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Silver Star Outlaws
Leadership: Founder: Kodee
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Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: [ Silver Star Outlaws]
Website: www.Silver star
Recruitment: Recruiting
Main Language: English
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1. Silver Star Outlaws

We are a new clan and we are currently welcoming new members in but you need to talk to the clan leader which is currently Dakota 20. If you are joining you need to be on at least three times in a week and you need to help other clan members if you can. We are a simple Clan and we have simple rules follow them or don't join at all. In this clan you have three chances but if you have a high rank you will be demoted and lose a chance to stay in. We are a good clan to join if you need help getting started but if you join you need to be commited to the clan like helping others in our clan or taking missions from there Capts. and leaders thats all i ask you to do in this clan.

We have neutral dealing with other clans unless any of the my members get attacked unprovoked and that member wants to go to war we will fight and we will not surrender. If he doesn't want to go to war we will use diplimatic solutions.

The other people who manage our clan are accountants, advisers, and propagandaists. (AKA Bureaucrats) 

There are alot of Obliterator positions and they help keep order in our clan 

The capt.  Ranks sortof help control the looters,scouts,soldiers,and newbies it depends what capt. you are but the commander,ravager, and obliterator are still in control but the commander has the most control

Honor Guards and Royal Guards they are highly commited clan members and are hand picked by the commander. The commander uses them as a Special Task force for high risk missions that are to dangerous for commandos to handle.

2. Rules

1. Do what ever me and other high ranking officers tell you unless there's a promblem then talk to me.

2. Don't continually pick on other members if they say stop

3. Promotions are voted on by the highest and second highest ranks

4. Have fun

5. If i leave the Ravager is in Command

6. If the Ravager is unfit to command this clan a vote can be cast to get him impeached 

7.If Ravager is impeached a vote will be cast for the new Commander and Ravager

8. All new members are start on the first rank and then go up unless said other wise

9. Commander can be only impeached by Honor and Royal guards and also by the Ravager

10.Selling and buying weapons are ok on clan page

11.No fighting in the clan

12.No multiclanning (few acceptions ask the commander about the acceptions)

13.No begging for items or money but you can ask just don't keep asking

Thats all the rules

Any questions or promblems ask Dakota 20

since this is a new clan the first ones who join will fill up the higher ranks

Commander,Ravager,Obliterator,and the capt. Ranks and Honor and Royal guards can vote

3. Ranks

Commander:Leader and the highest rank (votes in clan desicions)

Ravager:Second in command(vote in clan desicions)

Obliteraters:third in command(vote in clan desicions)

Accountants:help with funds

Advisers:help the commander making desicions

Propagandaists:make advirtising for the clan and spread word of our clan.

Commando Leader:Advise all the commandos and intiates and is also a diplimatic leader (Votes in clan desicions)

Commandos:Supplie runs,escorts,messagers all round clan member

Commando intiates:not fully devoted commandos follows the commandos leaders orders

Royal Guards:Trusted members(vote in clan desicions)

Honor Guards:Proved Soldiers(vote in clan desicions)

Soldier Capt. :handles soldiers(can vote in clan desicions)

Soldiers:common Rank

Scout Capt. :handles scouts(can vote in clan desicions)

Scouts:common Rank

Looter Capt. :handles looters (can vote in clan desicions)

Looters:beginning rank

Newbie Capt. :handles newbie (can vote in clan desicions)

Newbies:beginning rank

4. Application to Join



Beginning Rank-

When the application is completed send to the commander. ( Dakota 20 )

You can pick the beginning rank you would like to be like newbie or looter. The newbie rank next rank if the newbie gets promoted is soldier and then commando intiates. The looter gets promoted to scout and then commando intiates. There is only a small difference between the beginning ranks like the roles they do in the clan.