"Ruin Impendent"
Ruin Impendent
Leadership: Shared by TectonicStupidity & LenardChuch
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Neutral Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Ruin Impendent
Recruitment: Openly Recruiting
Main Language: English
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Clan Story

There are two kinds of people in this world. People meant for dying, and people meant for living.

I like to think we’re the latter. Events have spiraled beyond our control, and we watched our friends,

our neighbors, family and lovers, turn into our worst enemy. The world would sink into ruin and chaos, of death and strife.

We were without friends, and weak.

Even at the brink of destruction, humanity did not have the courage to be united. We were all too

intent on returning to our own puny lives. The events of the world never concerned us closely, and

we ran in our own circles. We made our stand, but it came too late.

Things have changed, and now I realize they’re never going back. We’re too far now to be going back.

There will never again be a rise for humanity. There will never again be a dawn for mankind.

We will look to the future instead, Together, but for the meantime, the present will suffice.

We are intent on living our lives through, and that is not to be changed. Mankind will never rise to its former glory.

I wish we had not lived to see such times, that this horror and monstrosity could be passed on future generations.

But that is neither here nor there, for our burden is to carry them proudly, with acceptance.

Death take us all! It is inevitable! We will fight the enemies of mankind, and though we will not triumph,

future generations of mankind will sing of our deeds! We are legends, and this is our final legacy, our last frontier!

Friends, comrades, fellow soldiers and brothers of the apocalypse! When the age of men comes crashing down, we will endure! United we stand!

Together we rise! Death is the final frontier!

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