"Zombie Death Squad"
Zombie Death Squad
Leadership: Random100
Playing Style: RP, PvE, PvP, CvC
Alignment: Lawful Good
Activity Status: Active
Forum Thread: Zombie Death Squad
Recruitment: Level 60+
Main Language: English
Main Timezone: Worldwide

Back Story

An elite military unit only known as The Death Squad are falsely imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. When the infection spread to the prison, some of the unit managed to escaped and now wear masks to conceal their identities.

Working together to eliminate the hordes of zombies infesting the city of Fairview & looking for the %#$@ that set them up?

Some have said it's the End of Days... One thing is for sure...

... Zombies Must Die!

Zombie Death Squad is born.

Application Form

Please fill out correctly and post. Or PM a High Council member.

What is your Current Level?  61


Gender? (Optional)

Where Are You From?

Timezone? (+/-GMT) MGT+08:00

Do You Have a Job? no

When Did You Start Playing? last year 

How active are you?  not all the time 

Best Weapons? usan and vss 

Playing Style? normal playing 

Can you Support Yourself In-Game? yes

Do You Have Any Alts? no answer 

Have You Been In A Clan Before? If so, Which ones? no

How will you contribute to the clan? help others 

Where Do You See Yourself at ZDS in 3 months? yes