"New World Republic"
New World Republic
Leadership: Predatory Instinct (Aevyn)
Playing Style: Fairview Government
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: New World Republic
Recruitment: Apply to "Predatory Instinct" In-game. Must qualify.
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: UTC -8


For years, since the incident of 2016, the world has been left to rot and burn. Since the government crumbled, the human population has dwindled under anarchy. We must gather ourselves, for this is true war - war for survival. This is how it must be for time, until we gather our strength. The New World Republic will lead the human population into a brighter and safer future, where humans live without fear of imminent death by the hands of the undead. for this promise of a brighter future, you must brandish your weapons and enlist. The world needs you, soldier!

                                                   -- Commander Aevyn


The New World Republic was founded on January 18th, 2018, as the governments final attempt to keep the outbreak from destroying the United States. While its attempts failed, and many of the members were killed or broke apart, once they reached the establishments in Fairview, they decided to settle there. There was hope in Fairview. All the survivors in Fairview needed was unity, and under the banner of the New World Republic, Fairview defends and fights its way to freedom. 

16 years after the apocalypse, the New World Republic disbands. Until the nuclear attack of 2077. The survivors come together as the New California Republic, under the leadership of President Aradesh. They work to maintain democracy in the shattered lands until, during President Kimball's reign, their base at Shady Sands was destroyed in a nuclear attack. Years after the attack evidence arises from the memory chip of an ED-E Robot that a Courier had actually launched 4 nuclear missiles, intending to cut off the heads of the bear.

  • If you didn't get any of the future part, you need to look into buying Fallout: New Vegas.


The purpose of this clan is easily said, not so easily done: Control Fairview. Here are the tasks we do in the Republic as the controlling government. those who show prowess at a specialty are given recognition for it, which is how the ranking system works. The Tasks are:

1) Entrepreneur: Wealthy individual working with other entrepreneurs to twist the economy in the favor of the Republic. ( Self-Rewarding )

( Buy items from scavengers and sell them to clan members for profit, or donate extremely small amounts of money to clan members above the rank of Enlist )

2) Transportation Expert: Transport items and/or escort people between forts. Compensation made by the player whom requests the transportation. ( If they deny you payment, then you get to keep the item! There you go )

( You get to make the call on how much money you are to receive, however it can't surpass 100,000$. If you unjustly price a transport, or change prices after agreeing, then you are Banned )

3) Scavenger: Plunder the city so that we can keep our money between ourselves as much as possible. ( Compensation is from selling loot to clan members, or to other players )

( Sell loot to Entrepreneurs for quick, minimal amounts of money, or sell it yourself. Make sure and offer sales to clan members first. Stockpile Medicine and Food for clan members )

  • If you do not uphold on your part of the deal on any of these tasks, you are banned permanently and your name goes on the List of Dis-honorary Discharge.


Enlist: Has applied and is not considered a member of the Republic.

Trainee: Approved for the Republic, but not receiving any benefits whatsoever.

Soldier: Recognized for potential, and may take part in the tasks. Benefits are accessible to the members of this rank.

Specialist: Has done multiple tasks proficiently, and have proven to be an asset to the Republic.

Combat Unit: A trusted asset to the team that defends Fairview with Lead and Steel.

V.I.P: Has been a member of the Republic for a long time, and is now basking in the benefits, while still remaining active in the Republic.

Army Command Officer: Handles and organizes tasks, and awards potent members of the Republic with rank and recognition.

President of the N.W.R: Your name is Predatory Instinct ( Aevyn )



And so does the rest of the world. Rest up, soldier!

To enlist in the fight for freedom, you must pass basic requirements.

1) You must be level 30+    

2) You must have an acceptable build.

3) You must be, for the most part, self-sufficient. 

4) You must agree to serve the Republic with dignity.


1) All of your actions are to be beneficial to the Republic, which is purely obligations since the Republic is beneficial to you. Remember the more you are involved, the better the benefits.

2) Do not try to impersonate a higher rank. This includes giving orders to anyone unless you are Army Command Officer or President. V.I.P's may only request of you; However, their benefits lies in with their ties with the ACO's and the President.

3) If you cannot complete a task you have agreed to do, make it clear that you can no longer do it and re-compensate all that you were given to complete the task.

4) If you break any of these rules, you will be banished. ( Ban-eh-shed )

Enlisted Members & Titles/Ranks
Predatory Instinct President of the NWR