"The Immortals"
The Immortals
Leadership: Korrupted
Playing Style: PvE, PvP, Looting, Grinding
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Immortals
Recruitment: Open to Applications (Level Req: 35+)
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: No official Timezone

The Rise of the Immortals

Before the outbreak of the N-4 Virus there lived a simple family in Russia. The Mikhailovs were talented in many things: The mother (Victoria Mikhailov) was a scientist working with Secronom Industries, the father (Gavriil Mikhailov) was a high ranking FSB agent, the oldest son (Vladimir Mikhailov) was a well-respected commander in the Russian Spec Ops (Spetsnaz), and the youngest son (Alexander Mikhailov) was a first world heavy weight contender in MMA. Ever since the Soviet Union’s loss of their super power status they have continued to pursue military dominance for decades. On June 14, 2016 Victoria and her team developed a lethal bio-chemical weapon carrying what they now call the N-4 Virus. Victoria Makhailov was shipped out to Grenoble, France to another Secronom branch to reactivate the sleeping cells in the N-4 virus.

It’s now June 28, 2016. There was news in France on human testing of a deadly virus. The citizens not only got worried but also were highly disgusted with the matter. Revolts and riots broke out with the French government intervening and forcing to let the human subjects go. Little did they know that the released test subjects were highly dosed with the deadly N-4 virus. With the fall of what seems to be Victoria Mikhailov’s life work she stole some samples of a new virus she was working on and fled. The date is June 29, 2016 Gavriil, Vladimir, and Alexander arrived in Grenoble on orders by the FSB to recover samples of the virus. When they arrived they saw a ravaged and chaotic city. People were getting shredded limb from limb by what seemed to be other humans. Still eager to finish their mission the Mikhailovs went to the Secronom branch to find Victoria. On their arrival they discover a lab room with their mother on the ground dead. Distraught the family decided to finish their mission on retrieving the sample. It is now February 12, 2016 the Mikhailov family had suffered many tragedies on the death of Victoria and also the loss of Gavriil. The two brothers Vladimir and Alexander were on a helicopter to an outpost called Nastya. On their arrival people saw two brothers that seemed too had been through hell and back, but then again who hasn’t in these days. Couple weeks have gone by and the brothers still haven’t said a word to anyone except with themselves. One night rumors of the Russian brothers venturing into the deepest parts of the Inner City became known. Till this day no one has seen them or heard about them. Rumors had it that they perished in the city, but some other rumors say that they survived and had discovered a new secret on the virus.

It is now April 21, 2020 and soldiers sent to the inner city on a looting mission came back not only empty handed but a dark tale to tell. The story happened to mention the two brothers that had disappeared long ago creating a group in the deepest parts of the city. The soldiers mention how the brothers and the people accompanying them seemed to have the many characteristics of the walking dead but seemed sane. Rumors started to spread even more on how the group is now branding their mark all over the city (an Egyptian scarab with a bio-hazard symbol in the middle). People in Fort Pastor even say that they have seen the group and symbols not too far from their outpost. Till this day there only nothing but rumors but all the stories consists of this group to be led by the same two brothers seen in Nastya’s Outpost. The name “The Immortals” was bestowed on the group for their tendency to have God like strength and speed. Rumors have also come up that The Immortals have been attacking civilians, soldiers, and zombies alike. Much needs to be known of this group, but one thing seems to be certain the people in The Immortals somehow seems to be immune to the virus but still possessing the lack of pain, strength, horde mentality, speed, and certain mutations as the walking dead. New fears are arising in the four outposts of what seems to be another potential threat, but other citizens seem to praise The Immortals and setting out to find and join them with their cause on eradicating the infection while destroying anything that stands in their way.

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