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Deletion is due to instructions now including control schemes, thus the page is no longer necessary on its own.[]

If you got here and are confused, you may be looking for: How to install Dead Frontier in Linux

NOTE: I am unable to test if the following instructions work, as it would likely mean wiping my Deck to try and replicate this. If this does work as stated, please let me know. If not, please still let me know so I can rectify it.

To add a control scheme you need to right click DeadFrontier.exe in your Steam library, and go to Manage > Controller Layout and it should show in one of the menus to the left.

To share a config you've made, you would also go to Controller Layout for the game, and click "Export Config" and then do it as "Save new personal binding" then "Browse Configs" and click "Share Configuration", this will copy a unique URL.

Feel free to add your own control schemes below if you think you can do better![]

User Config Link (Run in CLI)
User:MoistAyy steam steam://controllerconfig/deadfrontierexe/2862270098