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This feature was only available in the 2D version of the game or has not yet been implemented in the 3D version.

Notice Board

The Notice Board in the outposts provides a full list of currently available missions for you, based on your level. The monetary and experience rewards also vary, depending on your current level. Higher-leveled players would be given tough missions, but with a larger money reward and experience gain than a lower-leveled character.

This is an example of the current mission selection interface. Running missions and the number of completed objectives will be listed below. You can choose to do up to 3 missions at once. Missions reset every 24 hours..

"Mission Notice Board"
"Outstanding Missions"


  • You can have up to 3 missions at the same time.
  • The location of your missions are highlighted in yellow on your map.
  • Missions refresh everyday at 1 A.M. server time.
  • Names on the Notice Board are randomly generated, random enough to put Neil Yates as the subject of a mission.
  • If an extermination mission is completed in the 2D version, the entire area is zombie free, therefore ideal for scavenging objects without the possibility of a zombie attack. The player that completed the mission will only encounter zombies in that area again if he returns to the outpost to confirm the mission success, this is not possible to other players in the same game room to encounter zombies there while that player is still in the area.