Leadership: Falloutic13
Playing Style: PvE , PvP, Looting
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: W.A.R.S.W.O.R.D
Website: We use SKYPE
Recruitment: Recruiting 30+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: UTC -04 (Eastern Time)

Before time began the gods saw humanity in danger, so they sent a few chosen heroes to save the earth. The heroes were brave and strong and wise and the weapons they gave them they became very proficient in. They fought countless battles and many many heroes died so they trained new warriors.

After thousands of years and tens of thousands of battles the warriors faced a new enemy. The Church and its Holy Inquisition went after the warriors and hunted them ruthlessly. The Clans scattered and went into hiding for hundreds of years. Finally The Inquisition was demolished and the Church looked for them no longer.

Now a new enemy has emerged, one that was written in the Scrolls of Shamash, the great god of Sun and Justice. The last Clan left on Earth must rise and fight for humanity.....

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Username Rank Service Number Job Custom Title

Falloutic13 Leader 2781384 Scientist/Expandable The Pro
SantaNClawS Top Member 5638518 Cook/Exterminator Epic Looter


1. We do allow Multi-clanning.

2. NO double posting.

3. No stealing,begging,hassling.

4. You are not allowed to access the armory until you are a chieftains.And you may only have one item at a time until you reach the rank of commander.

5. Must be active in our forums on as well as the main site for the clan.

6. Must respect your clan members.


Clan Rank Types

We have the following ranking and job system.

EZ Recruit - New to the clan. Play with us more and participate and you will be ranked up. Some assistance will be provided.

Honorary Member - Full EZ team member, Will now get the alot of assistance available

Top Member - Welcome to the top. This is like a clan moderator position. Full assistance.

Head Member - The highest rank below the leader. This is like a clan administrator position.

Custom Titles

Titles that will reflect who you truly are in the clan. You must work hard to get one.

Corpse Basher - You grind every second you can. You kill every zombie and cause massive aggro so they keep coming.

Epic Forumer - You must be great at spamming the forum and replying to every post.

Fly On The Wall - Zombies cant see you. you run right past them. your favorite weapon is melee. If there's aggro you run like hell. and go AFK on every boss fight.

Epic Looter -Grats you looted one of the best weapons in the game.

The Pro -Go ahead solo every boss you see even if there's more then 1 chasing you at high aggro. F*ck the ammo.



Looter – Quick hand and fast feet make you get the best of the best loot out there.

Heavy Gunner – No melee just steel and bullets in your hands.

Expandable - Do whats better for the team.

Exterminator - What happened to all the zombies?

Cook – You fatten up our clan mates.

Repair – You put all the scraps together that you have found in the inner city to repair all types of armor. Your hands are very skilled.

Medic – You have a pair of doctor hands.

Every Other Type – Awesome your a ______! You can be a middleman.


We have requirements to join

1 . Must have a skype.

2 . Must have 3 months worth in game knowledge.

3 . Must have a 200 post count.

4 . Must have a proper build.

5 .Can not have complete red clothing.

6 . Must have proper grammar. and must not be a grammar nazi.

7 . Must not 4chan or 1337 speak at all.

8 . Must have or to communicate.





Other Clans::::

How active are you:::::




Whats your personality:::::

Who Recruited you::::

Did you read the clan page and rules::::