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"DescriptionRP" Some gamemodes described on this page may not exist officially, in such cases the rules are enforced only through your own players and have no special leaderboards.


This game mode is a simple twist on normal gameplay. Do everything you would normally, but if you die once, you're off the Hardcore Leaderboard!


Purely self-sufficient gameplay. You loot alone, boss alone, and die alone. How far can you progress?

Rules / Variations[]

  • Must choose Engineer class to repair armour.
  • Can not use the marketplace or services in any form.
  • Can not use multiplayer to kill bosses.
  • Can not purchase anything from the Credit Shop.
  • Can not use Fast Travel.

Oldschool Ironman[]

  • Non-GM (or trade to main/throw away 120 weapons and 75 armours).
  • Only allowed to use weapons up to 110 proficiency (Dusk included).
  • Not allowed to enter Secronom Bunker.

Group Ironman[]

Same as solo Ironman, but you're allowed to trade and boss within your group of players. Will be viable with the release of Private Instances.

Hardcore Ironman[]

You really are sick, you know that?

Self sufficient gameplay, but with 1 life. Good luck.

"Roguelite" Mode[]

Works best with nearly maxed level accounts, or ones with at least 110 in all proficiencies.

  • Get a group of players, bank all your gear and start at Secronom Bunker with a Pen Knife.
  • From this point on, each of you can only use what you have looted. (including ammo/food/meds)
  • The goal is to have fun with your friends with RNG, but you can have a points system for over level 100/110/120 and 45/75 loots or solo boss kills in a few hours time limit.