[[Image: [IMG]PROFC.png[/img]|alt="Protecting Residents Of Fairview City

(P.R.O.F.C)"|300px|center|Protecting Residents Of Fairview City (P.R.O.F.C)]]

Protecting Residents Of Fairview City


Leadership: Mohd Taib
Playing Style: Looting, Grinding, Boss Hunting & Trading
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread:' [[1] Protecting Residents Of Fairview City


Recruitment: Invatation
Main Language: Malay, Chinese & English
Main Timezone: 8 Hours later than GMT


Protecting Residents Of Fairview City



It's simple: Fairview City is our home and we will protect anyone in our 'Home-Zone' from zombies. This is how it works for the others: Zombies in their 'Home-Zone', their own problem. So for the whole world, sorry we can't help. Why? Because right now we are having our own situation and our aim is trying to make sure everyone in Fairview City survives this Zombie Apocalypse. We're a small task force called P.R.O.F.C.DF PROFC


Mohd Taib Veteran Police Officer
Holocaust97 Veteran Fireman
Gettnsick Hardened Soldier
moonwalkercr7 Hardened Boxer
Tauriq98 Specialist Doctor


Specialist Doctor
Nemezizs Specialist Engineer


  1. Veteran (Level 40 and above)
  2. Hardened (Level 30 to 40)
  3. Specialist (Level 20 to 30)
  4. Standard (Level 10 to 20)
  5. Rookie (Level 5 to 10)
  6. Trainee (Level 1 to 5)


  1. You MUST have a stable skill build.
  2. Knowledge about Dead Frontier.
  3. Scientists, Doctors, Farmers & Chefs NEEDED.
  4. Loyalty!
  5. Plays oftenly!


  1. Respect everyone in the clan.
  2. Try not to get us killed!
  3. ONLY allow PvP in the Arena.
  4. Don't beg for supplies unless that person offers you.
  5. ALWAYS post our forums WEEKLY!
  6. PLEASE put your Clan Signature in Profile Information that Mohd Taib had given you from his reply.
  7. Before leaving for another outpost please ask other clan members if they want to come along.
  8. Don't get bankrupt so that you dont have to beg!
  9. Message Mohd Taib and Tauriq1134 when you want to leave the clan.
  10. Always aid each other during combat.
  11. After combat, defend anyone who is badly wounded.
  12. No cheating or lying to clan members!
  13. NEVER say anything RACIAL or RELIGIOUS! (Will be reported to admin right away!)
  14. Don't just leave the clan, must inform everyone in the clan!
  15. When giving out orders, do it with care.
  16. HAVE FUN!


None available