"The Umbrella Corporation"
The Umbrella Corporation
Leadership: Umbrella_Researcher
Playing Style: Grind and Loot
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: The Umbrella Corporation
Recruitment: Open to applications
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: No official time zone

The Umbrella Archives

Wesker-X's report

2003 marked the end of Umbrella’s public image. However, the events leading up to this point go back 6 years, to the summer of 1998. It is a story that was well known by the time of Umbrella’s dissolution, but there are few who know the whole truth behind this tale now.

Years of planning and work finally came to fruition. With the aid of the Organization, and in some part the B.S.A.A., I was able to topple Umbrella’s last stronghold deep in the Russian wilderness, and by days end, I became the sole owner of Umbrella’s history of research.

However… this was hardly the means to an end that everyone believed it was. Umbrella continued to thrive under my control. Over the years I toiled away at my plans, away from the prying eyes of those who would stop me, and though my ambitions hit a few snags along the way, they nevertheless succeeded accordingly.

In the time following Umbrella’s ruin, I continued my own research, while keeping my eye on Umbrella’s former competitors. One in particular showed promise: Secronom Inc. It was in 2014 when one of my agents informed me of a breakthrough in their cancer research. They dubbed it Nerotonin. Though information on Nerotonin was scant at the time, I continued to survey Secronom from the shadows. The first synthesized trial of Nerotonin ended in failure, while Nerotonin-2 presented remarkable regenerative properties. It wasn’t until 2016 that a viable sample of Nerotonin that met with the company’s goals was cultivated: This was the birth of Nerotonin-4. Secronom Inc. began performing trial tests with the new virus, and I knew that the time to make my move was at hand.

A few months went by and none of the test subjects had been released to their families. When questioned, Secronom denied any involvement with the missing persons, and soon the media picked up on the story. Information leaked that Secrenom refused to release any of the test subjects. Much like Raccoon, the public demanded action be taken. So, under the guise of French counter-terrorism unit, the GIGN, a group of my men infiltrated the Secrenom labs in order to retrieve samples of the new Nerotonin-4.

My men met with little resistance as they made for the lab, but imagine the irony at what they found there. As it turned out, N4 had ravaged the test subjects in a similar way to the T-virus, creating a writing group of flesh hungry zombies. In a last ditch effort to save their research, one of the scientists attacked one of my soldiers. The ensuing struggle resulted with the release of the infected test subjects. My men were all but slaughtered and the infected patients flooded into the street.

This marked the beginning of the end for mankind, and from its ashes, Umbrella will be reborn.


Primary: Level 7 Security Authorization Required

  • Conduct research into the N4 Virus and it's various effects.
  • Eradicate all traces of the virus, save for our own samples.
  • Eradicate the Infected by any means necessary.


  • Clan Storage (3 thus far)
  • Donor Of The Month & Umbrella Tokens
  • Weekly Events (clan synchronization still a problem)


Umbrella’s infrastructure can be broken down into two different sectors: the Economic Sector, and the Military Sector.

To become part of Umbrella, one must meet certain requirements before being considered.


Standard I.D Card for most employees.

Economic Sector
Prerequisite: Lvl 25, consistent stat allocation

The Economic Sector is where Umbrella’s Service, Production and Looting class characters are Placed. The main objective for players under this banner are to acquire essential supplies for themselves and the rest of Umbrella to use..


Variant I.D Card for U.B.C.S.

Military Sector
Prerequisite: Lvl 50, consistent stat allocation, moderate PvP skill.
The Military Sector comprised of the U.B.C.S & the U.S.F is the drive behind Umbrella’s ambition. Players under this banner are expected to defend the ideals and integrity of Umbrella through pvp competition whenever necessary. While they are not required to donate items or money to Umbrella, they’re expected to help the Economic Sector carry out any and all missions if requested.


Umbrella's employee base can be summed up in three sectors. Economy, Military
and Executive. The economic sector is made up of looters, production and service
classes. The military sector is for Umbrella's toughest soldiers and PVP champions,
they're called upon when the clan is challenged. The last sector consists of the
executives. These players help keep structure, balance and control over Umbrella's
other sectors, keeping peace between Umbrella and other clans and allies, recruiting
new players and are in charge of planning events and other such things.

Economic Section Employees

-Chief Financial Officer- Melsat

-CFO Assistant- Dalton217

-Scientist- Albert Wesker20

-Scientist- madrussianIII

-Scientist- cheferdov

-Scientist- Only One

-Scientist- focs

-Scientist- nergal

-Scientist- Umbrella Researcher/Raccoon Survivor - The Birkins

Military Section Employees

Those under the Military banner also go by the alias U.S.S, which is an acronym for
Umbrella Security Service. This group of players, as mentioned before,
Are Umbrella's show of force. They're moderate to high level players and PVP'ers who
have been tasked with protecting Umbrella and it's interests.

-Chief Operations Officer- Raveneye1991

-COO Assistant- EMPTY POSITION - If you are being considered for this role, UC administration will inform you shortly.

-Agent- Xserozon

-Agent- KilledBill

-Agent- Valcazar

Other Positions Executive positions fall under this category, and is limited to a select few
openings. These people work behind the scenes of Umbrella. Mostly devising the event
schedule and keeping inner clan conflicts under control.

-Umbrella Chairman- Umbrella_Researcher

-Executive- N/A


Alliances with Umbrella are handled internally, and are not displayed to the public.

Umbrella's Achievements

Umbrella is known for more than pharmaceutical goods, they're also leaders in advanced weaponry for both military and civilian application. Below are just a few of Umbrella's critical achievements, and their current status.

Equipment Stats Description
Joshua2 A mastercrafted Desert Eagle, renamed "Joshua" as an homage to the anime series Hellsing. Currently owned by Umbrella Researcher.
Tyrant A godcrafted Raging Bull, renamed "Tyrant" as an homage to the Resident Evil seriies. Lost for a while, it is once again in Wesker-X's possession.
13mmjackal2 A mastercrafted Desert Eagle, renamed "13mm Jackal" as an homage to the anime series Hellsing. Formerly owned by Wesker-X. Current Owner: Unknown.
Suzaku A Godcrafted VSS Vintorez, Renamed after the Vermillion Bird Guardian of the South in Japan. Currently in the care of it's new owner, "Bleach".