"RedHawk Militia"
RedHawk Militia
Leadership: dragonx5
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: RedHawk Militia
Recruitment: Openly recuiting 30+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Unknown


The hordes have taken over the country one county at a time, driving those that can fight into hiding and taking those that thought it was as temporary as the common cold...

The first survivors to escape to this area from the Secronom facitily named them the "TEN", 1+0+9, which was easier to refer to then calling them the "first affected" or the "first inflicted".

The TEN that were released feasted on their families first, the families then feasted on the homeless the elderly and the weak, they in turn feasted on those unable or unwilling to hide.

Animals that feasted on the dead became infected and were stowaways on both air and sea transports, causing the outbreak to go global. Public transportation and utility services were the next to fall as more and more infected were being made each day.

What started as a slow ripple quickly turned into a pandemic causing chaos and rioting, Armaggedon was preached on the streets until there were no more religious zealots left in the streets to preach.

It didn't take long until the few became the many, it all started as a means to a cure, the original TEN that were held in quarantine, but that is old news...

Among our founding fathers were Dwayne the "Red" the son of a Navajo chieftain and a collector of military items from both World War I, II and Vietnam, Jack Hawkins, a museum curator that specialized in military uniforms and "Tony", a self proclaimed militiaman that turned into a crazed madman. He has collected a cache of firepower over his last 20 years in fear of a collapse of the federal government.

They have brought their respective "collections" with them of armor and weapons to make thier final stand.

They went missing long ago and are thought to be of those found in the "red" district...

We are outcasts from every walk of life. We have all come to Fairview in hopes of a new beginning only to find that the struggle is harder here then wherever we have come from.

Many are able to find their way in...

Few have found the strength to survive...

We have named ourselves the RedHawk Militia in honor of these three. These three that have guided us to survive in this area. These three that have taken us in and shown us the best ways to defend ourselves. These three that have become lost...

Clan Ranks


~Marshal: I am the leader of this clan, and seek to build the pride of my Redhawk Militiamen and the leader of the Redhawk Militia, commands all the soldiers.

~General: Special order of militiamen who are wise in the knowledge of the Redhawks. Co-leader of the redhawk militia.

~Admiral: The hand picked militiamen to help the leader and co-leader of the clan.

~Co-Admiral: The hand picked militia men to help the admirals.

~Colonel: militiamen who have proved to not only possess the spirit of the Redhawks. Only a few soldiers can acheive this rank, these are the best in the militia.

~Major: militiamen who are exemplary personification of the values and spirit of Redhawks. Elites of the militia.

~Lieutenant : militiamen who have demonstrated that they can defend themselves, their people, and their home. Leads bands of fighters into battle.

~Sergeant: Militiamen who had demonstrated that they can defend themselves, their people, and their home.

~Corporal: Militiamen who have shown a strong ability to survive and to learn the ways of the Redhawks.

~Cadet : new recuits. Must be able to get the rank above with in a week.


1.Must respect all the rules of Dead Frontier.

2.Must show respect to all commanders and senior members in the clan.

3.Must be a champion of liberty and justice; to help build a better community.

4.Must work to improve yourself whenever possible, both in-game and on forums.

  • You may stay in other outposts until level 25. Once level 25 is reached, presence at Fort Pastor is must be level 25+ unless you were recruited via invite
  • You must be over the age of 12
  • You must be a mature, respectful player(being funny is optional,except on application)
  • You must be a fairly knowledgable/experienced player of the game.
  • you must be able to get to Fort Pasot i'm able

POST dont't PM our application.

Bad Application:

Hallo I new to game. I can join pl0x?!?!?!?

Good Application:

Name- Zed Hunter 666
Age- 16
Gender (Real life, not avatar)- Male
Level- 63
Any Alts(Alternate Accounts)- None
How many clans (guilds, etc.) are you a part of, if any?- None

Any special reason why you would like to join- Would like to be part of a good clan.

What could you do for the clan- Loot, donate, help lower leveled players, etc.

What are any of your skills(People skills, problem solver, etc. Non-Game Related)- Im good with people

Do you know how to use a signature?- Yes
How active are you- On everyday
Would others consider you mature?- Yes
Will and can you join the clan website? If no, why not?- Yes
Choose a District 1 or District 2 (No difference beside members)- 1
Do you have any online group chat experience?- Yes, I frequent mumble