"The Capulets"
The Capulets
Leadership: Lord Capuler, ianshadowrunner
Playing Style: PVP,PVE
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Capulets
Recruitment: Levels 35 +
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: GMT +12:00

BACKGROUND STORY: So there I was, walking down the streets of Fairview. Not sure what I was gonna find. Maybe I was going to find some much needed food, or maybe I would find the Titan Zombie that would end it all for me. I slowly stepped down the street, and turned to find a massive horde coming my way. I ran as fast as I could, but knew what was coming, as they backed me into a dead end, I turned and braced myself for what I knew was going to come, but then, out of nowhere, a massive explosion came and lit up the first line of the horde. A man in a fur coat and silver armor tossed me a shotgun. "I'm getting you out of this hellhole, follow me if you want to live". Without any contemplation, I followed this heroic stranger. He led me to a hidden shortcut where we could avoid the horde. Just when we had eluded them, he turned, and picked up his rifle. He aimed at the horde, and fired a bullet, getting their attention. He then took out his M60 and picked off the remaining zombies. "How in the hell?" I asked, but he replied. "We are gonna get you well fed and medical attention, let's go" so he took me back to Dogg's Stockade, and gave me many Antibiotics, Antiseptic Spray, and Bandages, then he gave me some Cooked Caviar and Cooked Baked Beans. "The name's Lord Capulet, I run the Capulets" he said, and when I looked confused, he replied. "We are a clan that leaves nobody behind and cleans up shop on those undead freaks. We accept all applications and we look out for each other". So it was then I decided to join the Capulets.


NO, and I mean, NO helping outsiders!

Outsiders include, but are not limited to:

People not in the clan, people trying but have not yet to join the clan, and clan friends (some bypass this rule) No talking bad about/towards other members No disobeying orders No spamming No disrespecting No asking for something beyond your power No asking for free items from an outside clan No accepting free items from an outside clan

Application Form:

What is your best Weapon?: What level are you?: What weapon class (Pistol, Machinegun ETC) do you profess in?: What outpost/zone are you in (Nastya's, Dogg's, etc): Do you have any clan experience?: Are you somebody frequently picking fights with zombies or somebody who just tries to avoid fighting? (whichever one is fine, no need to lie): Do you know who the Montagues are?:

Lord Capulet :

Has control over ALL ACTIVITY from ALL RANKS. Has total control over who gets what from the clan armory and clan bank, and sets up PVP events, boss hunts, loot runs, and rampage runs (if you are a rank Corporal and up and want to set up an event stated above, feel free to PM me). Can promote/demote ALL MEMBERS, can also remove members from clan if it is seen to be fit.

Overlord Capulet:

Has control over ALL ACTIVITY from RANKS Captain and under. Can distribute items from the clan armory and clan bank if the Overlord sees fit. The Overlord can receive money from the clan bank at a 25% discount. Overlords can also set up PVP Events, boss hunts, loot runs, and rampage runs with permission from the Lord Capulet. Can promote Enlisted members to Private and Private members to Corporal. Can also file recommendations for a member to be demoted or kicked from the clan. In order to be a Overlord, you must prove you can survive easily in Fort Pastor OR Precinct 13, and this person must also be able to start and finish a boss attack AND an Outpost attack on either of the 2 places stated with ease.

Admiral Capulet: Has control over MOST ACTIVITY from RANKS Captain and under. Can receive items from the clan armory at will. Can receive money from the clan bank at a 10% discount. Generals can set up events at the same rate of easiness that Overlords can. They can put in a request to promote Enlisted members to Private. In order to be a Admiral, you must be able to mission in Dogg's Stockade, Fort Pastor, or Precinct 13.color]

General Capulet: Has control over ALL ACTIVITY on Privates and Enlisted members. Can request and likely will receive items from the clan armory. Can receive money at NO interest rate from the clan bank. Generals can now join in on clan events, but are expected to carry a heavier load in events, and are expected to do relatively well in clan PVP. They have a slight say in whether or not Enlisted Members may become Private Members. In order to be an General, you must complete be able to complete every mission in Dogg's Stockade, and receive a recommendation from an Overlord, or get promoted directly from Lord.

Captain Capulet: Has mild control over activity on Privates and Enlisted members (sets the posting in forum requirements). Can be overruled by anyone General rank and up. Captains may now participate in Loot runs and Boss Hunts. In order to be promoted, you must be able to complete a tougher tier of assignments. After a direct promotion from Lord, you may be promoted to Admiral.

Corporal Capulet: Has absolutely NO control over ANY members, but has a slight say in what they do (can be overruled by any member with a higher rank). Corporals may participate in Loot Runs only.  In order to be promoted, you must have put in at least 4 weeks of being a Corporal, meeting all of your requirements, and have completed every Nastya's Holdout and Dogg's Stockade mission at least once. After a direct promotion from the Lord or Overlord, you may be promoted.

Private Capulet: Has NO power whatsoever. Privates may only participate in Loot Runs, but have to give over whatever they should find of use on the run. In order to be promoted, you must be able to complete every mission in Nastya's Holdout. You must also have put in 8 weeks of fulfilling your duties as Private. Privates are also responsible for recruiting other members and going on frequent loot runs, bringing back whatever they get. Privates, on any loans, must pay 40% interest for every day they have the loan.

Enlisted: Have no power. Enlisted cannot take ANY loans from either the armory or bank, as they must prove themselves. They must post in the forum at least 20 times a week, and WILL get promoted to Private after 2 weeks of following orders. This is also the rank to go if placed on probation.

Clan  Roster

'Leader: 'LordCapulet, ianshadowrunner

Overlord Capulet:'Jaared, TheCallender' 

Admiral Capulet: Mex Spartan

Captain Capulet: Westdude0, 

Corporal Capulet: Arabman1819, Airking

'Private Capulet: Rambobomber98, Savato437, Puff the Magic Dragon, 'DeepXxXBreath 

Enlisted: DeepXxXBreath, Zades, Wolfbrother KILLER ELITE, LORDY, pyscoshawn, DJBlood, meatball, 2wist, xBoBox444, Delia Killer, Dogg's Brother, TIZApunk, Fallen Foes, Conan1, Camojoe, dededo2, Thejellyshark, Klaudia, JapaneseBigTits, Scionn, Frozen Cereal, Uncel Dolan, Jacob10q, Nightone, John025, Pyro989, Mr Wiskers, agustingm, xXxHardhitterxXx, TheCyborgWarrior, Jasonthethiefguy, Darkmaster2145, Rock147, lilmister23, chrisboi77, Killazoo, DarkenedJay, Killshot2, Dalidur, gdmjus, zombiekiller14235, otecmage24, spinebrayker, TheLastSnack, Dopeboy, Aleen, Davidxbl2000, El33t, Kid Boo, nihilismo , antram38 , Davidxbl2000 , El33T , Amazel229 , Uttarajivi , Alia Dark ,Zombieknig , PVTxHARDIN ,MacArio70 , Sky Hunter , Masterlooter420, The Zany Spirit, BntyHntr77, Stewie153, ARCEUS, GrandmasterJax, lorraine, T I N Y, SgtJackson32, SgtAxe2,TMcG98isCool, Twisterboom96, Tony913, tylerpwnsyou09, Jamiecraig, The Clockwork, PtF514, EAGF,Goomonster, Leon130, Feandreu

Allies: Fairview Spartans Winter Ice INC Torchwood The Viking Clan

Enemies: The Montagues The Loners The Wild Boys The Legion