snowman Heads (all variants) spawn in snowflakes around you.
  • Dark Pumpkin Heads now give off embers.


  • The level requirement to enter the Wastelands was reduced to 75 from 100.
  • Forced PvP and forced multiplayer has been removed.
  • Soldiers and police officers now stand guard outside Wastelands entrances for secronom scientists.
  • You can now barricade in the Wastelands.
  • Trailers in the Wastelands now have a chance to spawn a loot spot or two.
  • Trailers in the Wastelands are now one door barricades.
  • Most smaller props can be shot through now.
  • Readjusted Devil Hound attack hitbox to be more accurate to its animation range.
  • Siren spawn rate greatly decreased in the Wastelands.
  • Mothers no longer spawn in the Wastelands.
  • Wastelands will now also cycle through fog and rain weather affects.
Riot Shield Zombie - Police Zombie Variation[]
  • Shield blocks all incoming damage from the front, with the exception of explosives.
  • Vulnerable to damage when attacking.
  • Slow turn speed.
Harvester - Reaper Variation[]
  • Sprints.
  • Long vertical stab attack.
  • Attack tracks player movement.
Volatile Leaper - Leaper Boss Variation[]
  • Crawls towards you at high speeds.
  • Invulnerable to knockback when attacking.
  • Explodes in an AoE.
  • Explodes on death.
  • Drops crafting material for X*Armour.


  • As most of you may have noticed, NPCs occasionally spawn on boss blocks to help lower levels kill it.
  • You can now shoot through players when PvP is off.
  • You can cycle through weapons with scroll wheel.

Zed Balancing[]

  • Greatly decreased how often random aggro spikes occur.
  • Blood Hounds no longer spawn until just after Precinct 13 / Fort Pastor.
  • Green Rumblers and Flesh Hounds spawn rates have been halved.
  • Green Rumblers now have a green fume effect around them.
  • Irradiated Rumblers and Long Arms are brighter.
  • Blood overlay texture for low health zeds has been made more transparent.

Level Design and Prop Changes[]

  • You can shoot through the wheelchair props now.
  • Also added experimental physics on the wheelchairs, this won't sync over multiplayer yet.
  • The top right court has been opened up in the military arena.
  • Removed doorways to access bunker interior stairs so dealing with aggro is easier.
  • Opened up the barricaded room on the 2nd floor of the bunker interior.
  • Opened up the holding cells on the 2nd floor of the bunker interior.
  • Opened up the second holding area / cage on the 3rd floor of the bunker interior.
  • Added more doorways to move through in the hospital interior to improve loot run flow.
  • Redesigned some of the rooms in the hospital interior for variety.
  • Holding cells in police stations are now open.

Settings / UI[]

  • Opening a menu now takes 5 seconds instead of 10.
  • Closing a menu no longer draws aggro to you.
  • Gold Members now have a gold name above their heads and in chat.
  • Clan names under player names have been made a little brighter to be easier to read.
  • Players that share a clan with you are now cyan on the minimap if they have PvP off.
  • Toggling PvP on timer was lowered from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Toggling PvP off timer was lowered from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Toggling PvP on has been changed to bright orange instead of yellow, and PvP being toggled off is now a dark orange.
  • Enlarged Minimap now shows a list of players in your instance when in multiplayer.
  • Enlarged Minimap coordinates now update real*time and was reverted back to the server position numbers.
  • Enlarged Minimap text now changes to the trade zone name in the Inner City or arena's name if you're in the arena.
  • Added a button to the Main Menu for Instance Following and renamed it to "Join a Friend" to help new players.
  • Target FPS can now only be lowered to 30 FPS.
  • (AFK) tag in chats was moved next to the players name instead.
  • Crosshair Customization has been moved to the settings menu.


  • Changed instance soft user cap from 8 to 12.
  • Changing instances now favors instances with more people in them.
  • Changing instances now favors players on your buddy list.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Zombies that despawn while critical health with the blood overlay will now respawn with the blood overlay.
  • Zombies should spawn inside objects less often.
  • Fire particle effects should now be the appropriate sound volume based on your settings when loading a new area.
  • Another attempt at fixing the loot marker position on the minimap for enemies that die with tons of knockback.
  • Fixed Devil Hounds occasionally causing security errors.
  • Leaving the Enlarged Minimap open when transitioning areas should no longer occasionally disconnect you from multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused starvation damage not to apply in the Inner City.


  • Should get more FPS and fewer (or less impactful) hitches while playing.
  • Loading areas is a lot more snappy.

Discord Rich Presence[]

Note: Discord Rich Presence is only featured in the standalone client. Also, if you run Discord as an administrator you will need to also run DF as an administrator.

  • Displays your area (inner city, wastelands, outpost name, and interior name) and in*game coordinates.
  • Displays if you're in singleplayer or multiplayer and how many people are in your instance.
  • Displays if you're in an outpost attack, fighting a boss, or in a mission zone.

HUGE thanks to Admin and Barney for helping with this update! - Clayton

Monday, June 22nd, 2020[]

Mesh Armor Buff[]

Mesh buff

All Non-Strength Armours (aka Meshes) have been given a +5% speed boost (which stacks with drugs and implant boosts) in order to make Meshes more attractive to late game players. Strength Armours (aka Reactives) are unaffected.

Thrusday, June 18th, 2020[]

I'm aware that it's been some time since the last DF1 update, I'm working on getting it out ASAP. In the meantime... here are some snippets of what's to come. All the details on everything that was added or changed will be released when the update is finished.

  • New Bandit type enemies.
  • New points of interests throughout the Wastelands.
  • New zed variations.

- Clayton

Friday, June 12th, 2020[]

Need A Help?[]

We have received confirmation that all outpost leaders, likely in an attempt to reduce survivor casualty and to scout out for the unidentified threat mentioned by Precinct 13, have agreed to send soldier squads to blocks with possible presence of boss zombies. When you enter a boss block, you might have a good chance of encountering one of these squads, so watch out!

SB boss npc

Sunday, May 24th, 2020[]

Character Build Guide Reopening[]

After 2 months of reworking, we are happy to announce that the Character Build Guide is now once again open.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2020[]

The commander of Fort Pastor has seen fit to send some of his men to aid the Precinct's polices in intercepting a new, mysterious threat originating from the Wasteland. For now, the threat remains unidentified and none has managed to encounter it directly; maximum caution is advised.

Weird CB 14-05-2020

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020[]

Several weird transmissions appeared on the CB today, apparently made by Chief Jackson from Precinct 13 himself. Is this a sign of things to come?

Weird CB 13-05-2020

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020[]

Server Update: No more void time :)[]

From today onwards, missions, OAs and boss cycles will run constantly throughout the entire day with only 10 minutes of "void time" between 7:55am and 8:05am AM UTC.

-- AdminPwn

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020[]

Happy 12th Anniversary Dead Frontier[]

To celebrate 12 years of zombie killing mayhem, everyone will get +300% EXP for the next 24 hours!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020[]


Until April 18th you will be able to:

  • Hunt down the hordes of lupine infected
  • Loot a whole bunch of new Easter themed crafting materials
  • Craft a brand new Easter themed weapon and matching cosmetic item
  • Get a massive +200% EXP, +200% Weapon/Armour Loot AND +200% Ammo/Cash for the whole 11 days!
  • Grab one of two new Limited Edition items from the credit shop :)
  • Get 20% extra credits with every purchase!

Happy Easter Dead Frontier!


Monday, April 6th, 2020[]

  • Fixed DPH/DPS data for all HMGs; for some reason, the data for them on the official DPS page are somewhat bugged, and all HMGs are listed to deal 16% less DPH than actual.

EDIT (07/04/2020): This also applies to all the non-GAU/WC miniguns, since they're counted as HMG in code.

Friday, April 3rd, 2020[]


Dr. Adler's team have noticed a terrifying new strain beginning to appear amongst the ranks of the N4 infected. Developing elongated ears, thick layers of furr, and gigantic front teeth these mutations appear to be one of the most deadly we've seen so far. We'll need every one of you survivors to help fight back against this new menace that is quickly spreading over Fairview!

Starting early on Wednesday 8th April and continuing until April 18th you will be able to:

  • Hunt down the hordes of the Lupine Infected!
  • Loot a whole bunch of brand new Easter themed crafting materials
  • Craft a brand new Easter themed weapon and matching cosmetic item
  • Get a massive +200% EXP, +200% Weapon/Armour Loot AND +200% Ammo/Cash for the whole 11 days!
  • Grab one of two new Limited Edition items from the credit shop :)

Miss it at your peril!


Wednesday, April 1st, 2020[]

Grenade DPS Number Changes[]

Grenade DPS numbers will be updated due to the recent V41 release allowing proper confirmation of grenade damage mechanics (which is of course different from the current explanation). The mechanic goes as followings:

  • For 1 to 5 zeds: Grenade still acts normally
  • For 6+ zeds: Grenade deals a total of 5 * baseDmg, distributed evenly across all targets.

Thursday, March 26th, 2020[]

Client Update V42 [3/26/20][]

  • Reorganized and sectioned off the settings menu to be easier to navigate.
  • Tweaked the crosshair customization menu to be more centered and proportionate.
  • Pressing escape while in a menu and while the chat is open will close the chat first.
  • Coordinates for the block you're on should now show on the Enlarged Minimap.
  • The coordinate text has been switched to the format the map on the wiki uses to help with navigation.
  • Made loot marker positions on the minimap update after spawn to help with ragdoll and knockback of zeds on death.
  • Damage Numbers should now fade out at the correct speed.
  • Damage Numbers should no longer jitter when hitting screen bounds.
  • Clicking on buttons that transition to new menus should no longer briefly draw aggro.
  • You can no longer recover energy while AFK if you open the chat.
  • Crates in the Warehouse/Industrial arena can no longer be shot through.
  • Removed accidental invisible walls in the Bunker and Police Station arena layouts.
  • Should no longer be able to walk out of bounds in the Hospital arena.
  • All the new arena layouts should load in properly when using the web player. (Thanks for the hotfixes Admin)
  • The damaged state no longer appears on zeds in Low and Very Low settings just like before.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020[]


A brief update on the situation regarding the recent changes in weapon DPS shown on the wiki, plus some other things:

  • This point has been announced on the official DF forum for a while now, but I have neglected to post on the wiki news section: Recent testing regarding weapon fire rates with the help of Clayton himself, in addition to confirming the discrepancy between in-game and "theoretical" fire rate, has found a consistent pattern among the disparity which causes all weapons to consistently take 2 frames of animation more than needed (in a 60FPS counter) to fire each shot.

    As a result, all weapon now displays their "actual" firerate and DPS by default (with the "theoretical" numbers accessible for reference by hovering over the "actual" number). This hopefully should help bring the reader's expectation to be closer to the weapon's actual in-game performance.
  • Critical DPS for all machine guns have been fixed once again, due to errors regarding base DPS being multiplied by the wrong number to get them. Unlike the previous part, this fix will apply to both "actual" and "theoretical" numbers, and is going to heavily affect SMGs in particular; expect to see a 5.3% decrease in shown DPS for those guns.
  • With the recent update, Miniguns are now capable of performing critical hits. The wiki has been updated with critical DPS numbers for those weapons, which will also take into account the fact that Miniguns only apply critical damage to 1 instead of all pellets for their critical shot.
  • Additionally, several late-game HMGs have also been discovered to actually use the 2% Minigun critical chance, while the XLGunner-8 uses the 4% HMG critical chance instead. All weapons of the former category will now show Very Low (Minigun) Critical Chance on their section, to aid differentiation.
  • Bosses have been brought from their original place in the Bestiary page to their separate one; this will allow space for explanation of specific mechanics, like boss cycle and Devil Hounds.
  • Lastly, I am proud to announce that the Character Build Guide is finally going under a massive rework, after several years of being unfinished and badly outdated. Expect more things to come in about 2 weeks or so.

- Insert Your Name Here

Monday, March 16th, 2020[]

Client Update V39 [3/16/20][]

Source: [1]


  • New arena maps (one outdoors), old arena maps tweaked, and arena combat tag added.
  • Loot markers on minimap for boss and mission zombie lootable bodies.
  • Walking through other players in Inner City.
  • QoL changes for in-game HUD.
  • Damage numbers and firearm tracer settings added.
  • Chat while AFK.
  • Bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:

  • All zombies should show damaged state at 20% or lower health, including spiders. This one is for you ShadowMage.
  • Firearms that shoot multiple projectiles (excluding shotguns) now roll critical hits as intended.
  • Firearms that shoot multiple projectiles had their accuracy cones/directions fixed.
  • ADDENDUM[3/18/20]: Shotguns and Miniguns have had their spread reduced by 50% so that their overall DPS should be similar to how they were before the spread bug was fixed in the last update.