"The Katipuneros"
The Katipuneros
Leadership: XBOX360 VS PS3
Playing Style: Looting and PvP
Alignment: Neutral Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Katipuneros
Recruitment: Openly Recruiting
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: UTC +8


220px-Philippine revolution flag kkk1.svg

An early flag and banner of The Katipuneros

The Katipunerosis a revolutionary society founded by anti-zombie Filipinos in Fairview in 2015, whose primary aim and cause was to gain independence from Fairview through revolution.

The society was founded by Filipino patriots XBOX360VSPS3, Dirty Harry, and others on the night of June 28th, at the same time when Filipino writer José Rizal was to be exiled to Dapitan. Initially, the Katipuneros was a secret organization until its discovery in 2016 that led to the outbreak of the Secronom Virus.

A few months later, members of The Katipuneros were killed by an unknown Bestiary. The incident caused XBOX360VSPS3 to went on an outrage. He took some low-class weapons and Shot every zombie in his sight.

After a few hours of outrage he noticed that he is at the EZ(End Zone) and saw something that is suspicious. He looked closely at the Courtyard of the End Zone.

And there, he saw a Titan, a Wraith, and a Giant Spider. He was so shocked that he shouted for help desperately, alarming the monsters so he ran as fasy as he could. The Bosses ran after him and XBOX360VSPS3 slipped.

He closed his eyes hoping that the pain of dying will only last for a second but instead he heard gunshots.
Zombie Apocalypse US by geodex

Fairview's End Zone A.K.A Death Row

He opened his eyes and saw 2 armed civilians shooting and distracting the bosses. The first guy yelled at XBOX360VSPS3, telling him to to assist them. The other guy was silent and mysterious.

They had a hard time killing the bosses. They had no choice but to retreat for a while.

While retreating and finding ammunitions, he asked for their names. the guy who yelled introduced himself DeadExtinction, the mysterious guy was named Gamaran.

Soon after the short conversation, they noticed the three bosses were coming to their position. Gamaran bravely took his Katana and ran to the three different bosses and killed them single handedly. XBOX360VSPS3 was surprised at how skilled Gamaran is in melee.

The three came back to Fort Pastor recreating the clan, The Katipuneros.

Rules and Requirements

  • Always join the chatroom. join the room --> The Katipuneros

  • Be Respectful to the leaders.

  • Don't be a Troll.

  • Respect your Brothers at all times.

  • You can Multiclan.

  • Don't scam our Armory.

  • Please try to exercise proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • Post Everyday, all day.

  • Have sense in what you're posting.


Monthly PvP Tournament


To be held every 2nd weekend of a month

Categories include: 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3

Prize for each category is 100K


Katipunan by deelan67

"Any person who wished to join The Katipuneros was subjected to certain initiation rites, resembling those of Mason

Clan Ranks


Bossing (boss): The figureheads of the clan, they can promote members into any rank, run the clan's armory, and decide if it's necesary for the clan to go to war.


Kuya/Ate (older Brother/Sister): They are the elder members, they can accept or deny applications for joining the clan, promote members up to the rank of kapatid & have full access to the clan's armory.


Kapatid (Sibling):The more reputable members of the clan, their duties entail spreading the good name of the Katipuneros through good example & helping out lower ranking members.


Bata (Child): Officialy accepted members, the younger generation of the clan who through hard work and active service may rise up and be future leaders of the Kaitpuneros someday. They have no real duties but to be active in the clan chats and forum.


Kaibigan (Friend): One who has acquainted themselves with exsisting members & is close to proving to the clan they can be an asset, they are getting known in the clan & one step closer to becoming official members.


Kapit Bahay (Neighbor): Kapit bahays are appplicants whose applications were accepted & now must remain active in clan activities, forums, & clan chats in order to prove to the Katipuneros they have what it takes to be family.

#) Ay Nako! (%$@*&!):The punishment rank, those who have cause offense/s to the clan that don't deem them being kicked out or blacklisted but should make ammends to improve their standing in the clan.

#) Blacklist: Those that are not allowed to post or take part in the cb room of the Katipuneros because they have caused offenses that cannot be excused by the clan.

clan roster

perryotw Bossing
TimTebow Bossing
XBOX360 VS PS3 Bossing
ZombieBully Kuya
Pvt James Grayson Kuya
latiat1234 Penis
J Maverick Kapatid
DrSinged Kapatid
MontageDF Kapatid
MonkeyBoy22 Kapatid
Omni Kapatid


Wesley Gibson Kapatid
ZOey Kapatid
xX Ako Mismo Xx Kapatid


x93 Kapatid
KYNETH14 Kapatid
lonemoon2 Kapatid
jehhfail Bata
trojan0909 Bata
Corpse Crusher Bata
maxfire1 Bata
KleanKut Bata
eugenios liandris Bata


Policies of how we run the armory

1.) You must fit the requirement to borrow the item you would like to use.

2.) Any item over 100k still belongs to the owner of the person who donated it and they have the right to ask for the said item back.

3.) The clan has the right to ask for any borrowed clan items back and failure to return them could result in the person borrowing it to have to pay it back and or a demotion.

4.) Scamming the clan will not only get you kicked out, but your account will also be reported as a scammer.


A.) You are close to leveling so you can use it

B.) You have the credits to reset and intend to do that

C.) The owner of the item gives permission to loan the item out to you


  • $965,894 for the clan's vulcan


  • GreyExt Mesh GT 10/14
  • Green Reactive XT800
  • Grey Ext Reactive 19/23
  • Grey Ext Reactive x2
  • Grey Ext Reactive-Donated by Montagedf
  • Grey Reactive XT800 x3
  • Red Reactive XT800
  • Blue Reactive XT800

Machine Gun

  • Stell Aug
  • K-50M 8/1/6
  • XM8
  • M60 8/8/8
  • M60 4/2/7
  • AK47 8/5/7

Pistols Melee Weapon

  • Nodachi 3/6/8
  • Katana 4 reload 6 crit donated by xDEdrenzxD
  • Fire Axe 8/6/6
  • Dilmar 5/2/5
  • Sledge hammer
  • Katana x2
  • Saber
  • Steel MS800
  • Grinder x2
  • Sabre 4/7/1


  • Mannberg 500


  • M79
  • Falcin MM1
  • RG6 5/3/7


  • Hawk OP96
  • SIC 550 8/8/6
  • Hawk OP96
  • MSG-9