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Professions define every survivor. (Character) What they can do, which training they received before the outbreak and their abilities and skills, which help make their survival (i.e. your survival) a little easier.

However, professions are not very limiting. Everyone can train any proficiency, raise any stat, and use any weapon they want. However, only Chefs, Doctors, Engineers, Farmers and Scientists can use their respective "Class Skills".

There are currently 20 different professions available to choose from to join the game, including 3 Service Professions, 2 Production Professions, 5 Stat-Boost Professions, and 9 Role-Playing Professions. All of the classes start with a Pen Knife along with a Beta Tomcat and 150 rounds of .32 caliber ammo.

Brief Analysis

Production Professions are able to create specific goods as long as the player has logged in at some point during the day. The number of items created is random while the quality of them is determined by the level your character. A higher level character means higher quality goods. The production cycle is once every 24 hours. No production is possible if your charactor is starving or in critical health.

Service Professions provide a service to other players. As they gain levels, the value of their service increases. Each service provided costs a certain amount of hunger. Starting fully nourished, a Chef or Doctor can perform 10 services before becoming too hungry and an Engineer can perform 8 repairs. Service classes cannot use their services on themselves while in the Inner City, unless in a Player-Owned Outpost. However, they can still be hired by other players in the same outpost zone.

Stat-Booster Professions provide extra stats and proficiency points right at character creation. Special note goes to the Police Officer and the Soldier, which at level 325 can achieve the maximum possible in all weapon proficiency levels and stats, respectively. Soldiers start out with +35 stats and +10 proficiency but also suffers from a -20% experience gain reduction - this arguably has caused the community to view the Soldier as the worst class possible to start with, as the penalty heavily offsets the initial stat bonus in the long run and hampers the Soldier's development.

Role-Playing Professions get 30% more experience for killing zeds, allowing them to gain levels more quickly, thus unlocking Implants/Level 220-325 Dusk Shops earlier and acquiring more stats/proficiency, in a less extreme but more customizable degree compared to stat-booster professions.

Production Professions

They have the ability to spontaneously generate items in their inventory once a day, provided they log in that day. These produced items can be either kept for personal use, or sold for a profit. Note that when they are in Starving or Critical condition, they will stop generating items.



Farmers have the skill to grow and find food more easily than others, so they are able to generate two to four food items each day (24+ hours between production times, usually upon login). This happens as soon as a Farmer is able to work on a day, but doesn't drain too much energy. However, not all food Farmers produce is instantly ready to feed starving survivors and must be cooked, so Farmers and Chefs can work well together. Farmers start with a Mini-14 and 80 5.5 mm rifle rounds. (Mini-14 is non-transferable)

Food Production

  • Level 1 - 9 = 100% Millet
  • Level 10 - 19 = 60% Seeds, 40% Millet
  • Level 20 - 29 = 40% Potatoes, 40% Seeds, 20% Rice
  • Level 30 - 39 = 60% Eggs, 20% Potatoes, 20% Rice
  • Level 40 - 49 = 60% Eggs, 20% Fresh Vegetables, 20% Fresh Meat
  • Level 50 - 74 = 60% Fresh Meat, 40% Fresh Vegetables
  • Level 75+ = 40% Fresh Milk, 40% Quinoa, 20% Fresh Meat



Before the outbreak, Scientists were at the top of the income list. Now that their own work has destroyed humanity, they feel obligated to work on antidotes and medicines to aide the brave men and women who venture into the city to fight the infected. A Scientist will create two to four medications once per day (24+ hours between production times, usually upon login). These medications will have the most effect when applied by a Doctor. Scientists start with $50.00.

Medicine Production

  • Level 1 - 9 = 60% Steri Strips, 40% Plasters
  • Level 10 - 19 = 40% Antibiotics, 20% Antiseptic Spray, 20% Plasters, 20% Steri Strips
  • Level 20 - 29 = 60% Bandages, 40% Antiseptic Spray
  • Level 30 - 39 = 60% Morphine, 40% Bandages
  • Level 40 - 49 = 60% Nerotonin-2, 40% Morphine
  • Level 50 - 74 = 80% Nerotonin-2, 20% Morphine
  • Level 75+ = 60% Nerotonin 8B, 20% Steroids, 20% Nerotonin-2

Service Professions

Only a few professions are still useful for survival in our zombified world, but these few are now highly valued. Doctors, Chefs, and Engineers are required to support life within the outposts.

Survivors with these special skills may be hired to provide their services. Note that Doctors, Engineers and Chefs will stop using their special skills when they are in starving condition. Everytime they use their skill or someone else hired them to use their skills, their hunger level will drop by 8% each service. These skills can only be used inside an outpost when it is for personal use.



Doctors get a little extra starting cash, but their knowledge of medicine and first aid gives them an edge in survival, allowing them to use medical supplies more effectively . The cost for using this ability is a loss of 8% Hunger each time the Doctor uses the ability on anyone including themselves. Doctors are only able to administer a healing item if they have the level to use it.



Chefs always carry a Chef Knife with them. Chefs are also able to do a very important service for other survivors, much like Doctors, by preparing food for them. Quite a lot of food was left lying around when the outbreak came, but a lot of it cannot be eaten instantly. That is where Chefs come in, they use their skills to prepare various kinds of food for the masses of hungry survivors. However, the cost for this ability is a loss of 8% Hunger for each time the Chef prepares and cooks for anyone or themselves.



Most people who knew a lot about technology or mechanical craftsmanship worked in large cities and were, as such, quickly killed in the first waves of zombie invasion, but a few lucky ones remain. Engineers get a small amount of starting cash, but they can also repair armour. Unlike other service classes, the cost for this ability is a loss of 10% Hunger for each time a piece of equipment is repaired.

Stat-Booster Classes

They have an edge over other classes in terms of combat. These characters are in some way more fit (usually due to some kind of body training) for fighting than the average person, and they start the game with a bonus to their starting stats. A Stat-Booster class has more overall power than a character in another category of the same level.



Professional Boxers, being quite strong and skilled and always ready to defend themselves, easily fled the most heavily infected areas. Due to their strength and experience, heavy weapons and melee combat are no problem for them, which helps quite a bit when fighting hordes of zombies each day, as dinky pen knives won't get you anywhere and some heavier hardware is eventually required.



A few Soldiers survived in the less infected areas, but most deserted the battlefields, having seen their comrades torn apart and re-animated, or their chain of command wiped out. Having had the most extensive pre-outbreak survival training, Soldiers are both physically and mentally fit. They also have advanced training in the use of machine guns.

A downside of their extremely strict training is that Soldiers have a harder time learning new things, so they progress more slowly than other classes. Soldiers start with the Skorpion and 300 rounds of .32 bullets.

Police Officer

"Police Officer"

Police Officers had to fight the infected alone at the start of the outbreak. Though they were later aided by many brave civilians, their losses were tremendous. Due to their training, Police Officers start with greater proficiency in the use of mid-level firearms, like pistols and shotguns.

Police Officers start with a Mancini M1 and 25 rounds of 20 Gauge.



Firemen, being known for keeping cool in emergency situations, were often the most reliable people to follow during the early stages of the outbreak. Now, they are known as smart and trained melee fighters, wielding their trusty fire axes, they now seek survivors in a burning world gone to hell.

The Fireman's Endurance bonus and axe make for a very strong start. Most Firemen quickly learn to appreciate the power and reach of the Damaged Fire Axe, and the impressive Endurance bonus helps a Fireman to survive against attack.



The people who just loved to train their body to the limits did great when they had to flee the infected areas. Still training their bodies and minds, Athletes are very fast and well balanced people, who are great at loot 'n' run tactics, evading enemy hits or just fleeing from any danger they may encounter.

Beside their training, most Athletes have never really fought with weapons, but their agility is a dangerous weapon by itself, enabling them to circle their target and sprint out of the way of flailing limbs.

Role-Playing Classes

They usually have no special bonuses at all. Rather than special skills or increased stats, Role-playing Classes level up faster. A Role-playing Class starts the game with no benefits at all, except maybe any extra cash they had on them, but in the hands of a skilled player they can quickly flourish.

Role-playing Classes include people who had a quite boring, uneventful life before the outbreak. But now, after the crisis, these survivors can finally flourish and show their real potential, now that they are free of social and moral bonds.



Before the crisis, Fairview's teachers ranged from private school ex-professors to barely-qualified inner-city personnel. When the city was hit by the wave of the undead, those who were able to reach Nastya's outposts make do with what little textbooks and school supplies to try and make something of the Z-Generation.



Priests, the "Minds of the Public", were some of the last to stand up and fight, due to their relatively old age, as well as their strong faith and hope for an end. But when the first zombies entered holy ground, most Priests took up the sword of God and killed the unholy beasts without mercy. Now, it is their duty to cleanse the world of the sinful zombie filth. Few Priests survive for long, but those who do still fight with faith and hope in their hearts.



Lawyers were once the most hated professionals on the planet, due to stereotypes of defending evil corporations from righteous lawsuits, or propagating the endless cycle of frivolous lawsuits. This hatred dropped away when people exchanged subponeas for eating brains, naturally. Aside from legal scuffles that Admin or his squad tend to solve by reaching a compromise anyway, their skills haven't been called on for a while.



The job of an Accountant was always quite boring and underpaid during the 21st century, but since it was so common and easy to learn, many people had no choice but to accept it as a way of life. Now that many of their colleagues and managers have tried to eat them, they realized that the world has changed, their former career and knowledge is now worthless, and they must now learn a new path to survive through this horror. While others were busy searching for weapons and friends during the beginning of the outbreak, they fled, taking only what they always had with them, cash.



Few Journalists were able to observe the outbreak, and even fewer came unharmed out of the crisis zones. Those who did tried their best to warn the public with their gathered intelligence, pictures, and videos. At first the government hid, suppressed, and denied the facts, but soon the outbreak became uncontrollable and the public finally learned the truth. By then, most Journalists had fled the cities already. Journalists are not made for war, so their saved possessions include only a bit of cash.



For obvious reasons, few Actors are known to have survived from the outbreak. The best-known Actors - idols and celebrities - quickly fell victim to zombies like most of the population, rioting, or a simple lack of survival skills in the lawless wastes. Whether any of the biggest celebrities still live is unknown - and doubtful. The rest were not very much better off - small time indie actors, B-Movie material, or Broadway/Off-Broadway stage actors. Today, very few of them remain. Even of those who still live, almost no Actors would identify themselves as such. Those who do, seem to fancy themselves storytellers and performers - the bards of the new world. Due to the fact that most surviving Actors are penniless romantics or depended on credit cards and off-shore bank accounts that are now worthless, they tend to only have a tiny amount of starting cash.

Stock Broker

"Stock Broker"

Being some of the most skeptical observers of the news and unconfirmed outbreaks, Stock Brokers were not prepared when the time came to leave the business districts. Although, once they realized what was going on, they used what little skills and lots of cash they amassed during their stressed lives to help themselves and others flee the cities. Stock Brokers are very glad that they were rich, even though they are just weak civilians. Always keeping a good load of "emergency cash" with them.



Architects were a rare and creative breed before the outbreak, generally unprepared for a large-scale disaster. But as their beautiful buildings and grand houses crumbled, many found the inner strength needed to survive and fought just as hard as any other, using their knowledge to help build outposts and barricades.



Entertainers led a strange life. Telling strangers jokes, making people laugh - it was all well and good, but the dead have very poor senses of humor. Escaping with what little cash they could scrounge up, Entertainers are a vital part of Outpost life, continuing their trade even after most audiences have turned into brain-eating monsters.



These resourceful young men and women fight to retake the future that was stolen from them along with their homes, friends and families. Before everything went to Hell, these bright yet inexperienced learners knew little but what their math and English textbooks told them. After the outbreak struck, however, those who survived found themselves alone in a world ridden with death and chaos. With few options left, they abandoned their math and English books and took up a new subject: zombie killing.

A combination of a Role-playing Class and a Stat-Boost class. The Student gets a 22% bonus to Exp, making leveling slightly faster, and also gets a few small stat bonuses, giving the player an early advantage.

Interestingly, the Student class was not included in either of the initial class progress reports. It was added later, after ZerowingR and several other members requested it.



An exclusive class, currently inaccessible to the public and only used by the creator of Dead Frontier. It's bonuses and/or abilities are unknown.

Common Class Bonus Speculations include the theory that a Cyborg is able to use all 3 service classes or modify its stats and proficiency at will, but none of those theories have been proven right at all yet.

The class "Cyborg" has changed a lot, as AdminPwn needs to test new features or simply gets bored of his old class title. He's been everything from a Farmer to a Cyborg to a Doctor to a Father. No Class Name is for certain a permanent one, for he can change it any time he likes. But they all have the same qualities as the last, it seems.


"Santinator MK-III"

An exclusive class used by AdminPwn, it is not available to the public. As with the Cyborg class, its abilities and bonuses are unknown. The creation of this class is for the commemoration of Christmas.

Survivors who told of a jolly fat man riding around the decidedly not-wonderful winter wasteland were laughed at - Santa Claus was, and still is, something parents told their kids when they tucked them in at night, to keep the kids hoping. Until someone left a ton of bullets, explosives, and credits in front of a makeshift tree smack-dab in the middle of the compound. (the twelve men working the storage building claimed to have not seen anything). When guards went to look outside, there were miles and miles of dead zombies.

This Santa doesn't give out coal... he gives out buckshot.

Class Renames & Class Changes

Previously, members of DF could pay 5,000 credits to rename their class to something of their choice but still keep the bonuses and abilities of their original class. Examples included Major Anderson's "Special Forces" (actually he is a soldier) and Xaelath's "Admin" class. At the end of 2008, Neil Yates (AdminPwn), renamed his special class of "Cyborg" to "Father" to commemorate the birth of his son, Matthew. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, people can no longer get class renames as " can cause a lot of problems with the account.", as quoted from a PM from Xaelath.

People can, however, pay 1,000 credits to get their class changed to something more desirable. So, if you feel you've made a mistake choosing a certain class, and you've got 1,000 credits, a Profession change can be bought in the Credit Shop under the Miscellaneous section. This is more for the higher level players who wouldn't want to reset their character; for lower levels, it would be cheaper to just create a new character.