[[Image: [IMG][/img]|alt="The Crimson Armada"|300px600|center|The Crimson Armada]]
The Crimson Armada
Leadership: Lucian Neo
Playing Style: No set playing style
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Crimson Armada
Website: Website is closed for the general public.
Recruitment: Recruiting level 20+
Main Language: Proper English
Main Timezone: Central Standard Time

History of The Crimson Armada

The history of The Crimson Armada is curently under construction and should be finished within the month.

Requirements for Joining

  • Must be level 20+
  • Must speak fluent english.
  • Must be mature.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Must be trust-worthy.
  • Must be an active player.

How to Join

Send a Personal Message (PM) to Lucian Neo. Fill out the following application when sending a PM to Lucian Neo.

  1. Name (EX: Lucian Neo)
  2. Nickname (EX: Tanmoydbenath = Tanmoy)
  3. Level (EX: Level 55)
  4. Weapon Proficiency (EX: Primary, Machine guns Secondary, Shotguns)
  5. Skills (EX: Engineer)
  6. Age* (EX: 17)
  7. Religion* (EX: Christian)
  8. How Mature are you? (EX: Very Mature)
  9. How active are you on a daily basis? (EX: 4 hours a day every day)
  10. Why do you want to join The Crimson Armada? (EX: Looking for trustworthy friends)

Anything with a * is NOT a required feild. However, It would be a nice thing to add when greeting your clan members.

Clan Rules

Here In The Crimson Armada, we do not have many rules. But we are very strict and we take it seriously.

Here are the List of Rules:

  1. Keep any profanity and offensive language to a minimum.
  2. Absolutely NO offensive language to another clan member, regardless of rank.
  3. Begging and Scamming will result in an immediate banishment from The Crimson Armada.
  4. Must keep all arguments off of the Clan Forum, These discussions can be done through a PM.
  5. Must respect ALL members of The Crimson Armada

We now enforce a 3 strike deal. If you violate the rules more than 3 times, you are charged a fine or will be banished from The Crimson Armada.

Keep in mind that the Colonel is able to give out strikes and can recommend you to the General for banishment.


  • General
  • Colonel
  • Major
    Crimson Armada Sig.
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant-Major
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Private

Chain of Command

We have a very unique chain-of-command here.

High Leadership Positions

  • General
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant
  • Major


The General is the overall leader of The Crimson Armada. He handles all foreign affairs and business. Only the general can issue a ban from The Crimson Armada. He also schedules 1 looting / ginding trip per month. (You are required to attend this trip)


Colonel's are the main leaders if their "District" and they organize district trips. They keep order, and keep the clan members happy. Overall, they are leaders. Only the General can issue orders to a Colonel. Colonel's can also use the delivery service for free.


Lieutenant's are the Colonel's Second in Command. They take the place of the Colonel, if the Colonel goes on temporary leave. Lieutenant's also help manage the clan bank and clan funds. They make sure that we are making money and not losing money.


Major's are the members that keep inventory for the "Clan Armory" (See below) and the Armory Depo's. They also send out Food and Meds to the members going on clan sponsered or required clan trips.

Medium Leadership Positions

  • Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant

Sergeant Major

Sergent Major's are the main delivery members of The Crimson Armada. They are expected to make deliveries for the clan, and for Operation L.A.D.S. These members also get paid cash per run.


Sergeants are the main "looters" for The Crimson Armada. They are expected to bring in a minimum of 1 good loot run per week. (Medical supplies and Food supplies will be supplies for 1 trip) Sergeants also have access to the Clan Armory.

Low Leadership Positions

These are the lower levels of the clan. There are usually more of these positions than any other.

  • Corporal
  • Private


Corporals are the "Newer" members of The Crimson Armada. These members MUST be at least level 20. This rank has no special perks. Nothing is expected from members of this rank.


Privates are the members in the "Training District." These members are to be based out of either Nastya's, Dogg's, or Precinct. These members will be asked to NOT attempt to go to fort Pastor untill the Commanding Officer over the Training District decides you are ready to join with the rest of the Armada. The minimum level to rank up from this rank, is level 20.

Clan Armory

Any extra stuff, or anything you can donate to the clan will always help out. ALL donations go to the clan 100% These donations will be put forth to getting you, the clan members, better items.

Items that you MAY get through enough donations

  • Clan Armor
    Crmson Armada Armory
  • Elite Weapons
  • Better Med's / Food supplies
  • Ammo

Items that we are looking for

  • Medium - High level weapon donations
  • Medium - High level armor
  • Credit Donations
  • Cash Donations
  • Nerotonin-2
  • Red Wine / Cooked Mixed Nuts

Any and All donations are welcome, these are just the better things we are looking for.

Clan Web-site

The clan website (Wich is disclosed to the general public) is for CLAN MEMBERS ONLY. This website is is built to inform members of more "specific" things. Later in time, the website might become open for the general public