"Deadly Wolf Pack"Deadly Wolf Pack
Deadly Wolf Pack
Leadership: Leader of the Pack
Playing Style: PvE
Alignment: Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Deadly Wolf Pack
Recruitment: Now Recruiting
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: GMT+7

Welcome to the Deadly Wolf Pack a future elite clan in fair view city, we are a clan that stands united in the belief of all for one and one for all.


As the chaos set in after the first wave of infection wiped out the majority of the living world it became evident that all hardcore members of society (the wolves amongst sheep) had not only survived but become immune to the infection! Perhaps because of the impoverished lifestyle they were subjected to before the infection began, or perhaps from a simple unwavering will to survive, in any event only the strongest survived. As these wolves roamed the dead frontier having lost all that they once loved they continued to search; they searched for answers, they searched for substance and sustenance, they searched for other worthy warriors. And so it began as a lone wolf with fire in his eyes followed down the paths of destruction and desolation filled with rage in his heart and surrounded by the wicked stench of death all around, and on this journey he happened upon another of the same plight in life and so they band together, As they journeyed onward towards the root of their answers more and more similar spirits were drawn together falling in line to the ranks of the pack supporting the injured at the rear and gaining strength from the mighty up front. Very soon it became evident that together they created a force more powerful and deadly than any lone wolf, and upon this factor they named themselves "The Deadly Wolf Pack" (DWP). As the deadly wolfpack searched the cities they decided that running away from the death was not an option, their only hope of a normal existence would require them all to actively seek out every last infected soul and vanquish their misery until every last cursed being on earth had been eradicated they would not repeal their bonds to the pack. Loyal beyond death and obedient to their cause they venture on to this day eradicating evil and supporting justice loyalty, righteousness, and honor.


To join the pack you must be level 25 or above and you must play dead frontier at least once per week preferably in a MST (GMT-7) zone and you must at least understand the English language. A lack of moral character will not be tolerated in the pack, all incidences will be at the owner of the clan's (FIREYEYEDWOLF) discretion however you can use the 10 commandments of Moses as a guideline.


FIREYEYEDWOLF = Clan Owner, Level 38

DuckyMaster2 = Search and Rescue, Lavel 38

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE = 1st General of the pack, Level 30

THE PHAT FARMER = food gatherer, Level 25

THE MAD ROCKET SCIENTIST = drug sniffer, Level 25

THE BLACK DEATH = tank engineer, Level 25


Several locations have been established for introductions of new members and establishing clan activities please see our clan's forum page on the dead frontier wiki and our clans website linked to the logo page above.

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