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QRF intro

Quick Reaction Force (QRF for short) is a mini event that occurs frequently around Secronom Bunker. It tasks the players with slaying a large amount of dangerous zombies beyond SB-level population, for a high EXP reward.


QRF has a high chance to spawn at the 0th and 30th minute of each hour, and lasts for 30 minutes. The locations of QRF currently can only be viewed on the DFP Bossmap. Unlike Missions, you do not have to sign up beforehand at an outpost to participate.

Objective & Reward[]

The main objective in a QRF is to simply to kill 2000-2500 zombies in the area; this is displayed at the left side of the screen similarly to Missions objectives. Kills are awarded as long as the player has dealt damage to the targets before they die, regardless of who deals the final blow.

Upon completion, the player is rewarded with large amount of EXP, roughly equivalent to an Outpost Attack bonus. Aggro will stay afterwards until the player has left the block, or the 30 minute duration has elapsed.


Wasteland-exclusive zombies spawn in addition to the normal Black zone zombie population (i.e. Black Long Arms, Black Rumblers...). They are much more dangerous than Black zone zombies, but also have significantly higher EXP density.

For more information, see Wastelands#Bestiary

The Quick Reaction Force[]

QRF helper

The titular Force is a group of 3 elite NPCs that spawns inside the event block to assist players. They can be recognized by the Quick Reaction Force clan tag (player clan tags are blue)

  • The NPCs' identities are randomly selected from all level 220+ players in the game; they will copy professions, stats, equipment and cosmetics, but not boosts, clan tags and Gold Membership status.
    • Thus, it should be possible to encounter a NPC replica of a player in your instance, or even a replica of yourself.
    • There is no way to opt out of having your profile selected for QRF NPCs.
  • They will use 1 of the 3 weapons equipped by the source players and cannot switch weapons; as a result, they might not always bring the best weapons for the job (ex: Melee Weapons, Rifles, or even Fists)

Kills made by the QRF only count if you have dealt any damage to the targets beforehand, so bringing weapons that can quickly tag zombies quickly (ex: Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns) should help when fighting alongside the QRF.