The wastelands were added to the Inner City January 19th, 2016 as a map expansion between Precinct 13 and the South-East End Zone. This is currently the most challenging area in the game and also brought a large amount of new content including new Bestiary, environments, and much more. The upper two rows of the wastelands are far easier to survive in, however, you will receive lower quality loot in those areas. It is important to know that in this area multiplayer is forced on and single player is not an option, also, you must be level 100 or higher to enter.


As stated above, the addition of the wasteland has also brought new infected to the game. Here you will find a list of what spawns in this zone, but if you would like all the details, locate these enemies on the Bestiary. 

  • Siren
  • Black Tendril
  • Black Bone
  • Spiked Hound
  • Mother
  • Titan
  • Devil Hound

With the addition of Siren's ranging in multitudes, a survivor without killing them will result to an instant attraction of mutated infected. A horde will mostly prevent survivors from looting areas. 

Spiked Hound

As large as the boss zombies, Spiked Hounds are newly evolved canines created by the N4 Virus and are found within the Wasteland. Their most visible feature they have is their sharp spike-like bone structures protruding from the creature's back hind and tail that looks like a spike club. In appearance, they look like a monstrous combination of warthogs and hedgehogs. Studies have showned that the virus must have enhanced and redesigned the creature's skeletal system to gain a more serated edge. The spikes seem to be used as an offensive capability as to anyone nearing them would be injured but it is not yet been proven as well as their spiked tail. Instead, these deadly hounds attack their prey by approaching the victim and biting them wounding the suvivors to death. Though same in size as the boss zombies, survivors have the upper advantage when defeating these creatures. Beneath their spikey hind is their weakspot, the chest portion. It makes the creature vunerable to firepower.

Devil hound

Once entering the Wastelands, it felt like walking on the grounds of Hell. The pain only got worse when a beast appeared instantly and one-by-one, groups and clans slowly decreased in allied members. Those who lived to tell warned all survivors to stay alert and be heavily armed because the virus has created a new creature. Nicknamed "T-Rex", due to its somewhat dinosaur-like resemblance, the Devil Hound is an abomination of epic proportions. No one has ever taken down the beast - no one has ever survived its deadly grasp. Only those who have escaped know the existence of it and lived to tell. It is unknown how the creature came to be or where it originated, but several theories have speculated that it is a mutated Spiked Hound granting massive jaw strength, enhanced skin tissue, and an evolved redesigned skeletal system. From eye-witness accounts, the beast bites its prey similar to the Spiked Hound. Just one bite can crush numerous bones and cause heavy blood loss. Whoever wishes to face this monstrosity must have an army of brave souls sacrificing their equipment to hopefully one day take down this beast and offer information for everyone to defeat this creature.

PvP in the Wasteland

PvPing in this area is forced on, and with it brings some changes we wouldn't normally see in regular PvP within the arena and Inner City. The addition of forced PvP does not make this area another arena, in fact, aggro levels are so high in this area it's nearly impossible to have a fight without having a huge wave of mutated enemies surrounding you; but it may happen from time to time.

So what's different?

  • PvP is forced on.
  • PvP in the wasteland provides 10x more points per kill than in the arena, or 5x more than regular Inner City PvP.
  • Clan members cannot damage other clan members if they are in the same Clan HQ.

PvP damage used to be 2.5x lower than in the arena and regular Inner City meaning you deal and take less damage from players, however, this was removed January 21st, 2016 due to killing people being too challenging.

Loot in the Wasteland

Looting within this area is extremely hard, this is due to high amounts of aggro and forced PvP. Along with that, each area contains a very little amount of loot spots. With that said, loot spots in this area are much more rewarding.

What are the differences?

  • Loot spots in the wasteland contain less 'junk' loot, meaning lower tier medicine, food, and other gear are less likely to be found.
  • 8x greater chance of looting high-end Weapons, Armour or Implants.
  • If you cannot connect to Multiplayer for whatever reason, loot chances are greatly reduced.

Tips and Tactics

The wasteland is a very difficult area to survive in, however, there are several ways players can tackle this nightmare fuel. First thoughts when entering this area is to pull out your loudest and strongest weaponry, but this only causes unnecessary aggro and isn't suggested unless you are playing with a group of 3 or more players with a lot of firepower. With that said group play is heavily encouraged if you plan on playing in this area, as it provides the most security especially if all the players are in the same Clan HQ.

Otherwise, the first thing that a player should do is travel 4-5 blocks away from the entrance in order to get away from other players that can injure you or cause large aggro spikes and put a quick end to your run.

Note: If you are new to the wasteland it is wise to stick to the first two rows of the area in order to get used to the new infected as aggro spikes and horde size is much smaller in this section.

Once a player is in a safer and calm area, they can begin looting. The biggest threat in this area is not the Titans and Mothers that spawn as regular zombies, but the vast amount of Sirens that spawn in this area. If you let one scream and attract aggro to you it could mean a swift death as the sheer amount of hounds that will spawn to maul at you can and will kill you with ease so always be on the lookout and prioritize on sirens 100% of the time. If you can avoid the Sirens, looting becomes much more manageable.

If you happen to get an aggro spike, run to the nearest exit and leave. Killing off an aggro spike in the wasteland is nearly impossible. Once you have left, rejoin the previous block you were just on or continue to another block as it is a good way to manage aggro spikes. Usually travelling a few blocks or leaving and rejoining on blocks several times will dissipate the aggro.

Hybrid builds are best suited for this area, as a strong silent weapon is necessary for Looting along with at least one high-powered crowd control weapon such as a shotgun or machine gun in case of an aggro spike as surviving without one is very unlikely.

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